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    I sat high on the clock tower, looking down at the town. The setting sun was warm against my face, more so than usual since it was summer. Saix had been setting me more missions during the past month as I
    seemed to be the only one in the Organization who was willing to do any work in the heat, so most of the time I was tired. Unfortumately, that meant I'd been spending less time with him.I was thrown out of my daze by a voice behind me.
    "Hey, Roxas!"
    "Whoa!" I yelled, startled, jumping a little.
    "Oh c'mon, I'm not THAT repulsive am I?" he laughed, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.
    I allowed myself to sink into his arms, resting my face on his chest. My eyes closed as he ran one hand through my hair and curled the other arm round my waist.
    "I thought you'd gone off me or something," he joked.
    All I could do was laugh along with him; there wasn't much I could make myself say when he was around me. It was as if the power of free will dissolved away at even the thought of seeing him. He'd been the first member of the Organization I could properly remember speaking to, and since then, we'd met up at the top of the clock tower in Twilight Town after each of our missions. Mostly, we talked about our day and watched the sun set over ice-cream. It wasn't much, but I wouldn't ever trade it for anything else. It wasn't until a few months ago that I'd explained how I'd started feeling for him. I had expected him to freak out, or at the worst, walk off. But instead, he'd smiled calmly at me and said, "damn, I wanted to say that first." He'd slipped his hand into mine and leaned in to kiss me for the first time.

    "Yo, Roxas! Now you see why I tell you to drink coffee?!"
    I woke with a start to find myself lying on the ground. As I opened my eyes and looked around me, I saw my friend Hayner standing in front of me with his arms folded. I slowly stood up and sheilded my eyes from the now intense light. "Not again!" I thought to myself, embarressed at having collapsed in front of my friends. Olette was standing behind Hayner with a concerned look on her face, while Pence sat on the sidelines looking a little scared. Since these dreams had started, I'd hardly got any sleep, afraid that one would end up like the first I'd had; these creatures that were all black, apart from menacing yellow eyes looked as if they crawled out of the ground, and then began to surround me. I'd glanced around, but there seemed to be no way out. More had appeared behind the last group, until it began to look like an ocean of black. I'd woken up in a cold sweat as the first had sprung at me. This dream continued for atleast a week, up to the point where I was afraid of closing my eyes, incase these shadow creatures sprung out of the dark. I'd forced myself to stay awake for hours on end, but at last, had to give in to tiredness. That was around the time he entered my thoughts. I never heard his name or saw his face, only his voice made him recognisable. It was soft, also seeming to chime at some times, but often had a sarcastic edge when he was in a bad mood. I didn't know much else except that I was in some sort of 'Organization' with him, and that we were, sort of, 'together'. What I was completely sure about though; when I dreamt about him, I didn't want to wake up. The me in my dreams had fallen for him and, the truth was, I suppose I had too.
    "Um...you okay now?" Hayner asked, waving a hand in front of my face. I blinked and shook my head, returning to the real world.
    "Yeah, sorry. I guess I've not had much sleep lately," I continued. "Maybe I should take your advice."
    "Fine, but don't scare us like that again!" Olette exclaimed, putting a hand on my shoulder.
    "I'll try," I replied, smiling.
    Five bell chimes that suddenly sounded from the clock tower, startling all of us.
    "Sorry, Roxas, but we gotta head home," Pence chortled as he stood up. Olette and Hayner began to walk towards the doorway as well.
    "We'll catch you later, man. Now take it easy with the insomnia!" Hayner sarcastically called back before the three of them were gone for the day.
    I made my way out of our usual spot and glanced up at the sky. The sun was already beginning to set behind the hills in the distance, which had transformed the sky from a cheerful blue to a soft orange tint. I couldn't help a feeling of familiarity. I'd not really taken any notice of the sunset in the past, but today, my eyes were almost compelled to stare at it. As the thought crossed through my mind, the memory of the dream came back to me. Wasn't this what me and him did all the time...watch the sun setting?
    Footsteps coming from a nearby alleyway reminded me that I had to go home, so I turned to face forward and quickened my pace. The footsteps behind me gradually slowed and eventually came to a halt.
    The voice I heard stopped me dead in my tracks. That voice. His voice. It was something I knew I couldn't mistake. Butterflies formed in the pit of my stomach at the sound him saying my name. I wanted to turn to see who it was, finally look at his face...but then, reality began to set in. It could be anyone, any freak from an alley. The thought made me want to run, but my feet remained glued to the spot, as if I was in a trance, as if my free will had disappeared...
    The footsteps behind me started to move again, and as they did, I felt myself getting dizzy, my vision blurring. My head pounded with pain, so instinctively I grasped it with both hands, as if that would soothe it. This feeling happened whenever I blacked out or one of the dreams was on its way. "Oh God, not now," was what I remember being my last conscious thought as I heard the footsteps almost directly behind me. I hit the ground with a thud before I blacked out.

