Bad Moon Arising

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    Sorry, but I'm not part of the chorus..:D
    You love the second figure? Must be pretty awsome then... Is it anyone already known or is it a completely new character?
    Anyway, when is the next chapter coming out?
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    oh...okay then! lol :D

    Oh yeah, the second figure rocks!!!

    New or known? You'll have to see...

    The next chapter? I'd like to have it out tonight :)
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    Bad Moon Arising Ch 5

    NEW CHAPTER! :D Enjoy the suprise.... *evil smile*

    ~Chapter 5~

    “Hey Xed?”

    Xed turned around to see Roxas walk into the kitchen, smiling nervously. She smiled back.
    “Hey Roxas.” She said. He took a silent breath.
    “Umm…you…want…to get some ice cream with me?” Roxas said slowly, choosing his words carefully, as to not make an idiot of himself. He had that habit when he was around her. Xed chuckled.
    “Roxas, if you hadn’t noticed, it’s winter.” She said, a smug smile on her face. Roxas chuckled as well.
    “So?” he replied. Xed considered this. Then she smiled again.
    “Sure, why not?” she said. Roxas then quickly opened a Corridor of Darkness, and the two stepped in to it.

    Roxas smiled slyly.


    Xed smiled slyly.



    The two bought some ice cream (Roxas insisted he pay), and the two took a walk around Twilight Town, considering that it was dangerous to be on the Station Tower, with it being icy and all. The two Nobodies didn’t bother walking on the snow-paved path, but instead strolled through the crunchy snow, leaving nothing but their footprints behind. Roxas held his ice cream with his right hand, Xed with her left, and they used their other hands to link fingers and hold hands. After finishing their ice cream, they continued to walk together, holding hands. The area around them was quiet, for it was rather cold outside, and everyone was inside their homes.

    It was the perfect timing.

    Roxas opened his mouth to speak, but no words came.

    Durnit! Roxas thought to himself. Say something! Say ANYTHING!!!

    “So…Xed…” Roxas managed to choke out. Xed looked over at him. He smiled nervously. “Sure is…cold today…isn’t it?”

    Roxas kicked himself mentally about a thousand times for what he had just said.

    There was snow on the ground. OF COURSE IT WAS COLD!!!

    Nevertheless, Xed laughed sweetly.
    “Yeah…sure is.” She said, smiling. Roxas’ nervous smile faded into his regular smile. Her smile made him feel a lot better.
    “But Xed, there IS something I did want to tell you.” He said, stopping his walking, but still holding onto her hand, so that she stopped with him. He took both of her hands in his. She turned towards him and looked into his eyes. He looked back.

    Until now, Roxas had never really noticed how pretty Xed’s eyes were. They were a faded, ashy gray color, over top an olive green color. In her irises were flecks of black, red, orange, and yellow, as if her eyes held still-burning embers in them. Her eyes were soft looking, yet deep and strong. He wondered how—

    “Yoo-hoo, Roxas?” Xed said, waving her hand in front of his face, snapping him out of his trance. Roxas seemed slightly embarrassed that he had just spaced out like that.
    “Oh, sorry bout’ that.” He said, blushing slightly.
    “It’s ok.” Xed said. “So…what did you want to tell me?”

    Roxas took a breath.

    This was it.

    “Xed, I wanted to tell you that I—“

    “Hey! Roxas!”

    The two Nobodies looked up to see Xigbar appearing out of a portal and walking towards them, grinning.
    “Am I interrupting something?” He asked, sustaining a chuckle. Roxas and Xed looked down to see that they were still holding hands. They quickly pulled away and looked in the opposite direction of each other, blushing intensely.
    “What do you want, Xigbar?” Roxas asked, annoyed and still embarrassed.
    “Vexen wants you to help him with something.” Roxas sighed, frustrated. Finally he had gotten the courage to tell Xed how he felt, and now it was interrupted.
    “Couldn’t it wait?” He asked. But it didn’t matter; he had lost his courage to tell her for the moment. Without waiting for an answer, he opened up a portal, and walked through it, leaving Xed and Xigbar standing in Twilight Town, wondering why Roxas was so annoyed…


