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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Explode, Oct 3, 2016.

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    May 20, 2007
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    Hey, all!

    It's been a hot minute since our last big archive update, but today I'm happy to present the entirety of Re:Chain of Memories and Reverse/Rebirth in HD! And for the completists out there, we also have all the text bubble sequences available as separate downloads. You can access it all from our Cutscene Archive.

    Apologies for the massive delays. For a multitude of reasons, the entire project fell into limbo for quite a while. But I recently acquired the means to pick things up where we left off, so barring my untimely demise, you can expect to see more updates from us in the coming weeks. It's been long overdue, but we want to put the "Vids" back in KH-Vids.

    Big thanks to @libregkd for sprucing up the archive, and putting everything in its proper place.

    More to come soon!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Explode, Oct 3, 2016.

    1. Iskandar
      Have you made the zip file available to download on media fire? Because the DNS Server Error is showing up for both Re:Chain of Memories and Reverse/Rebirth when I try to download them
    2. libregkd
      They should be working fine now.
    3. Yozora
      Yooo this is great!

      Thanks. I love Re:CoM.
    4. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      Great work, my man. Looking forward to future projects/updates.