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  1. SORA! Gummi Ship Junkie

    Jun 7, 2007
    so yeah my grandfather passed away quiet suddenly last june. He wasn't ill or anything.

    Obviously I was heartbroken but I thought I'd move on from the grieving process but it's now going into April and I find myself being suddenly stuck with crippling grief to the point where I'm sobbing in bed barely able to breath properly.

    Surely I should have been able to move on by now? My grandfather wouldn't have wanted me to be like this.
  2. Zgermanguy Destiny Islands Resident

    Dec 3, 2016
    Grief comes in different shapes and forms some take very long some continue their life after a few days. There is no right or wrong amout of time to grief. You are right your grandfather would not want you to be this way so you have to talk to someone maybe even a professional.One thing is for sure Staying in you bed will only make it worse go outside take a walk in the woods connect with nature, remember how much good there is in this world. Believe me I speak from experience living for to long in the dark will only cosume you.

    Look if you want my Personal opinion than let me say this, I dont believe that death is something bad Per se because I believe there is something that is bigger than me. Everything and everyone eventually dies, People, trees, planets, the universe. But the fact that you feel sad proofs that you loved you grandfather and that makes his life meanigfull. Always remember It gets better! There is always a light somewere