"Fight against Death" - A KH mini-story

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    Zexion lay on his bed making sure his breathing was slowing down steadily. He closed his steely eyes, totally relaxed and focused only on the sound of Paramore in his ears. It was good to have a day off once in a while, and even better if nobody else bothered you. He exhaled a breath of air that he'd been holding and sighed. Maybe he'd do what normal teenagers did and play video games all day today once he'd relaxed.
    The truth was, Zexion was sure Saix would call his name and send him out on another mission as soon as he dared to relax. His long eyelashes closed down over the cold blue of his eyes as he drifted off to sleep.

    He was on an island watching as two shadows fought with wooden toy swords. The smell of the seaside clouded his brain as he watched, caught up in a moment he felt an urge to jump off the cliff he was standing on and join the two shadows. Zexion rolled over and buried his face in the pillow.Zexion jumped, soaring through the air like a bird. He'd never felt so free, or such an adrenaline rush. He landed on the beach and made his way over to the shadows. "Don't." he heard a voice whisper. Zexion kept on walking, the shadows kept on fighting and a heavily hooded man was standing next to a cave watching him. Zexion felt afraid of this man, he tried to pick up his sent but all he could smell was decaying bodies.

    Meanwhile, Demyx ran towards the Superior's office. He knocked twice with shaking hands thinking about what he had just seen. "Come." Xemnas' voice commanded. Demyx walked into the office shaking.
    "Number nine, what is it?" Xemnas asked, noticing the boy's lip quivering.
    "It's...it's Zexion, sir." Demyx manged to say, his voice wobbling, "I don't think he's well."
    Xemnas flicked through a notebook on his desk, "Well, Number Six passed his last medical test in perfect health. He's never had so much as a cold, and today's his day off." he remarked.
    "I know, but I went into his room to talk to him and..." Demyx swallowed as he remembered the sight, "He..he was shivering and his face was all white...and when I tried to wake him to see if anything was wrong..." Demyx couldn't help it, a small sob escaped him and he began to cry, "his skin was all cold...I..." The giant lump in Demyx's throat stopped him from continuing.
    "Thank you for telling me this, Demyx." Xemnas said, kindly, "I will send Number Four up to have a look at him shortly."

    Seagulls flocked around Zexion's head as the hooded man crooked a finger towards him. "Follow me, Ienzo." the man croaked, "Follow me into a world where you can relax all the time."
    Zexion stood rooted to the spot, his silvery-blue hair flying over his face. "How do I get rid of you?" he asked.
    The man cackled, watching Zexion struggle with the situation, enjoying his torment. "That's simple...wake up."
    It was Zexion's turn to laugh, "I'm dreaming? All I have to do is change this freakshow then!"
    "It won't be so easy, there are only two ways out of here. One is to awaken and the second is to come with me."
    Zexion stayed where he was, he didn't trust this man but if his only way away from him was to go with him, maybe he should. He closed his eyes and tried to think. His eyes flew open as he heard Demyx's voice shouting "Wake up!" Zexion shook his head, nobody else was here apart from the shadows.

    "He's not so good." Vexen whispered gravely, "I'm afraid he's slipped into some sort of coma."
    Tears flooded from Demyx's eyes as he sunk to the floor, wishing he could join Zexion in his nightmare. Instead he did the only thing he could, he shouted out "WAKE UP!" not only in despair, but in the hope Zexion could hear him.
    Zexion continued to grow paler, colder and his breathing slowed as time passed. Demyx stayed beside his friend all night and awoke to see Zexion still hadn't gotten any better.
    "Come on, you're the master of Illusion. You're the Cloaked Schemer... fight it. Whatever it is fight it! I don't want to lose any more of my friends." Demyx found himself saying.

    Random words spoken in Demyx's voice seemed to ring in Zexipn's ears. "Illusion, Cloaked Schemer, friend, fight, wake, love, shadows." Strangely this all made sense to him. He looked up towards the man. "If I go with you, I will be off this island right?"
    "But I won't be able to return, will I?"
    "I'm afraid not." the man answered.
    Zexion nodded, and picked up a shell using all his willpower he managed to change it into a small throwing knife that he threw at the man. Then he tapped the shadows which morphed into two young boys. "Help me." he whispered to them, "Help me."
    Zexion proceeded to fight, using all his strength until the hooded man froze time. "Listen to me, Ienzo. You have shown that you would rather stay where you were than come with me. You are no fool."
    "Damned right I'm not!" Zexion shouted back.
    "Luckily for you, I admire your courage. I will awaken you."
    Zexion stayed silent.
    "But be warned: I will be back and you won't fight me next time."
    "If you say so." Zexion smirked, "By the way, who the hell are you?"
    "Me?" The man asked, "I am Death. I'm not picky and I don't believe in the right time."
    "Okay, nice knowing you Death." Zexion hissed.
    Death disappeared and Zexion walked along the beach, stepping into the ocean. Then he saw a shell in the waves that was sparkling, he stretched out his arm and picked it up.

    Demyx watched as Zexion's face regained its colour and he smiled a little in his sleep. "Zexion, wake up." Demyx whispered, poking him.
    Zexion's eyes fluttered open, and he took in his surroundings. He was back in his room alright, except Demyx was here too.
    "Hi there Demyx." Zexion groaned.
    Demyx started to cry all over again as he hugged his friend. "I'm so happy you're back! You scared me!"
    "God, Demyx! Even when I wake up you annoy me!" Zexion laughed.
    "That's... a good thing right?"
    "Yeah it is. And thanks by the way."
    Demyx's eyes grew wide, "Thanks for what?"
    "Getting me out of there. I could have died."
    There was a knock at the door and Demyx stopped hugging Zexion to get it, Vexen stood there and as soon as he saw Zexion was awake rushed over to him.
    "You seem fine. But what bought that on?" Vexen kept asking.
    Zexion smiled lazily, "It might have been my last assignment. I swear that stupid giant heartless gave me a concussion."
    "Ah, I see. We'll have to keep an eye on you."
    Zexion watched Vexen walk out, before getting up.
    "Now Demyx, how about some video games?" he smiled at the slightly older boy. One thing was sure, Zexion would never look at Demyx the same way again.
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    Your writing is decent, which is pleasant. A few odd spelling errors such as "sent" instead of "scent" but otherwise this is pretty good.

    There didn't really seem to be a point to the story until you mentioned Death, then it was obvious that the dream was Zexion struggling with death. In my opinion Demyx got upset far too quickly o.O you should have gone into greater detail, you wouldn't immediately cry after seeing someone ill. What was the end meant to be? A hint of yaoi? I... didn't really enjoy that, if that was the intention.
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    I only noticed the spelling mistakes AFTER I wrote this, and then I thought "What the hell, I'll just leave it."

    Demyx was crying because of what Zexion looked like. I just used personal experience to try and think how Zexion may have looked. When Demyx walked into Zexion's room, I was still describing the dream. I would say Demyx was in that room for a while. But seeing somebody looking so ill, you may be scared. Demyx wasn't upset about Zexion, just scared.

    The end can be thought of as yaoi (if you want), or how I like to think of it. Demyx is seriously underestimated by people so the whole "Zexion would never look at Demyx the same way again." is more of Zexion seeing Demyx as a stronger person or a really dedicated person. The whole hug thing was just to show happiness, really.