Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 NTSC

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  1. sakurakh Moogle Assistant

    Feb 6, 2010
    hey guys i use codebreaker but the activator code don't work for me,how much codes i need put in codebreaker i put this codes
    20296084 08028000
    200a0000 3c020030
    200a0004 8c42eb14
    200a0008 1040002e
    200a0010 24030ca4
    200a0014 00621021
    200a00c4 03e00008

    it's ok o i put wrong codes¿?¿?,please need a answer T.T
  2. jet588 Traverse Town Homebody

    Are the gameshark conversions on this thread?

    And would anyone mind making a save I can download to a flash drive if they are?

    Fankoo! *holds up cookie as reward*
  3. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta The Demon Slayer

    Jun 24, 2007
    The Plains
    Is anybody willing to hack this game at all? This Game OWNS...It is by far The Very Best DragonBall Z Game ever made...It's a really great game and it really deserves more codes to make it even more epic...

    The only code I really want for this game is for Player 2 to be in Max Power Mode all the time...

    I already have it for Player 1 now I just need it for Player 2...

    Why do I want that code? Because there's one Potara that makes you automatically use the afterimage technique while in Max Power Mode! So if both players were in Max Power Mode all the time they would constantly teleport in response to everything and fight just like they do in The Anime![​IMG]

    I could have SO MANY insane fights![​IMG]

    But I've checked everywhere and all I've noticed is that everyone else seems to share my desire for that code...(For both players to be in Max Power Mode all the time)

    But strangely nobody has hacked it...

    Is anybody willing to hack that code?
  4. Kaihedgie Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 20, 2008
    That Potara is included with the Red Potara Password characters. You can go to GameFAQs to nab the passwords there
  5. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta The Demon Slayer

    Jun 24, 2007
    The Plains
    I know. I already did. That's the reason why I'm requesting this code. Because with this code combined with those passwords that give you the Potara that makes you automatically teleport while in Max Power Mode I can have some REALLY Insane Fights![​IMG]

    EDIT: Oh, and just so you and everybody knows there are 2 Potaras that have that effect. They're called The "Fierce God" and "Miracle Sparking" Potaras.

    And let me tell you...

    That "Fierce God" Potara is absolutely AMAZING![​IMG]

    It's like every single Good Potara combined into one![​IMG]

    It gives you:

    1. +3 to All Stats!

    2. A nonflinching Broly-like Effect!

    3. The Ability to Automatically Teleport while in Max Power Mode!

    4. Immunity against every Kamehameha Type Attack!

    5. It makes your attacks do ALOT more damage!

    6. It raises the power of ALL your attacks as your health decreases!

    7. When you have a Potara equipped that has a Stat Minus effect it negates the Minus Effect![​IMG]

    And there's all sorts of other things that this Potara does too![​IMG]
  6. syedsajid Merlin's Housekeeper

    Dec 20, 2010
    hey hi friends did you have broly have future gohans barrior action replay max code give me please
  7. Tetra evolver Moogle Assistant

    Nov 8, 2012
    is it possible i could request a code in this thread i was interested in having a code that could modify the characters model like super saiyan 4 goku with say white hair can you create it you know um ps2dis to find labels of the addressed information in the game to see if its liable to create just a thought might be cool to have a super saiyan 5 style like gogetas super saiyan 4 secondary costume only without the actually clothing just the white hair and maybe a powerboost like breaking the limits of 99999 in battle thank you Bye...
  8. smithjohn92 Moogle Assistant

    Jul 7, 2017
    does anyone have codes for sim dragon mode im using codebreaker please and thank you
  9. Plade_Storm Moogle Assistant

    May 13, 2021
    I would like to notify you this code can only be used in the North American version of the game:

    //Characters Health Points (HP)
    //Possible values :
    //Value "00002710" equal 1 lifebars (10000HP) or a Red lifebar.
    //Value "00004E20" equal 2 lifebars (20000HP), 1 green points or a Yellow lifebar.
    //Value "00007530" equal 3 lifebars (30000HP), 2 green points or a Light Green lifebar.
    //Value "00009C40" equal 4 lifebars (40000HP) or 3 green points.
    //Value "0000C350" equal 5 lifebars (50000HP) or 4 green points.
    //Value "0000EA60" equal 6 lifebars (60000HP) or 5 green points.
    //Value "00011170" equal 7 lifebars (70000HP) or 6 green points.
    //Value "00013880" equal 8 lifebars (80000HP) or 1 blue lifebar.
    //Value "00015F90" equal 9 lifebars (90000HP) or 2 blues lifebars
    //Value "000186A0" equal 10 lifebars (100000HP) or 3 blues lifebars.
    //Value "0001ADB0" equal 11 lifebars (110000HP) or 4 blues lifebars.
    //Value "0001D4C0" equal 12 lifebars (120000HP) or 5 blues lifebars.
    //Value "0001FBD0" equal 13 lifebars (130000HP) or 6 blues lifebars.
    //Value "000222E0" equal 14 lifebars (140000HP) or 7 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000249F0" equal 15 lifebars (150000HP) or 8 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00027100" equal 16 lifebars (160000HP) or 9 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00029810" equal 17 lifebars (170000HP) or 10 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0002BF20" equal 18 lifebars (180000HP) or 11 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0002E630" equal 19 lifebars (190000HP) or 12 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00030D40" equal 20 lifebars (200000HP) or 13 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00033450" equal 21 lifebars (210000HP) or 14 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00035B60" equal 22 lifebars (220000HP) or 15 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00038270" equal 23 lifebars (230000HP) or 16 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0003A980" equal 24 lifebars (240000HP) or 17 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0003D090" equal 25 lifebars (250000HP) or 18 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0003F7A0" equal 26 lifebars (260000HP) or 19 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00041EB0" equal 27 lifebars (270000HP) or 20 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000445C0" equal 28 lifebars (280000HP) or 21 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000493E0" equal 30 lifebars (300000HP) or 23 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0006DDD0" equal 45 lifebars (450000HP) or 38 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000927C0" equal 60 lifebars (600000HP) or 53 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0009EB10" equal 65 lifebars (650000HP) or 58 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000AAE60" equal 70 lifebars (700000HP) or 63 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000B71B0" equal 75 lifebars (750000HP) or 68 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000C3500" equal 80 lifebars (800000HP) or 73 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000CF850" equal 85 lifebars (850000HP) or 78 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000DBBA0" equal 90 lifebars (900000HP) or 83 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000E7EF0" equal 95 lifebars (950000HP) or 88 blue lifebars.
    //Value "000F4240" equal 100 lifebars (1000000HP) or 93 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00100590" equal 105 lifebars (1050000HP) or 98 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0010C8E0" equal 110 lifebars (1100000HP) or 103 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00124F80" equal 120 lifebars (1200000HP) or 113 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0013D620" equal 130 lifebars (1300000HP) or 123 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00155CC0" equal 140 lifebars (1400000HP) or 133 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0016E360" equal 150 lifebars (1500000HP) or 143 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00186A00" equal 160 lifebars (1600000HP) or 153 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0019F0A0" equal 170 lifebars (1700000HP) or 163 blue lifebars.
    //Value "0019F0A0" equal 180 lifebars (1800000HP) or 163 blue lifebars.
    //Value "001B7740" equal 190 lifebars (1900000HP) or 173 blue lifebars.
    //Value "001E8480" equal 200 lifebars (2000000HP) or 193 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00200B20" equal 210 lifebars (2100000HP) or 203 blue lifebars.
    //Value "002191C0" equal 220 lifebars (2200000HP) or 213 blue lifebars.
    //Value "00231860" equal 230 lifebars (2300000HP) or 223 blue lifebars.
    //Value "002625A0" equal 250 lifebars (2500000HP) or 243 blue lifebars.
    //Note : If there is a difference in health points between Normal State et Transformation, the character gains some health points when transforming and
    //lose points if he goes back (or the contrary if his transformed form has less HP).

    //To give the desired HP : to the characters of your choice, search their name and under their name, replace the code located after "extended" by the value of your choice.
    //"1)" Correspond to the 1st ligne (Base form of the character)
    //"2)" Correspond to the 2nd ligne (1st transformed form of the character like for example : SSJ1, Cell Forme 2, ect ...)
    //"3)" Correspond to the 3rd ligne (2nd transformed form of the character like SSJ2, Broly Legendary Saiyajin, ect ...)
    //"4)" Correspond to the 4th ligne (3rd transformed form of the character like Freeza Forme Finale, ect ...), ect ...

