KH-Vids Podcast Episode #75: 2014 in Review

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    It's Tuesday and I'm actually on time!

    This week @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn are joined by @Plums and @KeybearerofSea for special reflection on 2014! As always, we begin with some Kingdom Hearts news and updates, chatting about the possibility of Kingdom Hearts figures in Disney Infinity, as well as the reassurance that we'll be hearing more about Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2015.

    From there we launch into a reflection on 2014, beginning with the major world news from the year, what games came out this year and what games we actually played, and likewise for television shows, movies, and music! It'd take far too long to list everything here, so have a listen and see what we were into! We then look forward to 2015 and what we're hoping for in the new year.

    Finally, we answer user-submitted questions from @Eric Luna , @Graxe, and @Highlandeɼ , chat about the toughest bosses in Kingdom Hearts history, and address some community news before we sign off (Castle Oblivion, Secret Santa, forum tidying, and the 9th birthday of KH-Vids).

    Thanks everyone for the support for the site and the podcast this year! Let us know your thoughts on the episode, what you were diggin' from 2014, and what you're looking forward to digging in 2015.


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Dec 16, 2014.

    1. Amaury
      So is Cal the new Llave? :D
    2. Misty
      I dropped a lot of tunes to check out from this year (or that I just listened to a lot in 2014), so as promised...

      Misty's Mentioned Music
      Favorite Albums Released in 2014
      • How to Dress Well's What is this Heart? (Ambient / Electronic / Hipster R&B)
      • ODESZA's In Return (Electronic / Chillwave ) - Available for stream and purchase through Bandcamp
      • Sylvan Esso's self-titled debut (Electronic / Indie Pop) - Check out the catchiest song on the album, Hey Mami, on Soundcloud
      • Raury's Indigo Child (Hip-Hop / Rap / Folk) - Available for stream on Soundcloud and free download through his website
      Most Listened to Artists of 2014
      • Grimes (Electronic / Psychedelic / Dream Pop)
      • Crystal Castles (Electronic / 8Bit / Witch House)
      • Casey James & the Staypuft Kid (Experimental / Electro-Acoustic)
      • How to Dress Well (Ambient / Electronic / Hipster R&B)
      • Vashti Bunyan (Indie / Freak Folk)
      • Bloc Party (Alternative Rock)
      • Raury (Hip-Hop / Rap / Folk)
      • Sabrepulse (8Bit / Breakcore / Chiptune)
      Most Listened to Songs of 2014
      We addressed this in Episode #71. We always go through the lineup in the first minute or two of the episode.
    3. 61
      "immerse myself in Adventure Time"

      i need that

      the definitive best moment in kh is Kairi reaching out her hand and saying "you're home"
      i cry
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    4. libregkd
    5. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      - I don’t care too much for Kill La Kill to be honest. I think it’s okay, but I didn’t find anything deep in anything it was saying while I was watching it, and I even dropped watching it a couple of times. Although, I really do like Mako.

      - Yes, Attack on Titan! And it sort of counts since the dub premiered this year, which is one of the best dubs I’ve heard in a while. Shout out to Trina Nishimura

      - I’ve actually heard people say that 2014 has been a really good year for anime, and I can agree with that a lot. Golden Time, One Week Friends, Adlnoah.Zero, Log Horizon, and Parasyte: The Maxim are some really good shows off the top of my head. Although, I have to say my Anime of the Year has to be HaNaYaMaTa. A premise I wasn’t crazy for, but it had great writing and a really good ending.

      - For The Giver, I will say it was a good adaptation of the meaning of the book to film. It didn’t stick to the source material too much, but I thought it was really, really great and probably the best film version of the film that we’ll get.

      - The Immitation Game just released recently I think. It’s on the short list for all the awards.

      - Movies not mentioned I lost it over: Edge of Tomorrow (Live. Die. Repeat.), Nightcrawler, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Interstellar

      - Man, I really hated the Penguins of Madagascar. I wanted to like it, I really did try to like it, but it was just annoying from beginning to end.

