Birth by Sleep Birth By Sleep style mmo discussion

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    I wasn't sure where to put this...but it has to do with birth by sleep so this is where i'm gonna put it unless its moved...ok

    so looking at the way birth by sleep plays, i think it would be great to turn it into a full scale mmorpg
    they could keep everything the same way it is in BBS the way you fight and everything and let the character moves and stuff instead of being like wow or guild wars be like birth by sleeps scrolly deck thingy...

    character classes would be based off ven terra and aqua but with less blurriness between the way they play...i myself was able to just button mash with any moves i wanted with all three characters regardless of what their "specializations" were and still win fairly easily even on proud mode (excluding the secret bosses which are just really hard to begin with)

    Ven - speed type (don't drasticly change damage output but change it slightly ,ven is sorta OP seeming to me his speedy attacks cause him to put out more damage in a combo and in less time then terra gets two or three hits in)

    Terra - Power type (pretty much perfect seeming to me)

    Aqua - magic type (increase efficiency with magic somehow for a magic user she didn't seem to be much different from Ven although she was exceedingly different from Terra with magic effectiveness)

    any other ideas that could make this work?