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    The Darkness
    Don't ask what it is, just read: Chapter 1

    Rain poured hard from the sky. Hitting agent Double- Negative with it's full force. He tried to caculate the exact weight of the rain but ended up in failure. He was way off track from his current target and mission, fifty miles off to be exact. After being attacked by expert Hitmans he was in a sorry state. A fractured rib and broken leg. He even had a large incision on his back. Warm blood rushed from the wound, the only warmth he could find in these cold mountains.
    It had been exactly two days since his last meal and it started to affect him. The Hitmans managed to take much with them: His pride, food, and much of his health that was needed for the mission. It seemed Orinoko knew what he was doing.
    Double-Negative's mission was to find Orinoko's log cabin, annihilate all of his henchman surrounding the building, barge in, and, after doing all of those troublesome deeds, kill Orinoko himself.
    But, unfortunately, the easy part was annihilating his henchman. For, as you might can tell, Orinoko did not get in his position of Crime Lord for his wise thinking and almost perfect plans. Oh no, he was the one who was put in charge due to sheer strength and he showed no mercy.
    He dealed with everything that went wrong in this world you see today: Drugs, destruction, mayhem, and, worst of all, the destruction of the great city, Inokowa. It was a place Double-Negative knew well. When he was off working as a secret agent of the IOCI(International Organization of Crime Investigation) he always used to visit that great and marvelous city. But, now, it lay in ruins and it is said to be never rebuilt again.They say it is supposed to be some kind of 'memorial' for the soldiers and people who died protecting it. He, although, thought it was a stupid idea.
    Rain continued to pour, but Double-Negative couldn't move. His leg would not stop throbbing with pain and, for the cut on his back, it was just as worse. He was thankful it didn't catch his spinal column and completely finish him off. The fractured rib was nothing, but it added onto the pain that was already tearing him apart.
    Thunder started to make it's way across the sky as well, bouncing upon the clouds and repeating the sequence every minutes. Double-Negtive's chance of survival in these mountains in his state were slim.
    Double-Negative sat down against a tree and stared up at the sky. Rain hit his face and back, mixing with the hot blood that started to dry there.Many thoughts went through his head at that time. Like, would he live a few more days like this or, another question he asked was, if he would ever even get close to Orinoko.
    A few minutes passed, the rain still poured and the blood that once flowed down his back was now hardened and made a thick crust along his spine. The thing he liked about this situation was the rain. He remember when he was still a child he used to always run out onto his front porch and watch as the rain and thunder developed a complicated dance that not even he could follow. He loved the smell after a nice rain. It always smelled like a fresh start and a promising tommrow.
    Suddenely, the rain stopped and the same smell enveloped the mountains. It calmed him down and he concentrated, trying to feel his surroundings. A rain drop fell from a branch extending from the large oak tree he was laying against.
    Again, Double-Negative concentrated and tried to feel his surroundings. He felt the rain about to hit. It was moving very slow, but, at the same time, a high speed that was unatural-something was wrong!
    He quickly pushed off the large tree. The rain drop was about to hit! He had no more time to caculate! Double-Negative hit against a large boulder ten feets away from the rain drop. It hit the ground and exploded the surroundings within a five foot radius.
    "I knew it," said Double-Negative. "You Guys just can't stay away from me, can you?" When the smoke cleared there were two men in black tuxedo's standing there in a large crater. They both carried shotguns in both hands. They also wore large grins and started laughing. Double-Negative knew it.....He didn't kill the Hitmen after all.
    "You actually thought you could kill us?" asked the man on the right. He flipped his shotguns randomely in the air, laughing and continued," You were dead wrong!Your stupid organization can't stop us! Well, not us exactly, but Orinoko will live on and fulfill his wishes." He gave another quick laugh, still flipping the two shotguns randomely and then he started juggling them," Did you like our water bomb?"
    Double-Negative gave a quick laugh and then he felt a new throb of pain overcome him. He fell flat on the ground, clutching wildly at his back.
    "Ah yes," said the man in the tux on the left, "That cut you have on your back isn't just any normal cut. That wound is infected with poisin that gradually destroys the human organs and eats away tissue. If not treated, you'll be dead in a few more hours."
    Double-Negative laughed. It was all he could do to hide the pain and shock." I'll still beat you guys, just watch." He tried to stand up but then quickly recoiled and fell down, holding his broken leg.

    Idea just came to me a month ago......Or two months ago.
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