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    Whenever you need a staff member for dealings in this section, go to me first. If I'm not available, feel free to contact a Super Moderator or Administrator. Here's a list of staff for reference.

    Code Vault Rules

    Forum Rules still apply in this section. Please be sure to read them before posting here.

    II. Code of Conduct
    1. Please be polite to everyone. This includes the Moderators, the rest of the KH-Vids Staff Team, and all fellow members.

    2. If you are told to stop doing something from a staff member, please listen them. Failure to do so will result in measurable punishment depending on the situation.

    3. Posts count here in the Code Vault. Therefore, it is advised that your posts be thought out to the best of your ability. There will be some leniency, however, there is a standard that divides spam and legitimate responses.

      Example of a spam post:
      Example of a legitimate post:

    4. All spam will be deleted. If there is consistent amount of spamming on the members’s part, there will be a verbal warning administered. If it continues, further action will be taken.

    5. Please try to refrain from using excessive amounts of emotes and smileys. We'd like to see thought out discussions as much as possible.

    6. Lying about cheats and codes (as in providing codes you say are good but they don’t work) are considered spam and will be deleted.

      i. Offender’s first offense of this will be warned.
      ii. If it continues, the offender will be banned.​

    7. DO NOT post inappropriate, explicit, or offensive material.

    8. DO NOT ask for or provide links to pirated and illegal material, such as BIOS, ROMs, ISOs, et cetera. Emulators are commonly discussed here, but we are operating under the assumption that you legally own the original hardware/software, and are thus able to make a copy for personal use. We will not help you "acquire" licensed material, and we won't look the other way if they are being shared in our forum. Staff intervention will be issued as well as suitable punishment. Please, use common sense.

    III. Thread Titles and Starting New Topics
    1. Unlike most other sections, thread titles are very important in categorizing and maintaining order within the Code Vault. Therefore, it is not recommended to create threads in the following manner:


      When naming your threads, be sure to follow this format:

      i. Name of the game
      ii. Region the game is from (i.e. PAL, NTCS/UC, NTCS/J)

      If you are uncertain as to what region the game is from, look on the disc.

      If I wanted an American KH2 thread, I would set my thread title up as, “Kingdom Hearts II (NTSC/UC)
      Nothing else is allowed in the title. This helps us manage the codes and keep them organized.​

    2. No repeat topics, unless it’s for a different region of a game that currently exists.

    3. Since there are no repeat topics, necrobumping is allowed in this section, under most circumstances. However, If you are the last person to post in a thread, please do not bump it more than once. If no one is posting, it's probably because no one has an answer for you.

    4. If you are looking for a specific thread, be sure to use the search feature located in the top right corner of the forum display. This will not only save you time and trouble, but it will limit repetitive thread titles and the like.

    5. Do not start topics that are unrelated to codes and/or code making. This includes, but is not limited to:

      i. Discussion that would deem more appropriate in another section of KH-Vids
      ii. Questions about members, and/or the forum itself

      Such things are not appropriate in the Code Vault and will either be moved or deleted. If you have questions, feel free to contact a Coder via Private Message (Inbox Conversations).​

    6. Don’t start a topic that is unorganized, and/or you are not willing to maintain it.

    IV. Posting (In-depth)

    As well as the Posting Rules in the Code of Conduct, these are to be equally regarded:

    1. Do not quote the OP (Original Post, or first post) in the KH Code topics. It will take up too much space without any importance.

    2. Do not post codes that have already been hacked, and say you hacked it yourself. This is “Plagiarism” and will be deleted.

    3. Do not spam a request. Wait till 2 pages have passed before repeating the same request once more. This is so everyone has a chance for his or her request to be seen. It is fairer for everyone.

    4. Do not post anything that is improbable or previously proven as fake.

    5. Refrain from posting codes that do not work. Double-check your work before posting.

    6. When posting drawn out and lengthy codes, please use [CODE*]your text here[/CODE] tags. (Remove the asterisk (*) from the code to have it work.)

    V. The Coder Team

    Moderators of the Code Vault, or Coders if you prefer, are here to mediate, moderate, and help members in the Code Vault. They will try their best to do so, but not everything is a guarantee.

    I need or want my thread locked!
    - Be sure to inform a Coder (or a Super Moderator or Admin if need be) via VM or PM provided with a link to your thread. We will be sure to lock it for you. This applies to any issues within the section, such as spam

    Answer my question!
    - Coders keep an eye on threads and help out where they can, but the best way to ensure a response is to contact them directly via a Profile Post or private message. They will answer your questions on their own time: please don’t pester them continually. Everyone has everyday occurrences that preoccupy them as well.

    Help each other out!
    - Coders are not obligated to fulfill every request, and they don't "owe" you codes. You must understand that not every code is easy to make, and this can be a very time-consuming job. This is a hobby for them; therefore they aren’t paid and thus not absolutely required. Be courteous when requesting, and civil if your request is not fulfilled. There are plenty of friendly and knowledgeable members around the Code Vault who can assist you, or at least point you in the right direction. Again, it's no one's job to help you, but as long as you are respectful and reasonable, you will undoubtedly get something out of it. Your fellow members are your friends, and your greatest assets.

    If something is not mentioned above, it may not necessarily mean you can get away with it. Use discretion, but have fun as well. That, is one of the most important rules.

    The rules may and will be subject to change, so make sure to check them regularly.

    If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to PM (Inbox Conversation) me.

    Sincerely, Staff
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