Guidelines for the Introductions and Departures Sections - READ BEFORE POSTING

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    Thread Guidelines
    New members
    • You are welcome to post here if you are new to the KH-Vids Forums. Feel free to make a thread and welcome here! Please make sure that you familiarize yourself to the Rules of the site and happy posting.
    • Tips for a good intro thread – include some interesting stuff about yourself! What hobbies you like, favorite video games, music, things like that. You’d be surprised to see how many things you’ll have in common with other members here!
    • Please refrain from posting links to anything (such as YouTube) in your introductions. We have an anti-bot filter in place that will prevent your thread from being posted if you have fewer than two or three posts. If you notice that you posted a thread and it hasn’t shown up, please contact a moderator and we’ll take care of it for you.

    Returning members
    • If you have been gone for at least four months to a year, you may use this section to reintroduce yourself to members. However, if you are just returning from a vacation or short time away, we know you already so please post elsewhere to declare you have returned. If you have made a Departure thread, go ahead and post your return there and PM a member of staff so we can close that thread for you.
    • If you have only been gone for a few weeks, do not make a thread here. Make one in the Spam Zone instead.

    Departing members
    • Please do not make a thread here if you are going to be gone for less than a week. If you are going to be gone for a weekend, please make the thread in the Spam Zone.
    • Suicide threads are NOT allowed under any circumstances. If you feel that depressed we urge you to post a thread explaining your situation in the Help with Life section if you would like help.

    Posting Guidelines

    • When posting to new members' threads, do not copy and paste your messages. Meaning do not say the same thing you did in one post word for word or extremely similarly in other threads. This is really not a nice thing to do and shows the newcomer some disrespect.
    • Do not just post here for post count. Think out what you say to the new person. If you are just going to be here posting in a repeated fashion saying 'Welcome here, read the rules', then it's asked that you not bother posting at all.
    • When posting in a departure thread, short responses like “see you soon†and “have fun†are not permitted. Again, these sections are not for post count.

    Thread Locks
    Introduction Threads
    • The thread is one week old or older. After this time, you probably have posted elsewhere and so people will start to get to know you.
    • The thread has 20 posts or more. The section is not meant for more than a way to introduce yourself with a greeting and for people to respond in kind. Please feel free to go to other areas, such as the Spam Zone, PM a member who wishes to continue discussion, or go to the member's profile and leave comments.
    • If a member is banned, please do not post in the thread. The member most likely won't be returning. If you notice that a thread has been neglected to be closed, please PM a staff member so we can do our jobs.

    Departure Threads
    • Two weeks pass by since the person has left.
    • The creator of the thread returns.
      Note: If you are the thread creator and have returned, please PM a staff member so the thread can be closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.