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    Hey everyone! I hope you're all enjoying Kingdom Hearts 3! For many of us this'll be our first full weekend with the game.

    As I make my way through I've been recording cutscenes, and I'm happy to say I've got the first batch ready for download! As of this initial post there are only the first few worlds (6 videos total with intro and menu trailer), but I will be posting updates in this thread as I make progress. If you'd like to stay in the loop of what's available, click "Watch Thread" at the bottom of the page to receive notifications. I'll be saying how many videos were added, and the world names hidden in spoiler tags in case you aren't caught up and don't want to know. Bear in mind that the cutscene archive itself will have world names and thumbnails, so be careful if you are avoiding spoilers.

    I now present our shiny new Kingdom Hearts III Cutscene Archive!

    The scenes on this page are captured from my first playthrough, so they will have whatever Keyblade I was using at the time. However once I'm completely done, I plan on recording everything again using Theater Mode so it is Kingdom Key only, and that version will have subtitles turned off. There may be less scenes in the later version (any small clips that didn't make it into Theater Mode), but it will have smoother edits and be generally better for watching.

    As always, you can find cutscenes from all of the Kingdom Hearts games on the main page of our Cutscene Archive.

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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Explode, Feb 1, 2019.

    1. cstar
      /watched (so ya know someone's here)
    2. KHLIght
      When are we to expect more videos to be uploaded?
    3. Explode
      I want to get the next four worlds up within two days. Whole game's recorded, just a matter of editing, rendering, and uploading.
    4. Explode

      Two videos added:

      Had some rendering errors so I'm a little behind. Will probably have another one up tomorrow, but I'll wait until there's at least 2 to post another update.
    5. KHLIght
      This is probably asking to much, but would it be possible to use the scenes in the Cutscenes Menu? The equipped keyblade throws the videos off.
    6. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      As stated in the original post, the current run of recordings is from Explode's first playthrough. Once he gets done with all those, he plans to go back and rerecord everything with the Kingdom Key and with subtitles off.
    7. Explode
      Two videos added:

      I wanted to get another one in this batch, but ran out of time and I'm away this weekend. Remaining Disney worlds should be done next week.
    8. Explode
      Four videos added:

      That’s all for Disney worlds: we’re heading into the endgame now:

      Just one or two more updates and KH3 will be complete! As for no subtitle/ Kingdom Key only recordings, I may wait a liiittle bit if there’s a new patch on the horizon that may improve performance, or change/add anything. Won’t be a long break, if any.
    9. Explode
      Two videos added:

      I'm still working on the rest and they may be out as early as tonight or tomorrow, but in case they aren't I wanted to get this posted. Almost there!
    10. Explode
      Four videos added:

      That's a wrap! Like I said, I'm taking a little break before diving into re-recording with no subs and Kingdom Key.
      In case there's anyone holding out for the .zip files so you can download everything at once, I'll post once more when those are up.
    11. Explode
      The .zip files are up and running: you can now download everything with just a couple clicks :)