    --{//Modified Life//}--
    //Goku Early HP :
    20564240 0000C350
    //Goku Middle HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1
    20564250 0000C350
    20564260 00011170
    //Goku End HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1, 3-SSJ2, 4-SSJ3
    20564270 0000C350
    20564280 00011170
    20564290 0001ADB0
    205642A0 0001D4C0
    //Goku GT HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1, 3-SSJ3, 4-SSJ4
    205642B0 0000C350
    205642C0 00011170
    205642D0 0001D4C0
    205642E0 0001FBD0
    //Goku Kid HP : 1-Normal, 2-Great Ape
    205642F0 00004E20
    20564300 0000EA60
    //Gohan Kid HP :
    20564310 00007530
    //Teen Gohan HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1, 3-SSJ2
    20564320 0000C350
    20564330 00011170
    20564340 0001ADB0
    //Gohan HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1, 3-SSJ2, 4-Great Saiyaman
    20564350 0000C350
    20564360 00011170
    20564370 0001ADB0
    20564380 0000C350
    //Gohan Ultimate HP
    20564390 0001FBD0
    //Piccolo HP : 1-Piccolo Early, 2-Piccolo End
    205643A0 0000C350
    205643B0 00011170
    //Nail HP :
    205643C0 00009C40
    //Krillin HP :
    205643D0 00007530
    //Yamcha HP :
    205643E0 00007530
    //Tenshinhan HP :
    205643F0 00009C40
    //Chaozu HP :
    20564400 00004E20
    //Vegeta Scouter HP : 1-Normal, 2-Great Ape
    20564410 00009C40
    20564420 0000EA60
    //Vegeta HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1, 3-Super SSJ1
    20564430 0000C350
    20564440 00011170
    20564450 00015F90
    //Vegeta 2nd Form HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1, 3-SSJ2, 4-Majin, 5-SSJ4
    20564460 0000C350
    20564470 00011170
    20564480 0001ADB0
    20564490 0001ADB0
    205644A0 0001FBD0
    //Trunks Sword HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1
    205644B0 0000C350
    205644C0 00011170
    //Trunks HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1, 3-Super SSJ1
    205644D0 0000C350
    205644E0 00011170
    205644F0 00015F90
    //Trunks Kid HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1
    20564500 0000C350
    20564510 00011170
    //Songoten HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1
    20564520 0000C350
    20564530 00011170
    //Gotenks HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1, 3-SSJ3
    20564540 000222E0
    20564550 000249F0
    20564560 00027100
    //Fusion Goku/Vegeta HP : 1-Vegito, 2-Vegito SSJ1, 3-Gogeta SSJ1, 4-Gogeta SSJ4
    20564570 000222E0
    20564580 000249F0
    20564590 000249F0
    205645A0 00029810
    //Satan HP :
    205645B0 00004E20
    //Videl HP : 1-Normal, 2-Great Saiyaman 2
    205645C0 00004E20
    205645D0 00004E20
    //Kaioshin HP : 1-Normal, 2-Kaiobito
    205645E0 00011170
    205645F0 000186A0
    //Yajirobe HP :
    20564600 00004E20
    //Paikuhan HP :
    20564610 0001ADB0
    //Tapion HP :
    20564620 0000C350
    //Pan HP :
    20564630 0000C350
    //Uub HP : 1-Normal, 2-Majuub
    20564640 00013880
    20564650 000222E0
    //Master Roshi HP : 1-Normal, 2-Max Power
    20564660 00004E20
    20564670 00004E20
    //Papy Sangohan HP :
    20564680 00004E20
    //Nam HP :
    20564690 00004E20
    //Franky HP :
    205646A0 00004E20
    //King Vegeta HP : 1-Normal, 2-Great Ape
    205646B0 00007530
    205646C0 0000EA60
    //Bardock HP : 1-Normal, 2-Great Ape
    205646D0 00009C40
    205646E0 0000EA60
    //Fasha HP : 1-Normal, 2-Great Ape
    205646F0 00007530
    20564700 0000EA60
    //Raditz HP : 1-Normal, 2-Great Ape
    20564710 00007530
    20564720 0000EA60
    Saibaman HP :
