Ariel should have been a PoH

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    Okay so i'm playing the remixes and I loved Ariel in the first game she was a total kickass party member. I was trying to swim in the right direction Goofy was floating upside down dead and meanwhile Ariels off helicopter slapping the sh*t out of a shark cause she's a badass. But it bothers me that after Kingdom Hearts her role in the games has become karaoke master and that's about it. In all honesty she should have replaced Alice as a Princess of Heart in the original game. She is much more modern, more relevant and has much more depth as a character. Don't get me wrong I love Wonderland and I love how they managed to incorporate it into the game but Alice doesn't really feel like she fits the bill.

    Go home Alice you're drunk.
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    I always thought it odd too that Alice wound up as a Princess of Heart. The person she's based on isn't even royalty. But, all the same, who says the Pure of Heart of has to be a Princess?

    And more likely: Ariel would need legs. She can't be out of water, and even that came with some learning handicaps in the movie. She also traded her voice for legs in the film? Would that transition somehow? This also means she's not there at the end of the Atlantica world, which changes the tone of the scenes before Departure. Those scenes gave away a lot of information about the lore of the game, and, in the end, Triton trusts Sora. Had Ariel been kidnapped while fighting with him, this might have been different. And after all of this, who wants a temporary party member who's useful to disappear, and then they just come back after Hollow Bastion? And they have fins again? None of the other Princesses went right back home; they had to stay at the castle to stave off the Darkness. Atlantica would have been missing Ariel the rest of the game.

    As for more Modern, Relevant, and In-Depth:
    • "Alice in Wonderland" was released 50 years prior to KHI, while only 13 years went between "The Little Mermaid' and KHI. No doubt one is certainly more recent, but Alice still has quite a presence in the parks, merchandise, and its source material isn't much worse off either. (Something to make us all feel old: We're as far away from the time KHI was originally released as KHI was to "The Little Mermaid" at the time of its launch; 13 years. Somebody born on the date KHI shipped would nearly be a teenager)
    • In the grand scheme of things, is any character more relevant than another in the Disney Universe? I don't feel so; only more marketable/popular. Creativity, on the other hand, is not a popularity contest. Granted, Alice did worse among most of Walt's other films, but is actually more widely-liked today than it was back then.
    • Heyyyy, look at Alice a little closer. Granted, it's hard to capture the spirit of the book in a non-narrative form. But. Alice is just as well-developed as Ariel, going by films. Ariel only seems more relatable to most, as she is more popular. "I Give Myself Very Good Advice" shows a lot of personal growth.

    Off on a Tangent: I feel like I'm pretty much the only person who enjoyed Atlantica in KH II. Nice change of pace, and it really helped me with Rhythm, which I used to struggle greatly with; side note: most other Rythm games were boring to me... you hit the button on time... that's all... the entire game...
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    fun little mention, Ariel was SUPPOSED to be the 7th princess of heart instead of Alice. Due to a time restraint on planning however, the KH development team could not fit in the rest of Atlantica's story, which meant Ariel could not grow legs to get kidnapped. They instead added the rest of the story in KH2.