Best Disney Animated Canon score?

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    For clarifying purposes, the score is the instrumental music heard through the movie. It does not include insert songs or songs sung by characters.

    What's your favorite score from the Disney Animated Canon? From Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to Big Hero 6, what music did you enjoy the most?

    Personally, I think The Lion King has the best score, followed closely by Mulan. EDIT: and The Hunchback of Notre dame i can't believe i forgot it i am a digrace ;__;
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  2. Meilin Lee RPG (Red Panda Girl)

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    Now that I think about it, I never really focused on the scores of Disney movies as much as the songs that are included. Hmm... I think the only one that comes to mind would be "The Lion King," and maybe followed by either "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" or "Beauty and the Beast."
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    I absolutely love the instrumental tracks in Pocahontas. Like most Disney soundtracks, the melodies of the sung tracks are reprised within them, but there's something really special and emotional about it for me in Pocahontas. They have powerful tracks, like Listen With Your Heart II, and then the more subtle, orchestral ones (like Farewell) but it's just all really golden and compliments the movie so, so well.

    Pocahontas is my favorite Disney movie so I probably do sound biased but I think the music is a big part of that -- along with the stellar animation, I think it just has such a strong atmosphere. Mulan does get an honorable (heh) mention, though, especially for the song that plays during the opening credits (which, mysteriously, is not on the soundtrack...).
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    Okay, this is way too hard for me...

    But I can say that of all the Disney films in the renaissance period (1989-1999) Pocahontas, has such an underrated soundtrack.
    Most of the two cultures at war with one another and the musical score really does an excellent job at setting an appropriate atmosphere. I don't think there's a track or song on that that wasn't appropriate. "Farewell" I think was my favorite orchestral track as it meshes together songs throughout the film including the removed song "If I never knew you." In a way Farewell is like one final trip down the memory of the film of how sad it is to say goodbye just when you've developed an understanding. (Love how it picks up in tempo during the second half)

    With Mulan, the track "Short Hair" really does it for me. (The scene where she cuts her hair and goes for the army). It's just so damn uplifting! Like, I could train to that track alone and legitimately feel like I'm getting stronger from all that preserved honor. Part I like is only like a minute, but hell if it doesn't make me feel ready for the world.
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    Tarzan hands down. There is not a single song I did not like and that gave me a good feeling. Followed by The Lion King.