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    Hey guys, I just thought the guidelines for this place needed updating a bit so here you are!

    We’ve had prefixes added which are basically just to explain what will be in your thread. There are three to choose from:​

    Question: This is if you are asking a question​

    This is not for requests, these go in graphic shop.

    Resource: If you have a resource that you would like to share with others then feel free to post it. A resource is something that you can use in your signature making, you can upload a single resource or a pack which will be a bundle of resources.​
    e.g. Brushes, stocks, renders, C4Ds, fractals, fonts, PSDs​

    Tutorial: You can make tutorials explaining how you make signatures or showing a certain technique that others can follow to help them learn.​

    These can be either one big picture or just explained in text on KHV but it is VERY useful to include pictures of what you are doing to make it clearer.​

    This section is a place to ask, give and help other members- bear this in mind when posting.

    Normal site rules still apply

    No Spam
    Please make your post at least 6 words long but a full sentence would be even better. It doesn’t have to be an essay but make sure your post is adding to the thread. Also, PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC! If you want to discuss a different topic then make a new thread in the appropriate section. Your post will be deleted if it’s not thought to contribute to the thread or be on topic.​

    No ripping of other tutorials
    If you claim a tutorial is yours when it isn’t or you post a tutorial and say it’s from somewhere else but DON’T have the owner’s permission then you will be found out and the correct punishment shall be given. People put a lot of work into these so please show some respect.​

    When criticising tutorials
    DON’T insult the hard work they put in. If they make a mistake or do something wrong then don’t bash them, just explain to them politely without being harsh.​

    When someone asks a question
    If you think it’s a stupid question then don’t insult the OP, they could just be starting out and just need to know something- the answer won’t be obvious to everyone.​

    When replying to a tutorial
    You can post your results after you went through the tutorial, critique it (but politely) or ask a question. It’s nice to see people looking and trying out your tutorial and some can be very useful in teaching new techniques so don’t be shy. However, if you want critique for the work you produced from the tutorial then make a new thread in the main Graphic art section.​

    I have been to the depths of this subsection and found some stuff very useful. You can bump only certain threads:​
    - A tutorial thread with the work you’ve created or a question that someone may be able to answer (however, it may be better to message the creator of the tutorial directly if they are still active)​

    Please don’t bump old question threads, any thread where the link is broken or to just say “thanks” to the OP for the upload.

    General points
    When uploading a tutorial I suggest using as it allows the image to be full size (most image hosting sites won’t do this).​

    When uploading a resource make sure to inform whether the members need Winrar (if it’s a ZIP file) and make sure where you’ve uploaded it to is accessible for the other members e.g. no passwords required etc. OR if it does require a password then make sure to include it in your post.​

    If your thread topic doesn't fit one of the prefixes listed above then it probably doesn't belong in this section, message Ienzo if you are unsure.​

    Well done, you've read the rules. I’d give you a gold star if I had any, so you'll just have to imagine it. Thanks for reading and if you do have any questions then don’t hesitate to message Ienzo.​
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