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    f l o r e s t


    In the city of Florest, an academy is giving birth to intense warriors and soldiers. And on the other half, are bureaucrats and politicians. Those specifics needs, somehow are found boring by five students. These five students being tutored by a teacher, in other to learn how to become true warriors. Not through school or books, but through actual experience. Enough of the tests and quizzes the school gives you to fight. Try encountering real monsters, real enemies.

    But, all of the sudden, their studies come to a halt when their teacher suddenly dies. Of course, there is no real proof of his death. So, as a journey to find their teacher, as not only an excuse to get away from the school, but to find answers. To them, it seems spontaneous and odd for the teacher to just quit out at the break of their training.

    However, with enough training, and a location clue stopping by their feet. They search for answers by locals and even the teachers themselves. Their knowledge will florest.


    Hikaru Iriye ( male ) - Pistol Schoolboy
    Tsunayoshi Ebiwara ( male ) - Advent_of_Apocalypse
    Chiiyo Aihara ( female ) - Near
    Sumie Urogataya ( female ) - RRMS
    Ayame Kurokawa ( female ) -

    Sid ( male; teacher ) -


    Age ( ranges from 16-18 )
    Occupation ( ask for details )
    Weapon ( ask for details )
    Special Abilities ( ask for details; it is also able to be changed and mixed around. )
    Biography ( ask for details )

    If you want to join, ask over the forum, and then mail me or add me on MSN.

    Good luck on the profiles everybody! <3
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