      -My favorite scene is towards the end of Dream Drop Distance where Sora is getting ready to battle Xemnas, then you see all these characters standing behind him and he goes “my friends are my power” or something like that.
    6. Amaury
      Sorry, I'm behind on these and haven't listened to any yet.

      Based on your podcast posts, I just noticed there were a couple or few episodes with just you and libre, and then Cal started appearing.
    7. Misty
      Season six has been really great so far! Don't know how up to date you are. The Cooler was especially great. My only gripe is that Marceline hasn't been in it much yet (iirc her only appearance this season was Princess Day, which I loved) but there's still plenty of time left.
      Like I said, I haven't really been able to form coherent thought about the show yet given my emotional distress over it, and all of this is subjective of course -- what's powerful to me may not be powerful to you -- buuuuuut
      • Kill la Kill's alternate title may as well be GIRL POWER THE ANIME, as I understand it this is central to the magical girl genre but I really, really appreciate the varied portrayal of women in the show. It passes the Bechdel test easily (haven't looked episode per episode but given that there's a pretty even ratio of male to female characters -- if actually steeped in the ladies' favor, especially in terms of major characters -- it's not hard for the show) and the multiplicity of female characters allows for the beautiful truth of female characters: they don't have to be Strong Female Characters. The reason the one major female character in other shows, games, etc., has to shoulder this burden of being the Strong Female Characteris because she is the only female character -- so if she's made to be weak, and she is the only (major) female, then that's not so good. But Kill la Kill is teeming with women that none of the characters have to be strong 200% of the time. Ryuko has rage and vengeance issues and has pretty much a metaphysical crisis like twice, but she's snarky and determined and doesn't take anybody's ****, while still developing into a really loving and open person (which is why I loooooooove her relationship with Mako). Satsuki takes "not taking anybody's ****" to the extreme and is basically this Machiavelli/Princess Bubblegum hybrid in a space station bathing suit. She's suffered a life of emotional and sexual abuse from her mother and while I do have some problems with how that's handled, it's still very important to me that 1) it's portrayed, 2) she fights back against it, and 3) it's not magically resolved in minutes -- in fact the show ends very ambiguously in that respect. And then Mako, whose metabolism is as incomprehensible as her family, who goes crazy with greed, who basically sleeps and eats through every one of her classes and is a renown underachiever, but who has this amazing capacity to love people and never let go. There are plenty more ladies to talk about but you get the deal
      • Actually, amend my previous statement: let's make it SISTER POWER THE ANIME. You know, tummer, that I have struggled with the whole 'Satsuki and Ryuko are sisters' thing because holy **** did I want them to make out and still do, but I've warmed to the sisters twist (even if it was a lil rushed) just because it's hella cool to have a series about sisterhood and sisters teaming up to fight back against an abusive parent and learn to heal together
      • I felt the whole "nonsense is our thing" thing to be... actually quite profound. The series is obviously heavily steeped in allegories to fascism (I mean it literally opens with Mikisugi discussing Nazism lol) and the defense force that eventually forms between Honnouji Academy and the Nudists represents humanity -- holding onto our ridiculousness and our nonsense in the face of pressures to conform (which is where I'm really pleased they used fashion and clothing as a device since it is so central to the idea of conformity). Ryuko is of course the paragon of this (and I love her for it), while Satsuki really has her foot in both camps. She's discovered she can be incredibly efficient through using a similar tool to Ragyo (clothing and conformity), but begins to slip into an ethical stance that is dangerously close to Ragyo -- and has become completely predictable to Ragyo. Satsuki has to learn to accept some of Ryuko's essence, to embrace her humanity, in order to prosper (which again, I love that the show leaves open-ended). It's simple enough that it fits in with the zaniness of the show but you know me, i can find profundity in everything
      • Now the whole clothing and exploitation of women's bodies is where **** gets shady and I haven't decided where I stand on it all yet... but I'm inclined to defend it. I mean, it's pretty obvious that the show started with 'teenage girls in skimpy outfits' and then they added the lore behind it to justify the decision, rather than the other way around, but they do a decent enough job of giving it a purpose... and if you don't love the relationship between Senketsu and Ryuko idk what to say to y'all. As sloppy as it might have been I really loved the concept of Ryuko 'putting Senketsu on' rather than simply wearing him -- the idea that it's not enough to just know someone and be around them, that you have to open yourself to them, for that's when you can unlock your full power and potential. I love that Ryuko has this troubled relationship with wearing Senketsu, that clothing/life fibers aren't inherently evil, but it's about keeping them in a balance; you can wear them and reap the positive effects, but you can't be consumed by them like Ragyo. It's a relationship that must be kept in balance; eschewing clothing completely (the Nudists) or relying on it entirely (the first Goku Uniforms of the Elite Four) doesn't work. And then of course the Senketsu dying scene / not forgetting the days spent in a sailor uniform thing in the OVA broke my heart
      • This is more minor but I kinda love that none of the characters' sexualities or romantic interests are really explored? My sister isn't one for love stories and she's always on the lookout for shows that don't make it a focal point, and so for a show to have it pretty much not be a thing is awesome. Not only does it leave me free to ship and imagine whatever headcanons I like but it doesn't force them down your throat either. Ignoring my 'not sisters they're lesbians' AU for Satsuki and Ryuko I also really dig aro/ace Satsuki and I think that has a solid basis in the show (not just because she is a victim of sexual abuse)
      • The humor can cross a line and Ryuko in particular is really put through the ringer when it comes to rape-y stuff from like... way too many male characters... but it dies down in the second half and didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the show (though I can totally understand why it would for some). I will say that I'm glad that in most instances (with some notable exceptions), Ryuko was shown standing up for herself
      soooooo much more to say but I have to sleeeeep
      Another good one!
    8. KeybearerofSea
      This was fun guys! Thanks again for having me on. :)
    9. 61
      uuh Something Big
    10. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Wow. You definitely thought a lot about this more than I did. For me, it just felt like they were making it all up as they were going along. They may have had an idea of an outline for the series, but I don't think there was much detail put in that outline. That's why a lot of the reveals didn't feel very strong, and I just couldn't get attached to anything that much. But, I think you actually have a lot of good points, and definitely found some stuff I wouldn't have thought of. The most I went into it was that it was a parody of the typical shonen anime out there (stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball, etc).

