KH-Vids Podcast Episode #75: 2014 in Review

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    It's Tuesday and I'm actually on time!

    This week @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn are joined by @Plums and @KeybearerofSea for special reflection on 2014! As always, we begin with some Kingdom Hearts news and updates, chatting about the possibility of Kingdom Hearts figures in Disney Infinity, as well as the reassurance that we'll be hearing more about Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2015.

    From there we launch into a reflection on 2014, beginning with the major world news from the year, what games came out this year and what games we actually played, and likewise for television shows, movies, and music! It'd take far too long to list everything here, so have a listen and see what we were into! We then look forward to 2015 and what we're hoping for in the new year.

    Finally, we answer user-submitted questions from @Eric Luna , @Graxe, and @Highlandeɼ , chat about the toughest bosses in Kingdom Hearts history, and address some community news before we sign off (Castle Oblivion, Secret Santa, forum tidying, and the 9th birthday of KH-Vids).

    Thanks everyone for the support for the site and the podcast this year! Let us know your thoughts on the episode, what you were diggin' from 2014, and what you're looking forward to digging in 2015.


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Dec 16, 2014.

    1. Misty
      I was big into Paramore in middle school. All We Know is Falling has a special place in my heart for that reason, it's maybe not the most unique or exciting album but I have a lot of nostalgia surrounding it. Riot... was not so good, I blame that on their producer for it, it sounds way too pre-packaged and produced, so I'm happy that Brand New Eyes roughened the edges back up again. Their eponymous album though is incredible, like I said I've been getting back into them and this is the first time I've really listened to it and wow. Standout track for me is definitely Anklebiters but there's a lot of good ones. It's great to be excited to see what they release again!
    2. 61
      Oh yeah, I understand.
      It's so hard to pick just one. My favorite is probably Part II, but oh man, Future. The first three on the album are great, "**** yeah let's listen to some Paramore" songs, and every one after that has something to be appreciated. I do tend to skip the Interludes unless I'm listening to the whole thing, though. They're not bad, but I'm immediately reminded of another interlude-type song I don't much care for and it feels like a blatant ripoff even though it's probably not. I'm very curious to see where they go from here.
    3. Misty
      Two out of the three interludes are a bit boring but I'm Not Angry Anymore is like... my favorite song on the album, in a way, lol. I just feel bad citing it as such because it's under a minute long.
    4. Rean
      It worked and it's not really a big deal, but the embedded MP3 player seems bugged. The podcast length is 1:28:03, but if I skip forward a bit, I seem to be taken 10-15 minutes back, which resulted in it going over and stopping at around 1:47:00.

      Anyway, I listened to it all.

      • @libregkd, you forgot to mention the bug I discovered from watching videos. :D
      • Misty, looks like you forgot both days (I don't see a "Happy birthday, KH-V" thread anywhere :p). But, anyway, do you have an ETA for the styles? And if you don't, can you at least say if it will be too much longer? Like, will we have enough time to enjoy them before they become legacy in December 2015? LOL! (You can probably tell I'm REALLY looking forward to the new styles.)
      Edit: I'm also looking forward to the forum rearrangement.
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    5. Misty
      I never set deadlines because this sort of stuff isn't really conducive to it. They'll be released when they're ready. I haven't forgotten about KHV's anniversary, just didn't feel a need for a thread when there's nothing to announce or release and it's not a milestone.
    6. Rean
      Fair enough. Thanks, Misty.

      Whenever it happens, I will love it! And happy anniversary regardless (I only asked because you mentioned missing the 19th and making a thread on the 28th on the podcast). I hope you have a lot of awesome stuff planned for the new year in real life! :D