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    NOTICE THIS BOLD CAPSED MESSAGE!!!!!!yesh. this thread is for everyone to post their own ways of helping cloud and co. get all theyre limit breaks...so yea...EDIT DONT REPOST *(please) and give the author SOME credit at least...please?...again...and excuse me for all the tripple dotting in this first paragraph:p
    ALL LEVEL 4 LIMIT BREAKS I DID NOT WRITE.(im not that big of a geek...): all level 4 limit breaks credit go to: ffshrine.org.
    Char list
    Red XIII (or Nanaki)
    Cait Sith
    secret chars
    Yuffie, Gained after Red XIII, a random encounter after you cross the marsh and the cave. to the right of junon i think...yea...random encounter. you need certain things to say to her as well as vincent..i dont know them...
    Vincent, Shinra mansion any time you can visit it. hes in the coffin in the basement, the keys in the safe...dont remember the combo... sorry

    Aerith: This is the easiest so im gonna start with her
    After you get out of midgard, you can go to the town to meet the other 2 people of your party. or level up, or ap farm etc.
    here, if you still only have healing wind, you just find the battle with 3 hounds, SAVE FIRST, kill off cloud, and the third member of your party,yes i know evil, make sure aerith has cure. just leave the wolves to attack aerith till he limit bar fills up and use healing wind. everyother time you need to heal use cure.
    When you need to kill stuff, equip you strongest materia, perferably one that always does at least 200 damage. stay near the grass areas by midgard, where the enimies dont have more than 160-190 life. equipt striking staff your materia and the 'all' materia. keep the other 2 members dead. go around and keep aeriths mana up and keep casting your perfered magic with all. this sould get rid of the annoying theives, adding to your kill bank. keep runing around switching these two stragagies till you have all level 3 limit breaks.
    Great Gospel- Oh boy. Ok, you HAVE to do this on disk one. If you’re not past disk one, don’t ask why you have to do it on disk one :P. Once you have the Buggy, go back to Costa Del Sol while in the Buggy and take the ship back to the first continent. Go east from Junon and follow the river until you reach a place where you can cross it. Go north and you’ll see a cave. Go inside and check how many times you’ve fought. If the number of times you’ve fought has the last two digits the same (like 388 or 511) then the guy there will give you an item. If you go in with say, 244 and you get a Bolt Ring, go outside, fight exactly 11 times and go back in. He should give you Mithril. If he gives you Mithril first time, lucky you. Oh and sometimes he just says how many times you’ve escaped or whatever, so go outside, battle once and go back in. After getting the Mithril, go through the game and get the Tiny Bronco. Once you have that, go to the right of Gold Saucer and you’ll see a hut. Go in the hut and give the guy there the Mithril. Then go to the second floor and open the safe-like thing there to get Great Gospel. This makes all party members invincible for the battle and restores all their Hit Points and Magic Points.

    Vincent: Also an easy one. i dont have him yet, but i had him...i was on the VERY end of disc 2...then...i had to return it...to my friend...lame
    neways...(not sure this works, ill test it out later, when i have him in my party)
    same as the last aerith one. travel to the midgard area, equipt all and perferably a pretty high level materia paired with all and element...(element to give it some ap...its probaly one of my favorite materias...after equipting go on a killing frenzy. this might work better for ap and exp on the cresent shaped island where you first fight ultima is where i htink it was...
    Chaos: the great chaos...and death penalty...man DoC is a great game...
    heres ya go
    Chaos- You can get this on Disk 3 only. Get Vincent in your party and go to the Waterfall ring on the second continent with either a chocobo or Submarine. Go inside the waterfall. You’ll see Lucrecia and a whole little storyline will be shown. You then leave the waterfall. (that part can be done on Disk 2 but it’s quicker on Disk 3) Go back into the waterfall straight away and walk up to the alter. Vincent will say something and you’ll receive his final limit and final weapon. Chaos turns Vincent into a winged being which looks pretty cool. It attacks with two attacks, which, of course, you can’t control :P.
    1. Chaos Saber- A powerful fire blast to all enemies.
    2. Satan Impact- Looks different but still does fire damage to all enemies.

    Cait Sith: ANOTHER easy one. easier than vincents...
    aeriths first one. lots of time and ethers, potions, cure and/or some elixers.
    this works for any area that deals a decent amount of damage to cait sith. not alot. remember you only need to use dice a 8 times...just like every one else...but vincent...ok.
    EDIT: for those of you who dont know. cait sith only has 2 levels...yea...he sux. and slots, his second one has 1/6 or a chance to completly kill you...
    EDIT2: ghey. this is why i hate cait sith. and my other char edits wont have a big EDIT thing in front of them, doesnt mean i didnt edit to put them in. ill put in a list of the chars i hve.

    More coming soon...hopefully all will be based around the areas where you get them.