    After an hour of helping Vexen make different potions, Roxas went to find Xed. He walked into the living room, to see Larxene and Lexaeus sitting on the sofa, watching TV.
    “Hey, have you seen Xed?” Roxas asked. Lexaeus looked up at him.
    “Uhh…I think she volunteered to help Marluxia in his garden.” He said.
    “Okay thanks!” Roxas called, dashing back upstairs towards Marluxia’s garden.


    Marluxia had built a garden (more like a greenhouse) on the roof of the Castle. Xemnas hadn’t really minded it, and it kept Marluxia busy, so he wouldn’t bother anyone. Roxas walked towards the glass door of the garden and peered inside. He could see two figures talking: Marluxia and Xed. Marluxia had apparently said something funny, for Xed had started laughing, and he was laughing as well.

    Roxas knocked lightly on the door. He saw Marluxia and Xed look up, and Marluxia walked over and opened the door.
    “Hello.” He said, somewhat questioningly. Roxas smiled halfway, but then dropped it.
    “Um…hi…can I talk to Xed for a minute?”
    “Sure.” Marluxia said, opening the door for him. Roxas walked in and looked around.

    Although Marluxia’s garden wasn’t off-limits, he had never been inside it. The air was moist and warm, and smelled strongly of roses. Xed walked over to Roxas, smiling.
    “Hey.” She said softly. He smiled back. Roxas then looked over at Marluxia with a look that said: ‘please go away’. Marluxia looked back at him, and, after a moment, got the message.
    “Ohhhh! You want me to—I get it.” He said, a smile spreading on his face. He then left the room without another word. Roxas looked back over at Xed.
    “Okay, now I REALLY need to tell you something.” He said. She nodded.
    “I sort of need to tell you something too.” She said.
    “You first.”

    Xed took a breath, and then looked at the ground.

    “Roxas, I wanted to tell you that I—“

    “Hey lovebirds!”

    The two Nobodies looked up to see Axel and Demyx walking into the garden. Xed narrowed her eyes.

    She had missed her chance. AGAIN.

    “Hey, guys…” Roxas growled softly. It was easy to tell that he wasn’t very happy about their intrusion either.
    “Just seeing what you guys were up to.” Axel said, looking around the garden. Demyx smiled.
    “You two coming down to dinner?” he asked. Roxas nodded.
    “Yeah.” He said, slightly surprised. He had forgotten all about that.
    “Well come on!” Demyx said, putting one arm around Xed’s shoulder, and the other arm around Roxas’ shoulder, and pulled them towards the door. Demyx looked back.
    “Axel, are you coming?” he asked. Axel turned to face him, a twisted, devious smile on his face.
    “No, I’m going test if Marluxia’s flowers are flammable or not…” he said slowly, summoning his chakrams. Demyx then recognized the look in Axel’s eyes and rushed the two younger Nobodies out. Demyx sighed unhappily.

    “This is not going to turn out well…”


