Traditional Art Greatest. Yearbook. Photo. EVER! (it's a drawing, not actually a photo)

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    This picture is HUGE, so, because of the way Deviantart works, you'll probably have to click on the image twice to see its full size. If you only click on it once, DA will most likely auto-adjust its size to your monitor width.
    Fun fact: It's exactly 4000 pixels wide.

    This is Yoroi Mikoto from the KimiIta series.

    The point of this picture was practicing drawing backgrounds from scratch. Yeah, everything in the background was made from the ground up except for one thing: The texture on the white part of the walls. Everything else was ground-up me.

    But that's pretty much the extent of my abilities when it comes to backgrounds. I did upload here a while back a picture called "Muv Luv 10 Year Anniversary" in which I also made a background from the ground up, but it was kinda meh~... This one's much better, though still not all THAT great.