Support Discord keeps on crashing for class

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Sara, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Sara Tea Drinker

    Aug 16, 2006
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    I'm taking an online class and the Discord format (mandatory for live classes) has been horrendous. It keeps on cutting in and out and crashing. The instructor insists using the server for class and a lot of the kids have been using their webcams as it gives them more credit for attending.

    I've tried Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Chrome seems to be the most stable where I can get visual of the screen sharing from the instructor and a lot of the lecture, but even then it cuts out every two minutes or so for 30 minutes. It also pops up a Java error with Chrome, and sometimes it even stabilizes around 30 minutes in, I had a chat with a group today with one time being cut out.

    The desktop refuses flat out to even load on my computer for discord. I am hoping it's just an internet issue, (my internet is probably amongst the worst for cable, and I use ethernet for class) but I was hoping someone knew what was going on and how I can fix it. Thank you.