    All through dinner, Marluxia and Axel were fighting, bickering, and arguing about Marluxia’s garden. Roxas sat to Marluxia’s right, and Xed sat down on Luxord’s left, all the way at the other end of the table. Marluxia crossed his arms.
    “Axel! You burned all of my flowers!!!” he shouted. Axel crossed his arms as well.
    “Did not!”
    “Then did the flowers just combust into flames?”
    “Possibly…” Axel said, earning a chuckle from Xed and Demyx. Marluxia stood up.
    “Look, pyro…” he said, with much venom in his words. “You’re going to pay for ruining my garden!” Axel stood up as well.
    “Who cares about your stupid garden anyway!” he snarled back.
    “Pyro maniac!”
    “Flower pot!”
    “Devil’s reject!”
    Marluxia summoned his scythe, his teeth gritted.
    “What…did…you…call…me???” He growled, dangerously low. Axel smirked angrily.
    “What, is the cross dresser hard at hearing, too? Maybe that’s ‘cause your STINKIN’ CLOTHES ARE TOO LOUD TO BE HEARD OVER!!!” Axel shouted, summoning his own weapons. Saix then stood up.
    “Marluxia. Axel. Sit down NOW.” He said, his tone still even and calm, although his tone started to pick up. Not wanting to trigger his berserk side, Number X and Number VIII sat down, still staring harshly at each other. Silently, and without being noticed, Roxas got up from the table, and looked over at Xed before leaving. She noticed his stare, and realized that he wanted her to follow him. She excused herself quietly, and left from the table. The two met outside of the kitchen, in the living room.
    “Xed, I can’t say much now, but meet me outside in ten minutes, ok?” Roxas said in a hushed whisper. Xed nodded.
    “Ok.” She responded, and the two Nobodies went their separate ways.


    Xed was walking down the hallway, towards the stairs that lead outside. She decided that now would be the best time to tell Roxas how she felt. She was about to walk down the stairs when a hand clasped around her mouth.
    “MMFFFF!” Xed screamed, but her screams were muffled and resulted soundless. Her captor, wordlessly, threw her into a nearby closet, and locked the door. They then snapped the doorknob off, and walked away, leaving Xed inside the closet, beating on the door angrily, desperate for someone to let her out. Her captor chuckled cruelly as the walked away.


    Roxas was standing outside, looking up at the moon in the sky, waiting for Xed. Where was she?

    “Lovely moon tonight, isn’t it?”

    Roxas spun around to see Xed standing there, smiling. Roxas cocked his head.

    Something was off about her smile, though…

    “Hey.” He said regardless, and smiled. She walked up to him, and the two began to walk around the large exterior of the Castle grounds.
    “You had something to tell me. What was it?” Xed asked, rather sharply; not her usual tone. Roxas looked over at her.
    “Actually, I—I wanted to say…” he stopped walking, and she stopped walking as well. She turned to face him. He smiled slightly.

    “I wanted to say that…” Roxas stopped, and took a breath.


    Xed immediately began to laugh. Not her sweet laugh, but another’s laugh.

    “I’m quite flattered, Roxas.” She said, smiling again, her smile still being off. “But I’m already involved with someone.”

    If Roxas had a heart, it would’ve dropped and smashed into a thousand pieces.

    “W-w-what?” He said, barely choking out the words. She then took his hands in hers.
    “But Roxas, I’ve come here for another reason. I wanted to see how you were doing.” She said, her voice becoming harsher.

    Roxas recognized that voice, but couldn’t remembered who it belonged to…

    “Y-you’re not Xed…” he said. Xed chuckled.
    “Got that right.” She said, smiling again, evilly this time. “You miss me?”

    Roxas tried to pull away from her, but she wouldn’t let go.

    “Who are you?!?” Roxas shouted, still trying to break away from her.

    She laughed. Evilly.

    “How about I give you a hint?” she said.

    She then held his hands tighter, and moved her mouth closer to his ear, as if to tell him a secret.

    “Roxas…” she whispered eerily.

    Her whisper made Roxas go rigid.

    “…We’ll go together…”


    By the way, that was suprise two :) One more to go!!!! :D
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    (was that her name?)

    It's the vampire nobody


    *hugs fangirl*

    Poor Roxas

    great job!

