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    k i found this while at school and it has some pretty good tuts for most apps.
    this one is for photoshop and is one of my fav. text tuts:cool:
    show me your results if you dont mind:)
    i'll post mine tomorrow

    this is the site here:D

    Glow-like effect with ease :)

    Yet another way to make a glow-like effect.

    First off create a new black 500x200 canvas with file->new. Then select "Horizontal Type Tool" from the toolbox or by pressing T and type some white text and make it similar size like in my picture to the right.

    Now open "Layer style" window by double-clicking the text layer and activate "Outer glow" option. Set glow color to white and Opacity to 95%.

    Now duplicate our text layer by right-clicking on it and selecting "Duplicate layer", and move it under the old one. Open "Layer Style" window again and set "Outer Glow" opacity to 20%. Now duplicate our new layer again. Make sure both new layers are under our main text layer. Now move each of our new layers a little bit around so they stick several pixels from underneath our main text layer. you can do this by selecting the layer you want to move and then selecting "Move Tool" from the toolbox or by pressing "V".

    Now let's add some color. Create a new layer on top of everything and open "Layer style" window. Click on "Blending Mode" and select "color" from drop-down box. Or you can set it right from layer editor. Now our new layer will affect the color of all the layers underneath it. Select "Paint Bucket tool" either from toolbox or by pressing "G" and fill our color layer with, let's say purple: #0B004B. You can input this hexadecimal color code in bottom right field of "Color picker" window. Make sure our color layer is selected before using bucket tool. The result will look something like the image in the bottom

    Now let's optimize our glowing text. It is hard to move it around our canvas, since you have to move each layer seperatly, so let's put it in a layer set. Click that folder looking icon on the bottom of Layer editor. This will create a new layer set. Now drag all other layers except the background into the layer set, keeping order of the layers the same. Yeepee, now you can select your layer set and move your text around without any hassle! :)
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