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    Hey everyone, got a very special treat for ya! Our Audio Archive now features the Kingdom Hearts III Soundtrack. You can download the entire thing with a single click.

    This is possible thanks to the efforts of members of the KH community who were able to extract music files straight from the game. I went through the exhausting process of organizing all these files. This includes placing them in order, giving them unique names, compressing them a to reasonable file size, and in some cases editing out long pauses, or even sequencing together tracks that were broken up into multiple files.

    There are unfortunately a small handful of tracks that are missing. Any music that plays during a pre-rendered sequence could not be separated from the voices/sound effects. We will have to wait for an official release for those. Also, I did not include every single track from the game, as there are duplicates, and in some cases I excluded tracks that are from previous games. Of course every accessible new track is included.

    Please note that the track names are NOT official. For rearrangements of familiar tracks I used the official name, and often added an identifying subtitle (KH3 has a LOT of different arrangements for some themes, so it was very necessary). But for totally new tracks, or arrangements that were very transformative I gave them totally unique names. There's a total of 203(!) files, so to make it easier to find what you're looking for I labeled some with identifiers (Field, Battle, Boss, etc.).

    Thank you to KHWaterBlock for supplying me with the uncompressed source files. Check them out on YouTube where they've uploaded most if not all of the KH3 music for streaming, as well as their other Kingdom Hearts-related content.

    Happy listening, see ya later!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Explode, Oct 19, 2019.

    1. Explode
      Fixed an issue where the following tracks had some distortion (click to start download):

      The Final World
      My Heart's Descent ~Taboo

      A new zip file has been uploaded with these changes, but to save time for those who already downloaded the soundtrack, you can grab them individually.

      If you notice issues with other tracks you can post them below or contact us on Twitter.
    2. Krowley
      Oh thank you!
      You have no idea how long I've scoured the internet for the "Destiny's Union" version from Toybox.
      Love the triumphant pick-up after Woody and Sora throw the shade.

      (Track 56 in case anyone's curious)
    3. DeadDeadDead
      Thx, helped a lot
    4. TheaBA121
      A question do was the ost for vs terranort and vanitas on the soundtrack or not?
    5. KHLIght
      "Simple and Clean (Instrumental)" is not the same version in KH3. The new one in KH3 has a French horn solo, not oboe like the usual Hikari instrumental.
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