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    Sep 30, 2006
    1. Please provide some background information about the game you are discussing. The point of the General Gaming Section is to express what games you enjoy and bring others in to talk about it. While making a thread please provide a few sentences about what the game is about. This is helping people who either are looking for new games to play and want to read what most of their peers think about it

    2. Keep games to a single topic. Games all have their dedicated thread to discuss them in. Instead of making individual threads whenever new information or a new trailer is released, update the existing thread with the relevant information. If it is the first thread to be created on that game, it will be considered to be the main thread on that game and further new information, news or discussion about the game is to happen there.

    3. Use the search button. It’s there for a reason. It is there to help you and direct you to the relevant threads. If a staff member knows one was created previously they will close the most recent one or merge it.

    4. Don’t spam. If you wish to discuss something else than what the current topic you are browsing in is about, feel free to create a new thread in the appropriate place. Keep topics on topic. Spam will get deleted and repeat offenses of it will get you a warning, so let's keep spam out!

    5. Bumping is allowed, to an extent. You may only bump old threads if you have something to contribute to the discussion of the topic. This could be a new piece of info, trailer, or opinions on the game.

    6. No Console/game Wars. They aren’t going to take you anywhere with that kind of argument. Everyone has different views on gaming consoles and what they like. It is not your job to tell them otherwise. So no posts says “well maybe you should have bought a ps4/xbox one/switch because they are better” or "Wow Halo sucks.. COD is way better". Your posts will be deleted and be considered as spam.

    7. No Short term abbreviations. Please put the full name of the game in the title. In the thread itself please avoid abbreviated names. There are games with the same acronyms such as GOW= God of War or Gears of War.

    That's all folks! Thanks for reading these rules and let's all follow them mutually and enjoy some quality chat together over the games.

    ~ The Staff
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.