Different Types of Role-Plays

Discussion in 'Role Play Discussion' started by Boy Wonder, Aug 24, 2016.

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    Aug 31, 2008
    The norm for Role-Plays on KHV, at least that I've noticed in my time around here, is a story-driven, text-based style with a significance on character interaction. It's pretty straight forward: someone comes up with a world and its story and writes out an adventure with other people. There's a symbiosis between the creator(s) of the story and its participants, the creator(s) included. Usually each player with create and control a small handful of characters (with certain RPs having several characters per player) and tries to move the story along. This is the essence of a typical RP.

    We've seen other types that change the interaction between players -as well as the power balance between the RP creator and the participants- such as using a stat-based system or playing a character who is playing another.

    What are your thoughts on RPs like those, that are set up differently? They can use stats, allow more freedom for the participants (each player creates not just a character but an equal force in the RP, like a race or country, etc.), some private messaging system, a resource outside of the thread like an off-site program, a mystery to solve where the culprit is one of the role players, or anything outside of the KHV norm? On other sites I've seen much more detailed and intense role plays where players can only portray one character and it is treated as more of a production than a creative interaction (not saying the two are mutually exclusive or either is more enjoyable than the other). Some are more table-topy where each person uses the first person POV and responds with quick reactions.

    Are there any types of the art that you'd like to talk about? Would you like to see it on this site?