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    Hello one and all! I hope all is well with you!

    I am proud to present to you a list of tutorials which may breathe life into your very own characters c:

    So what is EMOFURI?

    E-Mote Free Movie Maker, or “Emofuri” is a program that allows you to create character animations using PSD files. It’s similar to Live2D, but way more easier to use since it won’t require dealing w/ lots of numbers.

    This program is most frequently used when making eroge dating sims. you can export animations through movie/wmv/avi/gif files.

    Wanna see an example?

    Well look no further! I'm in the process of making my own, but here's the results of using this program!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Now if you download this program and see a bunch of weird garbled text (and not actual japanese), this is because your locale is set to English.

    This goes for anything that you download (whether it be game or program) that is in Japanese. I prefer having your locale set to Japanese to make reading it easier. To do that, follow these instructions. Don’t worry, if you do this, it won’t turn everything into Japanese.

    If you do not want to change your locale:

    Like most Standard Windows programs, Emofuri uses a File, Edit, View type bar menu at the top of the program. I don’t wish to change my Locale, and I am sure many others do not wish to change theirs, and or do not understand Japanese anyways, so I will give you a little rundown on what Each of the menu’s at the top are.


    Apparently the question mark one is “Resize and Save”

    You cannot Import a PSD without first opening a template [do not save the template with your PSD attached, instead Save As, and make it its own thing.


    The flip image is much like Sai’s image flip option, giving you an idea of what something looks like mirrored.


    Toggle background changes between having a background or having the transparent squares


    The manuals are incredibly helpful, and I would recommend you open them up and go read them. They are basically an excellent jumping off point for learning to use EmoFuri.

    That last item is a link to the official forums.

    Moving your head and making bangs move:

    After that open up the part that says “頭部" This is where all the head parts are. and in there there’s a little plus mark next to "前髪" this is the bangs layer.


    Once you select the part to be deformed, select a movement [like horizontal head tilt] Bangs in this case, it will bring up a bunch of options just to the right of this panel!


    You want to press one of the bottom buttons, Left or Right. It will warp the bangs to the direction you press, along with the body, and bring up a mesh over the selected part.

    Note: that might not actually be layer modes? I think I made a mistake when typing this up. Sorry for any confusion.


    Now you can use the move point to dictate if the bangs move away from their original position when the character tilts their head to the right

    Control points can be used to stretch the parts within the frame outward diagonally.

    Deform points are anchored to the control point closest to them, and will bloat or pucker the part depending on how you pull, push, or drag that point.

    The drag points are in the center of the boundary boxes you made earlier in the life of the model. You use these to pull the entire side of the part up, down, left, or right. You will notice in mine, the bottom drag point was pulled slightly to the right, to give it a little sway when the head moves.

    Warp points are sectioned along thirds of the boundaries and can be used to pull an internal area of a part over itself [look at how the breast physics are handled]

    To give the character’s hair less bounce, go through all of the movements, and adjust the part to move how you would like it to move, given the situation you are putting them in.

    How to save:


    So you want to save? Go to the character's main page on this software.

    Go to this part of the menu that's open on the screen, choose the sample you want to have your character animated in.


    When you click on a preset animation, it will show this. THAT’S the button you use to save to a file so click that.


    Then this box appears, when you first save this screen should look a little different than what is shown here.

    The first line is the file format, wmv, png (all frames saved an individual pngs), and gif. choose gif

    The next 2 lines are the width and the height. They start out as real large numbers so change the numbers so your character takes up a good amount of the space. If your character is off center, you can drag them on the right so they show up.

    The オフセットX and オフセットY lines are just where you put your character by dragging

    The スケール line is for the size of your character in the box,so if you put 2 your character will be 2x as big

    Idk what the next 2 lines do

    The last line that says 20ms starts out as saying 16.6ms. if you are saving as a gif you HAVE to at least set it to 20ms. Png saves EVERY individual frame into a folder, which can be good if you want it to be transparent c:

    Another option is to save it as a WMV, in which you can convert that to a gif.

    Then you click OK to save!

    Once you download and install Emofuri, it should create a desktop icon for you. click that and it will open the program for you!

    You’ll get something like the pic below!

    The wall text probably talks about copyright and all that.
    In short, don’t release this program and call it yours, otherwise they be houndin' for ye blood.

    Moving on... if you click yes, the program will open for you.

    This is the main interface of Emofuri:


    If you don’t get the basic PSD template when you open the program (AKA, the one in the checkered box bg), go to File > Open Project, and there should be an introductory file template in there. I suggest you use that template to create your own animations because all the layers are ordered accordingly. Unfortunately, it’s also ALL IN JAPANESE, but it should be pretty obvious which part is which.

    And now, onto the tabs.


    Those tabs on the side deal w/ various things related to the PSDs. the section in red is animation and adjustment so you can see if you created the PSD correctly (colored in parts whole, no empty spaces, etc.) and create / look at various animations and stuff. in green is the image layer directory. It’ll show you all the parts in the PSD. You can add more mouths / eyes / and other things for a single character (you’ll have to import them tho, so maybe more work for you :c ).


    Ok, so you see that tab in the red section that expands and shows you a bunch of movie-like icons? those are animation samples. You can see your PSD/character moving in different ways with these! It’s super adorable and squee worthy.

    Set of Tutorials ye can start off with :D ;

    CRUCIAL!: Character setting up tutorial part 1 2 3
    Half Body Tutorial

    Help with PSD

    * Importing psd to account
    *Saving gif tips

    Help with Import
    Help with Export

    General stuff:

    Motherlode of Emofuri Tutorials
    Another tutorial!

    If anyone finds information that could also be potentially helpful just holla at me and I'll add it to the list! c:
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    oh god this is amazing. i might actually try this out, thank you~
  3. Cherry Berry Chaser

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    Hey, no problem :3 Can't wait to see what you might create 8D

    Also, note for everybody! May integrate this into an up and coming project for KHV!

    So until then, happy e-moting/emofuri'ing, and stay tuned c: !
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    People must post their results no matter how bad it turns out.
  5. Cherry Berry Chaser

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    May consider making a thread so everybody can post the end result from using the program, as this is a fairly new thing and it would be fun to see what people can come up with! 8D