Digimon Rumble Arena - What Determines What Music Track Will Play?

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    Okay, so in Digimon Rumble Arena when playing through the story mode (one player), each stage has its own unique music track, with the exception of the boss stage.

    The unique tracks are:
    • Mecha Factory
    • Dangerous Forest
    • Crazy Battlefield
    • The Sanctuary in the Sky
    • Freezy Arctic
    • Burning Volcano

    However, for two-player and versus computer modes, the tracks are just generic across each stage:
    • Out in the Country
    • The Biggest Dreamer
    • The Fight for My Friends
    • Reapermon's Den
    • Bad Guy's Festival

    Then there are also alternate generic tracks if you change the DigiDestined (e.g., Tai > Young Tai):
    • The Power in Me
    • A Wish for Life

    As I was writing this, I got a reply to the same question I asked on a guy's Digimon Rumble Arena video on YouTube:

    I ended up responding with:

    What do you guys think? Are both of us correct?
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