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  1. Arch Mana Knight

    Oct 5, 2007
    I did a quick search in this section and there's no dedicated thread to this band. So here I go!

    This band falls into the "Alternative Metal" and "Experimental Rock" genre. At least, that's what wiki says. >> Some songs can get pretty heavy but I personally haven't heard that much from these guys. What really caught my attention was their single "Tempest" from their latest album "Koi No Yokan".

    I bought the album this week and it's great. From what I've read, they've recently changed from 7 string guitars to 8 string guitars. What does this mean? You can play much heavier stuff with 8 strings. I can guarantee that most of you have never heard what an 8 stringed guitar sounds like(unless you speak to me a lot).

    8 string master race. <<;

    So who else has heard of these guys? Any thoughts?