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    Jan 1, 2010
    [table="width: 800, align: center"] My name is Kane Vineyard, I'm eighteen-years-old, and I'm from District XI. My main sponsor is Saxima and this is what I look like. People say that if I were to use any kind of weapon, it'd be a spear, and that I specialize in hammock making and spears. I'm going to be a Tribute in The Hunger Games - there's going to be twenty-three other people out for my blood. I'm not sure how to feel about this, but I guess I could say that I feel relieved that it's me and not my little brother, and prepared to die fighting, if I must. I'll have to do my best to survive. Personality: Kane is an all around nice guy, and anyone who knows him in District XI doesn't have a bad thing to say about him. He's patient and understanding, and helpful to anyone who needs it. He's clever and can be cunning, so the Peacekeepers of the district always keep an eye on him in case he orchestrates a theivery, which he's pulled off and gotten away with before on moderately large scales, but it's only to feed the starving, which there's an abundance of in District XI, despite it producing a great majority of the food in Panem. He's very social and isn't afraid to be the first one to talk, break the tension, or make new friends otherwise. He's very caring for his elders and people younger than he is and does his best to support them although they're not his family. History: Kane has mostly had an uneventful life, spending a good part of it in the fields like the rest of the people in District XI. He's just a little more fortunate than others, as his father owns a vineyard, and employs many people who are paid a bit above average. It's not exactly the richest lifestyle, but Kane likes to think that he's one of the most fortunate people in the district, and likes to spread the wealth. His mother died after the birth of his now-thirteen-year-old little brother, and since their dad has been busy working the fields, Kane is normally in charge of watching Shane. Each year, he signed up for tessera, and since he was eighteen, he had his name in the bowl about fourty to fourty-five times, giving him a good chance of being selected for the Games. Unfortunately, it wasn't his name that was drawn from the bowl, it was his brother's, and, well, you know what to expect after that, since he's now on a train heading for the Capitol. Fears: If I die in the Games, will my father and Shane, and everyone else in District XI be alright? I want to be remembered - will I be remembered? [/table]