    I did NOT see that coming
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    Yep! Rose it was! :D

    Thank you! :D
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    a wero4htg;aworgnlkzj; asdf


    Well, at least you're really good with keeping up on the chapters, so I don't have to wait long. XL XL XLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
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    Thank you! :D I like to put out a chapter every night or other night, if homework isn't too brutal :)
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    Rose is back!! Now things are starting to heat up!! I WANNA SEE XED FIGHT ROSE!!
    That would be so awsome!!
    Great job!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

    :D :D :D DOUBLE SEQUAL!!!!!!! :D :D
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    Where do YOU live huh? Huh? HUH?
    OKay I'm officially confused now. Who is that? And what is going on?
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    196 ARE the author......DUH!!!!
    **bricks you**
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    I NEVER saw that coming..........
    Marluxia is definately involved in this..........
    Don't you think Xed was a bit lame to have been shut in a closet? She could just bust herself out with her keyblade(s).........
    More quality reading:D .......
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    ooooo and its the worst cliffhanger ever in the best possible way:D

    omg its rose omg its rose ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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    Oh wow! That was unexpected! And on a different note, Marluxia is number 11, not number 10. Anyways, great job! Never a dull moment with your stories! :D
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    Whoa! Didn't see that coming... Great chapter!
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    OMG ROSE! :eek:
    *chokes and falls over twitching* erk *stands up couphing*
    ARGH! they were SO CLOSE to telling each other...*sigh*
    i is soooo glad i read your other fanfics, or tthis wouldnt make much sence. whew.
    anyway I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT CHAPTER! argh! dang cliffhangers....
    ahh well, thats what keeps the story good:D
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    Did you read my story, The Vampire Nobody?

    If not, you'll have NO idea at all what is going on...

    You gotta read it...or else nothing will make sense...

    Thank you! :D

    lol, so close, yet so far...XD
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    Where do YOU live huh? Huh? HUH?
    I read it and I now hate the sadistic hell b***h. I can't help but feel she has got to die this time. Oh well, only you will tell.
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    Bad Moon Arising Ch 6

    WOOOTTTT!!!! Let's find out what Rose is up to......*evil smile*

    ~ Chapter 6~

    “ROSE?!?!?!” Roxas yelled, finally yanking away from her grip, and backing away quickly. Rose laughed cruelly.
    “So, you do remember me?” she said, advancing towards him. “I was afraid you wouldn’t…” Roxas gritted his teeth.
    “What do you want?” he snapped. She smiled again, this time revealing her ever-sharp fangs.


    Roxas had enough of this, and summoned his Devoted Hearts Keyblade. Xed chuckled, and snapped her fingers. Instantly, the Keyblade in his hand burst into hundreds of pale-rose colored petals. Roxas seemed stunned, but then gritted his teeth once again.

    Durnit… Roxas thought. I forgot she could do that…

    “Where’s Xed?” Roxas demanded. Rose smiled.
    “Somewhere…” she teased. Roxas clenched his fists.
    “Where is she? What’d you do to her?” He shouted. Rose rolled her – more like Xed’s – eyes.
    “Fine. She’s perfectly fine. In a closet, but fine…” she said, a bit of a tease in her voice.
    “Why can you take on her form?” Roxas asked, slightly nervous. If she could take on Xed’s form, she could take on anyone’s form… Rose held up a small vial attacked to a necklace around her neck. In the bright moonlight, it glistened a reddish color. She twirled it in her fingers, a slow grin setting upon her face. She looked up at him.

    “Xed’s blood…”

    Roxas was furious now, as mad as he could possibly be. Or, as close to mad as a Nobody could get. She had bitten Xed! But…Xed hadn’t turned into a Vampire Nobody…
    “You bit her?” Roxas asked, more like demanding an answer from her. Rose smiled again, those terrible fangs showing once again.
    “No, actually my boyfriend did. I asked him to.” Roxas raised an eyebrow. She had a boyfriend? Since when?

    “But it doesn’t matter now…”

    Roxas looked up to see Rose in his face. He backed up, and would’ve tripped if she hadn’t reached out and gripped the collar of his coat, stopping his fall.
    “You know, Roxas. I’ve hurt for a while now.” She said in an angry whisper. She then spun him around and slammed his back against a nearby tree with so much force that the breath was knocked out of Roxas, and he could feel a rather large bruise already forming on his back.