      I remember I was at an anime convention recently and there was a panel on "Feminism in Anime", and I decided to bring up Kill La Kill. Everyone kinda started to laugh, not because it was dumb, but because they knew how bizarre the show was. We didn't end up talking about it because everyone felt "It's all over the place when it comes to feminism that I don't think the show even knows what its stance is".
    11. Misty
      Oh okay, I definitely recommend going forward! Something Big disappointed me but there are some awesome episodes after that (like omg I think you still haven't seen Breezy? Or am I confusing Something Big's place chronologically with James II...)
      The parodying thing is also really great yeah! It's never super high brow and superior but it's still a huge experiment in subverting expectations and making you laugh a little at anime. I agree that it did seem at times that episodes were written on the fly and twists were probably not planned very far in advance, and from a writer's perspective that is frustrating, but it also means that every episode can move at a breakneck pace. When we plan storylines in advance sometimes we wallow around in filler which klk basically has none of (unless you count the No Late Day episode that I love). The show was definitely written on a episode by episode basis so some things do come out rushed and handwave-y but it also means that nearly every episode has something big happen.

      That disappoints me! Like I totally agree that Kill la Kill is all over the place in terms of feminism and its portrayal of women but for all the stuff it royally ****s up, it does a lot right too, and I think it's a shame to not talk about that rather than just ignore it because it has problematic aspects (because literally everything does).
    12. 61
      I'll come back and binge the season from the beginning when it's over. I fell off so long ago that I don't remember what happened and don't feel like playing catch-up atm. I loved watching Adventure Time in bulk and want to experience that feeling again. I think I had seen Breezy and James II. I honestly have no idea where I left off. Speaking of, the Adventure Time comics are something I've been wanting to get into for such a long time. I saw an advertisement for the series you mentioned in the podcast and thought it sounded like the best thing to exist ever.

