KH-Vids Podcast Episode #78: Seven Eight Nine

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    An unforgivably late podcast, just for you!

    This week @Misty, @libregkd, and @Calxiyn are joined by staff guest @Karuta to discuss Microsoft's recent keynote that featured Windows 10, their newest operating system! Before we get into that, we have our regular segment on Kingdom Hearts news and updates; Tai Yasue has given his millionth interview and Square seems to be on a hiring frenzy for Kingdom Hearts III.

    After that we summarize Microsoft's event all the new features coming to Windows 10 and the Xbox One. @Misty complains about the name (alternate podcast title: Whatever Happened to Windows 9?), we open the Start Menu vs. Start Screen debate, discuss the rise of the Windows Phone, express envy over the new Xbox One desktop app, and get all nerd excited for Project Spartan, which will finally put Internet Explorer in its grave. With the mention of Windows Holographic, @Misty and @Calxiyn launch into conspiracy theory mode and fear for their safety.

    Finally we take on user-submitted questions! @Graxe talks about apples and body parts with us, and in absence of any other questions to answer, we turn to Table Topics: reveal our deepest and darkest fears, compose our ideal birthday dinners, and try to fix society.

    Everyone please listen, enjoy, and leave us a comment!

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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Jan 29, 2015.

    1. Amaury
      Well, it's Tuesday, January 28, 11:52 PM here, so all is forgiven. ;)
    2. KeybearerofSea
      Ok, first off, Hanzo... DIGIMON FIST PUMP!! Love the avatar! =D Second, Good episode guys! I think the Windows 10 discussion was the highlight for me and can say I am looking forward to Windows 10. I've not had the Windows 8 experience but will actually soon be as the new computer I've ordered will run on that OS. So misty, I've joined the club! ;) Windows 10 in general though sounds awesome! I really love the new web browser announcement, pretty much for the reasons stated in the podcast. I mean, if this can actually duel with Google Chrome, i'm sold. Not that Chrome is bad, heck, I adore it. But yeah, I think it's time that Internet Explorer retired and went to the virtual rest home.
    3. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      Okay, so the Oculus is terrifying, but what Microsoft is doing with the holograms and interacting with it and stuff in your living room?


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    4. Misty
      I've pretty staunchly remained on Firefox for... years. I use Chrome on my phone though, weirdly. I'm not sure any browser will make me jump ship from Firefox but from the perspective of developing KHV, I'll be so happy to bury IE in the ground where it belongs.

      Windows 8 is great though, give the new features a chance for a while before you try to replace them with start menu apps etc. -- they'll grow on you!
      (Reuploaded the gif to imgur for you, it was displaying as a broken image for me -- hope you don't mind!)

      Parks & Rec has also done some neat things like this in their current season, since it takes place in 2017 (obviously not to the extent of Iron Man lol). This kind of augmented reality is cool, even if I don't think I really have a use for it. Virtual reality terrifies me though haha
    5. Hayabusa
      I just want you to all know, that this podcast made me go get an apple from my fridge and eat it.

      Also, my ideal feast would be bacon cheeseburgers, baby back ribs, Buffalo wings, Zuppa Toscana, Frito pie, various sushi rolls (especially crunchy ones and spicy ones,) pork tacos, and some spicy oriental chicken and beef dishes. With a shit ton of rice.
    6. KeybearerofSea
      You know I was a Firefox user until a buddy of mine convinced me to go Chrome. lol I think I just got use to Chrome after a while and just never looked back. And yes, bury IE in the ground indeed! We wants that shiny new KHV ASAP! =D
    7. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      Chrome on my laptop is unbearably slow. Firefox on my laptop likes to crash every so often. And Internet Explorer is Internet Explorer.
    8. KeybearerofSea
      Dang! oO!