December 27th Famitsu article and HD Screenshots of 1.5 HD ReMix

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    Kingdom Hearts news galore, as more screenshots and information arise on the anticipated collection release. The latesst famitsu reveals series staff comments, changed aspects, and most other tidbits of repeated information. Along with the article, several screenshots and renders were uploaded by Famitsu and 4Gamer, showing the high quality upgrade the games have received with some snapshots from the trailer as well.

    And for something to look at, here are 50 new HD screenshots courtesy of Famitsu. You will find newly remodeled renders, cutscenes, and gameplay in all it's glorious splendor. You will notice that Deep Jungle will return for the HD ReMix, as well as a slightly altered gummi system. The first Trophy has also revealed itself with the Japanese translated title: "Hero in the Making"

    Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_1.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_3.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_2.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_51.jpg
    Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_4.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_5.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_6.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_7.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_8.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_9.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_10.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_11.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_12.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_13.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_14.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_15.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_16.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_17.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_18.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_19.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_20.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_21.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_22.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_23.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_24.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_25.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_26.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_27.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_28.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_29.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_30.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_31.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_32.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_33.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_34.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_35.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_36.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_37.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_38.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_39.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_40.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_41.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_42.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_43.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_44.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_45.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_46.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_47.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_48.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_49.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_50.jpg
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Krowley, Dec 27, 2012.

    1. Llave
      How exciting yet again! I just don't wanna get my hopes up for an English version release... but still.

      SE u meik things purdeh 10 yrs l8ter and i still excite.
    2. super_rocker_90
      ps3 theme ? awsome ! they need a kh theme ! lol

      kinda off topic but since disney bought star wars do u think it will be in future kingdom hearts games ? XD
    3. Krowley
    4. Llave
      I'm on the fence with that. Part of me thinks it could kinda play well with the whole theme, but it's easier said than actually done.

      But yeah the theme seems exciting Indeed. Must be good if you have to beat it first lol.
    5. Iskandar
      These are some nice screenshots. Before, I couldn't see a difference between HD and low quality at all, but now I'm able to see it a little better, and this is looking B-E-A-utilful.
    6. Explode
      I also heard they're adding a cutscene skipping feature to KH1FM. Not surprising, but I'm still glad. I've had to sit through some of those Hollow Bastion scenes so many times I memorized them.

      Also, gotta say that Riku's low poly texture (the one where he's with Maleficent) looks awesome. Indistinguishable from the high poly lip-sync version. Like I'm not even sure if it is the low poly model. That's how good it is.
    7. TitanTX
      Super stoked for the new HD version for the PS3 and even more so for the theme little extra perk. I hope this gets an english release :)
    8. libregkd
    9. Cat~

      Square sure knows how to milk a series 'til it's dry. I don't deny that this is a nice bonus for longtime fans and newcomers alike, but somehow they've managed to keep fan pleased despite the lack of an official KHIII announcement.

      Still, I shouldn't be complaining at all. Custom KH background, new abilities, and remastered graphics? Take all of my money, Nomura. All. Of. It.
    10. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      Holy s***, you're right! I remember a low poly model was used for that exact scene. Either they changed it to high poly, or the texture changes make it so hard to tell. Either way, it's awesome!
    11. Misty

      I AM SO HAPPY.

      These screenshots are lovely though, not liking that price tag but that's what coupons are for. Thanks Krowley & Sumi!
    12. Tyrant Valvatorez
      Tyrant Valvatorez
      Impressive looks!
      See this is what HD collections should be, something where I can notice the difference!
      I swear to god if this does not come to America....
    13. libregkd
    14. Tyrant Valvatorez
      Tyrant Valvatorez
      No, I've played games like GoW and Ratchet and Clank HD and haven't even noticed any differences, I want the same game yes, but I do want to know that they've at least improved the graphics, same HD collections do this (Jak and Daxter and Ico and SotC collection) but for most HD collections, nothing.
    15. libregkd
    16. 61
      The camera update is so far the best thing I've seen about this. If anything, I would get this just to be able to play KH without a frustrating camera.
    17. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      Wasn't the Silent Hill HD collection also crap?
    18. libregkd
    19. Shera Wizard
      Shera Wizard
      DAT HD

      Now i need a PS3.

      also, KWAIIISORA<3