KHV Cat & Clone: Before The Renegade

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    Planet - Obraxis III
    Continent of Argos - Grand Capital Ignus

    Obraxis III. Once a home to the ancient Fae civilizations that inhabited the land, air, and seas. Magnificent beasts that were neither human or animal, yet a glorious mixture of the two. Due to extreme changes in evolutionary traits, the Fae were a wide variety of species. They adapted to match their environment. There intelligence was what set them apart from the beasts they were so closely related to. After time, the Fae began to die out. With technology and progress, environments didn't matter much anymore. You could be comfortable anywhere.

    It wasn't long at all until the last of the ancients were lost to time. The new era of Faunas had begun. This new generation maintained a few traits from their predecessors, however they were extremely diminished. The Faunas were more human than animal. There was no longer any need for fur, feathers, or scales. Most only kept a visual representation of their lineage. The beasts kept their ears, tails, or fangs. The birds kept their wings. The fish had their gills. Some were born with several traits while others were born with one or even none.

    It was clear to all that Fae civilization was no more. A lot of information regarding the ancient Fae remained a mystery. There were some who studied them in hopes of finding some grand secret or insight. Others just wanted to forget them altogether. There remained a few, however, that still clung to the ways of the ancient Fae. They lived in the ruins, scattered around the globe, away from modern civilizations. These groups were referred to as the fairies. So rare to see and yet so valuable.

    A lone faunas stood in an alleyway betwixt two buildings, the moons light radiating down from above. The sounds of faunas passing by could be heard from the entrance of the alleyway. Tidbits of conversations that would never be understood. The mundane realities these people lived were driving metaphorical tacks into the strangers mind. With both hands, they grabbed their head in anguish. Slowly, a tail wrapped around from behind them. The tip was sharp and pointed. A scorpion tail.

    The stranger spoke in an ancient tongue, "So much nothing. Always nothing. Make them something. Make them."

    Planet - #@^&$
    Kingdom of !@^^&&# - &@@%^
    Research Facility Alpha

    Alarms were blaring throughout the halls of the research facility. For what seemed like an emergency, it was eerily quiet otherwise. The only movements worth noting were that of the lone Gildarian, slowly backing away from what appeared to be a human. A lab coat would lead one to assume this Gildarian was a scientist, perhaps a researcher at this facility. Her name tag read: Leffertia Corfus. As with any Gildarian, her skin was a brilliant shade of green. The fins protruding from her head were a bit off colored but still green. Her eyes were a magnificent golden hue, hidden behind a pair of cracked lenses. The most notable feature, however, was the fear exuding from her face.

    "A-a-a-a-analyzing ..." The human figure spoke in a monotonous voice. "Th-th-th-threat level zero. C-c-c-compliance with protocols. Unit sh-sh-shutting down." The figure became still and silent. The only sound emanating from them was a strange whirring sound, as if something had overheated.

    Drip. Drip. Drop.

    Liquid flowed from the figure, falling from its limbs. The color of crimson.

    Splish. Splash. Splosh.

    Leffertia made her way closer to the figure. "I ... I can't believe it," she spoke. "What have you done, KRN?" Leffertia took in her surroundings. All the chaos that had been caused by KRN. "They'll have you scrapped for this ... why would you do this," she cried, nostrils burning from the smell of iron. Her weight became too much to bare as she collapsed to her knees, adrenaline slowly leaving her bloodstream. "This wasn't what you were made for."

    Click. Click. Clack.

    The figure made more strange noises. A few moments later, a beep sounded off followed by a recording being played.

    A strange voice could be heard, "Come on. Nobody will know. It's not like she'll mind. She won't even know what's going on."

    Another voice chimed in, "I'm not sure man. It just, doesn't feel right. I just ... I think I'm just gonna call it a night."

    The first voice replied, "Suit yourself. More for me. I just can't get over how real these things are."


    Leffertia looked up to see KRN crying. Her voice was faint, barely a whisper, but she could hear her all the same, "I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt anyone."

    Leffertia took a moment to allow all this information to sink in. When she came to a conclusion, she got to her feat and made her way to a nearby desk. She returned a few moments later with a tool set. "What are you doing," KRN asked.

    Leffertia stopped, hesitating for a moment before responding, "I'm making a few repairs. We don't have much time. I'm going to get you good enough to move and then we need to leave."

    KRN was confused. She assumed she'd be dismantled. "Are we going somewhere," she asked.

    Leffertia continued working on the repairs necessary to get KRN running again. "Away," she replied. "I'm going to take you far away from here. What happened ... wasn't your fault. Those idiots shouldn't have ... it doesn't matter now. Just shut up, do what I say, and we'll get out of this. Do you understand that, KRN?"

    KRN began to reply but instead opted to nod. She thought it strange for her to be ordered into silence and then asked a question. Hopefully she wouldn't have to remain silent forever. "Does the condition end one we 'get out of this' or will I require confirmation," she thought to herself.

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