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  1. Xaldin ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought it'd be good to seperate the spoilers from the non-spoilers in the case for games that havn't been released yet in U.S

    Any questions regarding plot, ect of G.U Ask here, I can answer everything revealed so far in the series such as.

    The TNS System (MAJOR SPOILER)
    Tri-Edge (MAJOR SPOILER)
    Xth Form (Semi-Spoiler)
    The Avatars (Major Spoiler)
    Aura (Major Spoiler)
    Epitaph (Major Spoiler)
    The R;2's existance (Major Spoiler)

    Well most of these arn't major spoilers but if you don't get the special edition that comes with the terminal disc you won't know most of those there.
  2. Zexion of the Twilight The conflicts within my priorities....

    Xth Form (I edited out the magazine stuff, except the bottom one):

  3. Xaldin ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ah ok, meanwhile I'll give a brief explanation on X-Form right now and TSN

    The X-Form, is a form that 'extends' beyond the system, meaning it's not really a class anyone should have, or should be getting, however Haseo must have somehow gotten this form due administration means, or something else, also when fighting with the X-Form, there is no ammo count but when you do stop firing, Haseo automaticallly reloads for this.

    Now for a brief explanataion on the TSN

    TSN stands for Tri-Survelience Network, as CC Corp basically describe it, it's a system they made which uses the power of 3 stand-alone A.I to get rid of anything that can be considered as either A - A threat, or B - An anomaly to the system. They never stated what the 3 Stand Alone A.I's are but as far as we can see it look like the three are "Balmung, Orca and Kite" as they have not done anything really bad to system, only helped protecting the system against AIDA.
  4. Zexion of the Twilight The conflicts within my priorities....

    Kite (The Tri-Edge one) joins your party! Ovan's the real Tri-Edge!