      and this has nothing to do with the podcast but have you read Scott Pilgrim? I just finished it the other day and I'm reading it again because omg. I think it might be something you would like maybe possibly perhaps. It has a tone comparable to AT and the interpersonal relationships make me think of AT if it didn't have to be as cryptic about the things it doesn't want to explicitly say on a children's network. It's not like the same thing as AT but it's worth checking out regardless.
    13. Misty
      That's cool! I watch Adventure Time with my sister so we end up building a few episodes' queue to get through, but I don't have the patience to wait for the season to finish haha. The Adventure Time comics are great, they match the show tonally and art-wise which I was concerned about before I started them. Marceline and the Scream Queens was a great little series that I definitely recommend and I can't wait for Marceline Gone Adrift.

      I have read some Scott Pilgrim! I saw the movie for the first time a few months ago and fell in love with it so I decided to check out the comics. I think I only have the first volume rn because I ran out of money (not really but I spend a lot during the holidays lol) but it's something I've been meaning to get into!
    14. 61
      Normally I'd agree with you but since I'm so far behind and watching so many other things I don't mind waiting if it means one less thing to keep up with weekly lol. And I think AT watches better back-to-back rather than waiting each week, but that's just preference. That was one of big reasons I was drawn to the comics. The art matching the show does wonders for a sense of continuity. Whenever I get back to buying comics regularly I'll check those out. I hope they're available in trade.

      That's great. The farther you get in the more dissimilar the comic and movie gets, and for the better in my opinion. Let me know what you think whenever you finish.
    15. Hayabusa
      • OF COURSE Misty makes sure we all know about Ellen Page.
      • Man, there was so much shit this year concerning law enforcement (and the lack of.) I really wish all of those situations were handled better, not only for our own society, but for the image of the police who actually do their jobs right. (I have many words about it...)
      • Oh yeah, I remember the arguments when I posted a thread about the comet lander's shirt. Condensed thoughts? Hate the shirt, love the science.
      • That's sad to hear about Kingdom Hearts 2.5...I'll still pick it up because DUH, but still. And the possible PS4, I don't know if I want to wait that long.
      • Bout Final Fantasy X, yeah, I hate Blitzball FIGHT ME
      • I'm just gonna put the best games I've played this year in whatever separate respective thread will exist hopefully soon.
      • AND THEN YOU PROVED YOU DIDN'T LOSE YOUR WAY MISTY I WANT TO DISCUSS KILL LA KILL (please please tell me you've watched/are going to watch Gurren Lagann)
      • ...Sat-su-ki? pls, it's "SATSKI-CHAN."
      • So I've only watched one episode of The Flash which was the crossover with Arrow...and I don't think it's strongly written. Sorry. The effects are clearly budget, and the characters felt generic. I saw the plot unfold within the first few minutes, and they try way too hard to be funny.
      • Eh, I think Attack on Titan is just OK, seriously feels like a worse Neon Genesis Evangelion. They share so many character types, but NGE does its story so much better. Eren is generic angry guy usually, and Mikasa feels like Eren's plot armor.
      • MISTY, I'm going to message you anime recommendations once this Podcast is done, k? K.
      • LEGEND OF KORRA GOT SUPER GOOD WITH BOOKS 3 AND 4. It's been so long since I gave a shit, but I really really do. AND I LOVE KORRA/ASAMI.
      • LOK also shows how incompetent Nickelodeon is. But hey, now they're apparently airing it again??? (also, poor ratings came from both Nick AND the really inconsistent quality of Books 1 and 2)
      • I need to catch up on Parks and Recreation. When do you guys think is a good time to stop?
      • Film wise: I also need to see Gone Girl, Fury, John Wick, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
      • OOOoooooooooh I hate when soundtracks don't have the BEST SONGS IN A THING
      • Yay praise for The Lego Movie. It is seriously a good film.
      • Also good: How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Raid 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier
      • Honestly, I didn't really find much I liked this year in music. I've yet to pick up new albums from Foo Fighters or Rise Against :< I guess Transistor's soundtrack. Super good stuff.
      • I think the biggest reason that Five Nights at Freddy's got so popular (besides featuring animatronics which freak the hell out of so many people) is that...let's be honest, the survival horror genre is in a terrible state. Pat from the Best Friends does not exagerate when he says that the genre has still not moved forward enough since the release of Silent Hill 2 more than 13 years ago.
      • Sora falling to the darkness would be far too interesting to happen, sadly. I honestly didn't like Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. Hella inconsistent. He was far better in Dream Drop Distance.
      • You guys are right on the money with part of why Empire Strikes Back is so damn good.
      • Xion's death was really well done. One of the best parts of 358/2 Days. I really wish the story wasn't so damn slow to getting to the good, substantial moments (also wish the gameplay was good.)
    16. Misty
      Adventure Time's episodes are so short that it's good to have at least a few to watch or it kinda feels like watching nothing lol. There are definitely trades available because I have them!

