Bushido Blade

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  1. Xaldin ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's an old game created by Square, however no matter how old it is, it has proven to be more realistic in gameplay then any Sword Game that I've seen yet, you're actions really did choose on how you'd hurt the person, if you slashed one of their legs, they'd be on taht one knee walking towards you. If you slashed both their legs they'd practically crawl and force themself to stand up. If you slash their arm they'd only be able to use one arm, and if you hurt them enough they might actually surrender, and get on their knees where you have to give them an honorable death. However if they contine fighting you can kill them.

    There is no health in this game which makes it more realistic, if you get a right slash on the first try, without your swords colliding in different ways you WILL get a one hit kill.

    This game is recommended to those that always wanted a really realistic sword fighting game, it's rumored Square-Enix might be remaking this game for the Xbox 360 and the Wii, ,and if they do then you MUST MUST MUST get it.


    Here's the opening

    Since youtube doesn't have any good examples of it

    http://media.psx.ign.com/media/002/002333/vids_1.html Check here.