    The rain pounded down on the cobbled street as I closed the door behind me. The sky had turned a menacing dark grey, and the thunder was already starting to rumble. I walked swiftly ahead, knowing he'd be waiting for me, to try and stop me. He would probably succeed too; one glance at him and my decision to leave the Organization would be out the window. I needed to leave, after all. I wanted the truth about the choice of me as the wielder of the Keyblade.
    He leaned against a wall, arms folded accross his chest, rain soaking his bright red hair so it flattened against his head, while a few stray strands fell onto his face. He faced the ground, not looking up as I passed him. I turned away, not wanting him to see the hurt on my face as I fought back tears. This part of my plan I'd not thought about properly. If I left, there was always the chance of not returning, being hunted down by the other members. Then would come the two of us being forced to become enemies, never feeling his hand in mine again, or the touch of his soft lips on mine...
    "Your mind's made up?" he asked sullenly.
    I forced back the tears that were forming faster and faster. I had made my choice, and had to stick to it, if I ever wanted my answers. I took a deep breath and evened out my voice as I prepared to answer. "Why did the Keyblade choose me?" I continued. "I have to know."
    "You can't turn on the Organization!" he suddenly yelled from behind me. "You get on their bad side and they'll destroy you!" The desperation in his voice was almost unbearable. It was this I had feared the most about telling him my plans. It was difficult enough having to leave him behind, let alone him actually being here as I started. I couldn't let him know that I thought about this, so knew I had to say something to keep him quiet long enough for me to get out while I could.
    "No one would miss me," I stated, knowing it was partly true. Why would anyone else care if I didn't show up for a few days? I knew that by the time anyone realised, I'd be long gone. All I had to do was walk on ahead; he'd forget about me, he'd move on. Nobodies didn't have feelings, after all, as we were all constantly reminded. But I couldn't help but ridicule that statement after I'd met him.
    I took just several steps before he called after me again.
    "That's not true!" he paused. "I would."
    By this time, all the strength had waned from his voice, as if he'd given up trying. It made a lump appear in my throat, while I allowed the tears I'd been holding back to stream down my face. I had to stop walking, to breathe, to get a grip on myself. I'd already made my decision, and continued to stand by that, but how could I leave him like this?
    "Who am I kidding, Roxas? I'd be lost here without you. Truth is, all I was before you arrived was lost."
    He started to walk towards me as I made a desperate effort to wipe away my tears. I felt his hand rest on my shoulder, then spun me round to face him. I stared up into his emerald green eyes, which shone from moisture. I'd always thought of him as strong, brave even, but right now, that image had been shattered. His expression was almost broken, as if he was falling apart in front of me. It made me want to cry all the more.
    "I...I'm sorry," I managed to stammer. "I have to go."
    Before I'd finished my sentence, he collapsed to his knees in front of me, clutching both my shoulders while staring intensely into my eyes. We gazed at eachother for what seemed like hours, years even, until his hands moved up to my face, cupping it in both. I closed my eyes at his gentle touch, calming me slightly. As I opened them, I saw he was facing down again.
    "I know you've made your choice, and I know you have to do this by yourself, but," he said, his voice shaking. His eyes moved back up to mine, a pleading look taking over them. "I wish you'd let me go with you."
    I tried not to make eye contact, because I knew if I did, I'd be caught in his gaze again. Instead, I focused on each of the small diamonds that were tattooed under them.
    "I thought about that, but I kept thinking that if anything happened to you..." my voice trailed off. It hurt to even imagine it. I shut my eyes tight, blocking out the image of a world where he didn't exist.
    "I...guess this is goodbye then," he declared sadly. I looked up at him as my tears began to fall again. Green eyes met blue as I was locked in his trance again. Slowly, he began to edge towards me and then tilted my face up to his. Instinctively, I closed my eyes and waited. The distance between us was soon closed as our lips gently touched. I clung to the front of his coat, pulling him closer. I then reached my arms up to tightly twine around his neck, clutching his long hair in my hands. He wrapped his arms securely around me and ran one hand through the back of my now drenched hair as our kiss became more intense. Neither one of us wanted it to end, but of course, all good things do.
    The moment came to stop when we stopped for breath, but my arms were still fastened around him. I buried my face into his chest, never wanting to let go, willing that perfect moment to return. Our breathing gradually became slower until it was back to its normal pace. He held me close for a few seconds then pulled away, unclasping my arms and moving them back to my sides. His hand moved to my cheek where he wiped away a tear that had begun to steadily fall. I sheepishly gazed up at him as he tilted his head forward to rest his forehead against mine. We stayed silent for a long while, cherishing just being close to eachother. He moved his face up so he could softly kiss me on the cheek.
    "I love you, Roxas," he uttered slowly.
    "I love you too...Axel."

    "...Roxas! C'mon, wake up!"
    I woke up to the same chiming voice from my dream. I slowly opened my eyes, staring up at the concerned face looking down at me. As the haze cleared from my vision, I could distinctly make out his gentle green eyes and flame red hair, which had been thankfully gelled back into its original style. I smiled up at him, taking in every feature I could make out of him. I realized that the dreams could never do him justice. He was a hundred times more beautiful than I remembered. I reached my hand up to touch his face, feeling the soft skin under my fingers. He smiled down at me as gazed happily into his eyes.
    "Axel..." I half whispered, adjusting again to reality.
    "You...remember now?" Axel sighed in relief as he lifted me from the ground and curled me into his arms. I stared again into his sparkling green eyes as he traced my jawline with his index finger, before moving down my arm, locking his fingers into mine, while his other arm fastened around my waist.
    Memories of my dream suddenly came flooding back through my mind. It must hve shown in my expression because Axel started to look worried.
    "What's wrong? Are you okay?"
    "I'm so sorry, Axel. I shouldn't have left you, I know that now. Oh God, why was I so - " Axel cut me off by placing a finger over my lips. As I looked up at him, a warm smile appeared on his face.
    "I don't hold grudges, Roxas, especially not for you." He leaned down and tenderly kissed my forehead. "Besides, that's done now. All that matters is that I found you, and I will always be here for you." His hand moved down my jawline and slowly tilted my chin up so that we were gazing directly into eachother's eyes. It was as if he'd performed hypnosis on me, because I was completely frozen as he stared down at me. He moved his head down towards me until we were just a breath apart. I stared longingly back at him, while he swept my hair from my face.
    "I love you, Roxas" he whispered as he closed his eyes, pulling me towards him.
    I smiled as I shut my eyes and wrapped my arms around him. "I love you too, Axel."
    The distance was quickly closed as his lips gently touched mine.