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    since our old stickies have disappeared, here is a new thread, i know it's small right now, if you have any suggestions or links yourself, feel free to post

    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How do I use the codes found on this site?
    A: You need some sort of cheat device. For PSP this can be CwCheat used alongside Custom Firmware. For PS2, use Action Replay, Codebreaker, or Gameshark. For DS, use Action Replay.

    2. Can I use codes with Swap Magic or HDLoader?
    A: Yes, make sure the Master Code for the games start with a 9 (in RAW format).

    3. Is it possible to convert codes from one cheat device to another?
    A: Yes, use OmniConvert (download link in the Tools section of this thread)

    4. What does PAL mean?
    A: That is the region of a game. PAL basically means European games. Other region codes are NTSC/U (which is North America) and NTSC/J (which is Japan).

    5. Can I create my own codes?
    A: Yes, but it's not easy. If you're interested you can read some guides here:

    6. What is a Joker code?
    A: A joker code is a code that is triggered with a button press instead of having the cheat constantly take effect.

    7. How do I joker a code?
    A: A joker address is usually provided in our threads. If not, look for any code that requires a button press and convert it to RAW. Look for an address that starts with D or E and that's your joker address. Anyways, with the joker address it's done like this:

    (example for Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix)

    E0?????? 0034D45C

    how many lines you want to joker (in hex)
    button to trigger code (followed by the value you substitute the ???? for):

    R2- FDFF
    L2- FEFF
    R3- FBFF
    L3- FFFD
    L1- FBFF
    R1- F7FF

    there's more, you can joker to any button on the controller but i can't seem to find the list at the moment

    the joker address

    multi-line jokers work for single lines of code as well. the below is an example of the single line joker, as you can see the joker address is on the left instead and starts with a D. and you simply replace the ???? with the button press you want.

    D034D45C 0000????

    Also note that all credit for these tools go to Codemasters Project and Codetwink

    - allows you to convert codes from different cheat systems (like from Codebreaker to Action Replay Max)

    - allows you to create Code Breaker Day 1 Files so you can add codes more easily

    - allows you to compare two dumps to find differences

    - allows you to view dumps in order to hack codes

    PS2 Save Builder
    - allows you to convert PS2 save files

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    Good day, gentlemen. (And gentle-ladies that take interest...) I bring thee gifts, tools and programs for you all to use.


    I decided to only include the immensly popular Emulators, at least in my humble opinion. Let it also be known there are no ROMs, ISOs, or BIOs files within the given uploads. Thus, the following is verily legal. However, BIOs files et cetera are required. You will just have to download it somewhere else.

    GBA Emulator: http://www.mediafire.com/?g4w49n7onf0sym9

    PSX Emulator: http://www.mediafire.com/?dzk96bct2m5rm7x

    PS2 Emulator: http://www.mediafire.com/?m0k8j574c0kvpgi


    I shan't be going to into detail here, this is just another way to cheat in your games and such. However, this upload does contain a few more wonderful surprises including a link to a video showing you how to use it with PCSX2 0.9.8, which had been considered not compatible in the past.


    Hex Editors:

    Again, I shan't be going into immense detail here... These programs can help you edit ROMs, ISOs, or any file you so desire. In this upload are two of the best hex editors out there.


    Welp, that's all folks... for now. I shall post more things in the near future.