    20564730 00007530
    //Nappa HP : 1-Normal, 2-Great Ape
    20564740 00009C40
    20564750 0000EA60
    //Zarbon HP : 1-Normal, 2-Transformed
    20564760 00009C40
    20564770 0000C350
    //Dodoria HP :
    20564780 00009C40
    //Kiwi HP :
    20564790 00009C40
    //Ginyu HP :
    205647A0 0000C350
    //Recoom HP :
    205647B0 0000C350
    //Barta HP :
    205647C0 0000C350
    //Jeece HP :
    205647D0 0000C350
    //Guldo HP :
    205647E0 00007530
    //Freezer HP : 1-Form 1, 2-Form 2, 3-Form 3, 4-Final Form, 5-Max Power, 6-Meca Freezer
    205647F0 00009C40
    20564800 0000C350
    20564810 0000EA60
    20564820 00011170
    20564830 00011170
    20564840 00011170
    //King Cold HP :
    20564850 0000EA60
    //Apple HP :
    20564860 00007530
    Freeza soldier HP :
    20564870 00004E20
    //Androids HP : 1-C16, 2-C17, 3-C18, 4-C19, 5-Dr Gero
    20564880 00013880
    20564890 00011170
    205648A0 00011170
    205648B0 0000EA60
    205648C0 0000EA60
    //Cell HP : 1-Imperfect Cell 2-Semi-Perfect Cell, 3-Perfect Cell, 4-Super Perfect Cell
    205648D0 00013880
    205648E0 00015F90
    205648F0 000186A0
    20564900 0001ADB0
    //Cell Junior HP :
    20564910 00013880
    //Babidi HP :
    20564920 0000C350
    //Dabla HP :
    20564930 000186A0
    //Buu HP : 1-Majin Buu, 2-Evil Buu, 3-Super Buu, 4-Buutenks 5-Buuhan, 6-Kid Buu
    20564940 0001D4C0
    20564950 0001D4C0
    20564960 0001FBD0
    20564970 000222E0
    20564980 000222E0
    20564990 0001D4C0
    //Garlic Junior HP : 1-Normal, 2-Super Garlic Junior
    205649A0 00004E20
    205649B0 00007530
    //Dr Willo HP :
    205649C0 00007530
    //Turles HP : 1-Normal, 2-Great Ape
    205649D0 00009C40
    205649E0 0000EA60
    //Slug HP : 1-Normal, 2-Giant Slug
    205649F0 0000C350
    20564A00 00011170
    //Sauzer HP :
    20564A10 0000C350
    //Cooler HP : 1-Normal, 2-Final Form
    20564A20 0000EA60
    20564A30 00011170
    //Metal Cooler HP :
    20564A40 00011170
    //Android 13 HP : 1-Normal, 2-Super Android 13
    20564A50 0000EA60
    20564A60 000186A0
    //Broly HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1, 3-Legendray SSJ
    20564A70 0000C350
    20564A80 00011170
    20564A90 0001D4C0
    //Zangya HP :
    20564AA0 0000EA60
    //Bojack HP : 1-Normal, 2-Transformed
    20564AB0 00011170
    20564AC0 000186A0
    //Janemba HP : 1-Big Janemba, 2-Super Janemba
    20564AD0 0001ADB0
    20564AE0 0001FBD0
    //Hildegarn HP :
    20564AF0 0001D4C0
    //Baby Vegeta HP : 1-Baby Vegeta, 2-Super Baby 1, 3-Super Baby 2, 4-Golden Great Ape
    20564B00 00011170
    20564B10 000186A0
    20564B20 0001D4C0
    20564B30 0001FBD0
    //Super C17 HP :
    20564B40 0001FBD0
    //Nuova Shenron HP :
    20564B50 0001FBD0
    //Syn Shenron HP : 1-Normal, 2-Li Shenron
    20564B60 000222E0
    20564B70 00027100
    //Tao Pai Pai HP : 1-Normal, 2-Cyborg Tao
    20564B80 00004E20
    20564B90 00004E20
    //General Blue HP :
    20564BA0 00004E20
    //Diableman HP
    20564BB0 00004E20
    //Pilaf's Robot HP : 1-Normal, 2-Pilaf Fusion
    20564BC0 00004E20
    20564BD0 00007530
    //Tambourine HP :
    20564BE0 00004E20
    //Demon Piccolo HP :
    20564BF0 00004E20
    //Arale HP :
    20564C00 00004E20
    //Chichi HP :
    20564C10 00004E20
    //Spopovitch HP :
    20564C20 00004E20
    //Future Gohan HP : 1-Normal, 2-SSJ1
    20564C30 0000C350
    20564C40 00011170
  10. Hitokiri Shinigami Shinta The Demon Slayer

    Jun 24, 2007
    The Plains
    Excellent find. Now we just need a way to give red potaras to individual characters instead of it affecting them all at once.