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    Jun 30, 2011
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    Welcome to the Debate corner. This is the section in which you post discussions you want to hear different views and express your opinion even if it is contrary to popular opinion. The made Discussion Section Rules still apply in this subsection, with some additional guidelines.


    The Debate corner is a place where people debate things, as such, it can get somewhat heated. But we ask that friction be kept to a minimum and that discussions are carried out without putting down your neighbor.

    • Opinions and views differ. So don't go on self-righteous parades just because you're right, or think you're right. The main idea of debates is to see different views or find a flaw in an idea, not to belittle a person or boast some form of victory.
    • Open yourself to possibilities, listening to all sides and presenting yours is a great way to conduct discussion. If you enter a discussion and stubbornly remain with a point without reason to, you'll be harming the debate. Remember that this isn't about winning or losing.

    • Be prepared to defend your idea, that's what the debate corner is for. You’ll have to listen to others express why what you present may be wrong. And sometimes it may get a bit heated. If you feel that it’s gotten out of hand and it devolves into insults, please feel free to contact a member of staff to assess the situation.

    • Maintaining control is essential for a good debate, going out of your way to act arrogant or merely point out some mistake (like misspelling or anything unrelated to the subject; ad hominem), to enrage the other person isn't being a team player. If a thread devolves into an argument or there's too much friction, staff may intervene and even close the thread.

    Lastly, remember, if you are to debate, do it with respect. You are not entitled to act like a prickly porcupine and just attack everyone or leave witty remarks to make yourself feel smarter. If your argument is good enough, then presenting it well should be enough, no need to go as far as to make others feel miserable at your leisure.

    Examples of how to post

    If the topic is, say, Women's Roles in Children's Books

    Proper reply:
    I think that the way women have been portrayed in children’s books so far is acceptable based the times they were written. However as the culture is currently making dramatic leaps and bounds in the direction of how society views women and how women view themselves, going forward books should get away from the standard princess needing saving and give woman a more headstrong role instead.

    The proper reply gives your thoughts on the subject, as well as enough detail that others could respond and make conversation over it.

    Short Reply:
    I am not a fan of it, but don’t hate it either.

    This reply, while on subject, doesn’t actually provide much commentary on your thoughts, it is short and doesn’t contribute to the conversation in a way that others can respond. Posts like these could be considered spam, even though on topic.

    Spammy Reply:
    That is stupid! Who thinks that!

    This contributes nothing to the conversation and does not really say anything about your thoughts on the subject.

    Borderline Reply:
    I grew up just fine even with how women are portrayed in books.

    This response is borderline because while it contributes to the conversation in some aspects, since most people likely won’t know your life it is a judgment call in which one cannot properly make and reply to.

    ~The KH-Vids.Net Staff
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.