Daxa's adventures in Germany,part one~

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    *hisses* My Danu~ <3

    xD Sorry. In a greedy mood. Greedy for Daxa anyways.
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    Daxa's adventures in Germany,part four of four~

    Yesh,me again. But this is the last one. I swear it. <3~ And its nice and short. Due to the fact that I am so tired I shall fall off this couch in a few minutes. Blarghhhhh.
    So today,we decided we had had more than enough of German food,and decided to drive to Strasbourg,France. Oh France. I adore France. So very much. And compared to Germany,everything is so much more....friendly,calm,something. People waving in thanks when you let them in front of you while driving,randomers saying hello on the street,people actually smiling back...and the food. Oh god,the food. Heaven.
    After having a lovely breakfast,and lovely walk,we drove back into Germany,on the very scary motorway. Oh my. Four massive lanes,no speed limits,for an hour and a half or so. Angry drivers on the outside lane driving at over 150 km/h. Goodness. And after lots of driving,lots and lots of driving,we finally got to Frankfurt Airport. And all I could think was "Frank N Furter Airport,Tim Curryyyyy,gahhhh <3~". I think the security people noticed my vacant expression and decided I was high or something. For I got searched. And so did my bag. It was rather annoying. And held up the whole flight. And on the flight,there was a group of very very very annoying girls,on a basketball team or something. They kept singing (badly). And shouting. And laughing. And myself agus my mother got rather grumpy because of it.
    So we began to sing back,much louder,before insulting each and every one of them,while my father glared and my brother laughed. Oh my family,abusing randomers on airplanes. Fun fun fun~
    But at last,I am back in my lovely warm house,safe from the cold and rain and scary German people. Wonderful. Just wonderful.
    Ever so much love to you all,now off to bed I go. <3333~
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    Is it bad that I read ALL of this and have planned a road trip through Europe? xD