      Yeah I think I only have the first volume which was... more or less the movie verbatim. Which is fine! But I'm excited to see what comes after.
      Damn skippy
      Despite my undying passion for Blitzball, I understand why people don't like it. The tutorial they put you through is insufferable and it's tough to beat the Aurochs even if you're an experienced player since their stats are just so much better than yours. On top of that, there's no real... excitement to it? You can more or less calculate everything, granted some things are dice rolls etc., but when you've played and leveled enough eventually that doesn't even matter. Whatever I still love it lol
      I am probably definitely going to watch Gurren Lagann
      Yeah I mean I am still all ****ed up about Kill la Kill and I do want to discuss my thoughts about it but I'm just trying to get my thoughts in place about it lmao. I think I have a cool idea for it though, I'll see how it pans out, but check out my post to tummer if you didn't see it.
      Even though the quality has been ennnnnh the past few seasons I still think everything is worth watching because there are some good episodes (unlike The Office which you can basically skip like 70% of after Michael leaves lol). Everything up to and including Season 3 at least is great though.
      Technically they have the piano version of the song I'm looking for but they play a different one at the scene I'm talking about. Happily the scene is on the interweb if anyone is curious.

      You can watch the whole thing or just skip to 1:50
      I can talk forever about Empire yo
      Like I cannot overstate the value of Irvin Kershner as a director because he approached the project as a drama, not as a space opera or action or adventure film. He cared about character and emotion -- while still keeping the action scenes in the movie awesome. That adds a lot here, because the movie could have ended tragically (like Revenge of the Sith did), but if we don't genuinely give a **** with the characters or resonate emotionally with them, it's not going to have the power that Empire did. I hope Abrams takes a similar approach to Episode VII, although since it's the first entry in the new trilogy I'm not expecting it to end like Empire did -- that sort of ending is better suited to the middle of a series since 1) we've already had a chance to root for the characters and get to know them, 2) we already think the characters are cool and competent. A New Hope ending triumphantly is just as important as Empire ending tragically.
    17. Calxiyn
      I don't really like Eren's voice in the English dub compared to the Japanese. I couldn't get through the first episode of the Eng Dub, it was just such a change. I do like Trina Nishimura as Mikasa though, I was lucky enough to see her at Fan Expo and she did a little panel type thing. She's really cool.

      Yes! I love that one too but I totally forgot about it since I haven't played DDD in a while. You get to see all the people connected to Sora, and how far the story has really come with all this characters being brought together by what Xehnort's done and the Keyblade itself.

    18. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Well, to be fair, all the voices had to sound younger in the first few episodes, but I get what you're saying. And Eren's voice actor get's much better as the show goes on. Ahh! I really wish I could meet her. She is really talented.
    19. 61
      oh yeah music

      It's funny that Taylor Swift was mentioned because I actually listened to 1989 as well. I've never even thought about listening to her before but there seemed to be a maturity present in 1989 that was missing in all of her previous music that warranted a listen. I still didn't like it that much since it's just not my kind of music, but it will certainly be remembered fondly by people who like her and probably as the most significant release of her career.

      Brand New Eyes and Paramore are great btw. I don't consider myself a big Paramore fan. I don't like their first album and their second is just okay, but the other two are good. Paramore is something special.