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    Google has announced their foray into console video gaming...sort of. Google Stadia is an upcoming video game streaming service set to launch this year. The service will allow users to play the same game across their Chrome-enabled devices, including desktops, laptops, TVs, and some phones and tablets. Through its cloud technology, Google is promising 4k resolution and 60fps gaming with surround sound for the service's games.

    Google Stadia will have its own controller, which has Wi-Fi and Google Assistant compatibility.

    Google will develop its own games for the service through its new first-party studio, Stadia Games and Entertainment, headed up by former Ubisoft executive Jade Raymond. In addition, Google Stadia will feature games from other AAA studios—Google demonstrated Stadia with Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and has promised that Doom Eternal will be available for the service. Such games will also feature crossplay with players on other platforms.

    Google Stadia will have two unique features called State Sharing and Crowd Play. State Sharing will allow players to share links to specific points in a game, which others could use to jump to the same point in their game. Crowd Play will work similarly to allow players to play together.

    Stay tuned for Google Stadia's launch later this year.

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