KH-Vids Podcast Episode #73: Disney Gettin' Busy in 2015

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    It's Tuesday and that means podcast time!

    As the year winds down, we look forward to new film releases, especially after certain trailers from a certain beloved series that a certain podcast host talks about for like 20 minutes straight. @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn first of course discuss some pre-release goodies about KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 Remix, which releases worldwide this week (spoiler: we complain a little more about the Collector's Edition).

    From there we launch into our major movie discussion, highlighting Disney films in particular -- Into the Woods, Cinderella, Pan, and of course Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We also, as usual, answer user-submitted questions! @Plums calls us back to childhood (again! y'all are getting a little obsessed with our pasts), @Risky Biznu makes us feel super pathetic and lonely, @Misty and @Calxiyn get burnt by @Graxe 's superhero lottery, and @Eric Luna confronts his inner struggles with Cup Noodles.

    Please everyone enjoy the episode, submit questions or guest applications, and leave us a comment below!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Dec 2, 2014.

    1. Hayabusa
      Whyyyyyyyyy must people not like Chain of Memories's gameplay. I actually liked having to pay attention to basic attacks instead of button mashing. (Birth By Sleep still has best combat of course.)

      Big Hero 6 is a good movie that should have been longer but Disney still think kids can only handle an hour and a half.

      Eheheheeh...Bendedict Tumblrswatch...

      I'm actually surprised that Misty likes Snow White.

      Need I share again how HYPED I am for Jurassic World?

      I think I have a scar on one of my cheeks, but it's very light and most people wouldn't notice I believe, if I don't tell them that it's there.

      I'd rather my girlfriend not be imaginary :<


      SCP (Secure Contain Protect) is a bunch of cool fictional supernatural entities or objects .

      (Cal, it's Maajin Buu, pronounced "mah-gin boo")

      Microwaving a Cup of Noodle or boiling water for it is pretty much reaching the same end goal with different methods. WAIT MISTY HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE A MICROWAVE/

    2. Patman
      They' ve built four freaking movies out of Pirates of the Caribbeans. xD
      I took that ride before the movies were a thing, as far as I remember the only thing they had in common was pirates, pirates everywhere. And maybe one of the bad guys, I'm not sure. There' s no Tomorrow Land in Disneyland Paris though, the section that has Star Tours in it is called Discovery Land.

      Weren' t Greek demi-gods supposed to have super strength and stuff ? Theseus looked pretty normal in the version I' ve read (it was a modern version though). Badass, but normal.

      The Star Wars EU was already all over the place and self-contradicting, though it was pretty consistent at first (that' s how I knew that Anakin' s fall would involve lava and what the cloning machines would look like before the prequels were even announced).

      Han Solo is the snappy snarker, having him back is reason enough for me to shut up and throw my money. ^^
      What was also reassuring in what few I could spot in the teaser is that apparently it won' t overuse CGI like Lucas did.

      One of the guys I went to watch The Phantom Menace with told me he already had the idea to stick two lightsabers together while playing the Star Wars tabletop RPG. The old trilogy fight choreography was based on fencing. Doesn' t exactly look impressive, but it' s definitely deadly. Their modern fight style on the other hand ...

      All show and no substance. Not that I mind. xD
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    3. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      I actually saw a production of Into The Woods this year, and it was really fun. I just hope that it’s a good movie. I’m more worried about Disney totally ditching the message of the musical to keep their “family-friendly” persona...

      I agree with Misty here; I want a lesbians ending for Cinderella. I call Cinderella x Fairy Goddmother OTP forever!!

      Never been a fan of Star Wars, at least not a big fan. And I’m someone who will defend the prequels. Yes, they’re dumb science-fiction with bad acting, an insane story and crazy effects, but you can easily say the same thing about the original movies. However, I will recognize that Star Wars did do a lot of things ahead of its time, especially the special effects. I mean, the original movie won an academy award for its effects.

      I was about to go crazy for you not knowing who Ryan Johnson is. Glad that the Breaking Bad credit was added.

      I hope that Mockinjay podcast will be up soon (need to put finishing touches/send to my editor), but I will post a link when it’s up.

      My dumbest childhood story is that one time when I went to McDonalds, I got a burger. I don’t like any of the stuff on it, just the patty and the buns. This particular time, they put all these condiments on my burger, to which I yelled at the top of my lungs “MOM! THERE’S CONDOMS ON MY BURGER!!”
    4. Misty
      I agree that Birth by Sleep is the best combat in the series! While I'm not fond of the gameplay in Chain of Memories, the first game does have the issue of being very... clunky and button mash-y. I think BBS combines the strategy of Chain of Memories with the fun of Kingdom Hearts II. I got really addicted to playing the Command Board game, too, lol.
      I haven't seen Big Hero but I agree! There are a lot of Disney movies that could really use an extra 15 or 20 minutes but don't get it.
      I love Snow White. It's a big nostalgia thing for me, she was my favorite as a kid, but a part of me still really enjoys the movie for what it is. I'm Wishing is one of my favorite Disney songs.
      Our Disney discussion was actually a bit longer but I cut some of it out -- we talked a bit about the Pirates ride, still didn't occur to us somehow that they made so many movies from it lol.
      Demi-gods did have cool powers and stuff, which Theseus definitely displayed at times, but Theseus was also meant to be sort of... the people's hero. It's why he's still so popular in Greece today, actually! It's why I adore him too, as a political inspiration. He was very much about democracy (he abdicated his throne at one point) and being a people's man, doing things personally to help everyone (like volunteering to kill the Minotaur). Jimmy Carter actually names Theseus as his personal hero (and Carter is one of my favorite US presidents heh). Theseus is also a huge womanizer but we don't have to talk about that lol.
      Yup exactly! As I understand it, Abrams wants to use as little CGI as possible -- not as like "let's cut out all the cool scenes" but he wants to go back to some of the more homemade, traditional ways of creating the scenes Star Wars is known for.
      yes please although Lily James/Helena Bonham Carter is... lol
      Hey I don't think the acting is bad in the originals
      Def let me know when it is! I went to find a link but realized it wasn't up yet. I'm familiar with the delays of editing haha
    5. Patman
      Well that settles his father' s identity then, doesn' t it ?
      Cute pic lol.
    6. libregkd
    7. Misty
      No, same one. He still abdicated power, out of an obligation to his people and his moral values, and was a huge proponent of democracy (nothing without theseus etc.).
    8. libregkd
    9. Scarred Nobody