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    So, I was thinking about KHIII DLC earlier, and it occurred to me that it's entirely possible that Square Enix could follow the example of Final Fantasy XV and release different DLC episodes focused around different characters, giving you a chance to play as those characters and explore other aspects of the story not touched on in the main game. And so my mind's been busy churning out different concepts...

    Merlin putting Kairi and Lea in a time bubble to catch them up to speed with their Keyblade training is something we already know about KHIII, and that premise is just to good to pass up. Add to that the fact that we haven't gotten any Sword of the Stone in KH outside of Merlin's existence, and I think maybe Merlin's overdue a visit from Madam Mim, and what better time for such than at the most inopportune time? You can't deny, a boss fight against her would be pretty slick.

    This one I envision being similar to FFXV's Episode Ignis, in that the episode winds up ending with an alternate ending for the game as a whole based on choices the focus character makes—in this case, possibly with Xehanort's younger self being the key to overturning his older self's plans. Also, I wouldn't want to pass up an opportunity to further explore Xehanort and Eraqus's youth and training together, and possibly getting to meet their master.

    Thanks to Union X, there is so much we don't know about Ventus now, and I want answers. And then of course, we can tie it into the plot of KHIII by having Ventus explore all the weirdness that's been going on in Sora's heart through the entire series, ending with his inevitable awakening in KHIII's main plot. It could be a very trippy and fascinating delve.

    What if reconstructing Sora's tangled up memories involved actually traveling through them? I know, I know, we've done this at least twice before in two different games. But with Naminé exploring all the avenues of the stuff that shouldn't be in Sora's heart, and yet is—like his connections to the Wayfinder trio—it could play out completely differently...especially since Naminé is a noncombatant and has magical power over memories. This would also be one way we could witness the concert tour's scene of Naminé meeting the Lingering Will. This would also be a trippy episode, if a redundant one. I'd try to add more ties to KHIII to this plot but Nomura's given us straight-up nothing to go on with regards to Naminé's involvement, though we know she is involved since she's on the darn box art.

    We know that there are mysteries in Union X that—by design—are going to stretch beyond the scope of KHIII. But we also know that the story is meant to tie into KHIII's. We know Maleficent and Xehanort are both after the Master of Masters' mysterious box, we know Sora meets a Chirithy, and other trailers have implied we might see how Xehanort comes to inherit Luxu's Keyblade. But what I really want is to be able to explore the world of Union X in high definition 3D, and Ephemer's the closest thing to a main character outside of the customizable player. Of course, we may not solve any of Union X's mysteries in this DLC—though maybe some will have been solved by the time this hypothetical DLC would release, so those could be explored. So let's explore if nothing else, and maybe further develop things for the series beyond KHIII.

    What would you like to see in potential KHIII DLC episodes?