    “Now it’s your turn…”

    He looked up at Rose, into her eyes, which were exactly like he had remembered them: all white with pale-rose colored cat eye pupils. He narrowed his own eyes.
    “What do you want with me? With Xed?” he demanded.
    “It was love that made my brother sacrifice his heart for mine. It was love that made me protect Miluara after he had been hurt.” She said, completely ignoring Roxas’ question. With her iron-like grip still clutching Roxas’ collar, she pulled him away from the tree, and then slammed him into it again, causing him to cry out in pain.

    “And it was that very same love that turned my brother against me to protect his precious Organization…” Rose hissed bitterly, venom dripping from her words. Roxas looked up at her to see her eyes…

    They were filled with so much hate…





    She then chuckled cruelly.
    “It was our mutual hate for love that brought my boyfriend and myself together, building a new love that was fueled by hate.” She scoffed. “How ironic.” Roxas glared at her.
    “What does your problems have to do with Xed and I?” Roxas said, wishing she’d let go. Instead, her grip on him tightened. She grinned eerily.

    “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

    Rose then sighed, seeming somewhat bored.
    “Well, I must leave you. I’ll be back to carry out the rest of my revenge later.” She said, leaning closer into his ear.

    “But, just a reminder of what you’re up against…”

    Rose then bit down hard on Roxas’ neck, her fangs tearing through Roxas’ soft skin. The latter cried out sharply, his body jerking from the shock of the pain. He had almost forgotten how much this hurt before…almost…

    But there was something different about being bitten this time. The first time, he felt like he lost control of himself, giving himself up to Rose. But this time, he felt like he was losing his energy…his life… Roxas could feel his limbs becoming numb, and the bliss of darkness seemed appealing at the moment. He could register, yet not completely feel, Rose pulling away from him, and then tossing his semi-unconscious body onto the cold snow-covered ground. He felt his vision fading, and he felt light-headed; the world was spinning around him. He could faintly hear her evil laugh.

    “You know, Roxas, revenge is sweet…”

    He couldn’t hold on any longer – he felt himself slip away into a deep unconsciousness…

    “…But blood is sweeter…”

    She vanished.

    Leaving Roxas there, barely alive, his breathing faint and ragged.


    Someone called his name. He saw a figure running towards him.


    He tried to make out whom it was, but his vision blurred, and he slipped away into darkness…

    …With nothing but the sickly sweet smell of roses to guide him there…


    Rose returned back to her regular spot, where the second figure was waiting for her. They turned around.
    “Glad to see you’re back.” They said, their tone even. Rose smirked.
    “I’m sure you are.” She said, somewhat jokingly.
    “I trust all went well?”
    “Yes. Everything is in order.”
    “Why them?”
    “Huh?” The figure’s question surprised her.
    “Roxas and Xedramon.” They said. “Why them?” Rose smiled evilly.
    “Why not?” she replied. “Why do you want to know?” The figure smirked under the shadows on their face.
    “Why not?” they said. They then pulled down their hood, revealing a young boy, around the age of 16. He had long, straight, waist-length hair that was a deep red-violet shade. His eyes shined a rich amethyst color, in sharp comparison of Rose’s white and pale-rose colored eyes. He had a graceful, quiet appearance, but he seemed mysterious and aware of everything. His lips curled into a smile—both sly and cruel at the same time, showing off his long, sharp fangs.
    “How now, my Love?” he said. “What is to be next in our plan?” Rose smiled as well, showing her fangs too.
    “Patient, Sweet.” She said. “It’ll only be a matter of time before they pay.” He walked over to her, and placed a kiss on her lips. They both smiled at each other.

    “I’ll make them pay for hurting you, Rose…” he said, softly, yet sweetly.

    “I’ll make them pay too, Violet.” She responded, glaring daggers harshly at the ground.

    “Oh, how they’ll pay…”

    Yes, the other figure's name is Violet And yes, they are going out together XD
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    Loved it:D first comment:D
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    I can't say that I completly understand it yet, but I will, in time.

    But it's good.