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  1. Kitsune Merlin's Housekeeper

    Mar 27, 2007
    The World That Never Was
    Okay...well this is my first rp so go along with it.This is based on .HACK//G.U.
    You can do your own character,but the level must be no more than 50.No god modding,etc...ok here is the format.

    Username: (Username to log into The World.)
    Name: (Name of your character)
    Age: (age of you in reality or age of your character)
    Gender: (male or female)
    Level: (wat level you are.Must be no more than 50)
    Description: (Describe your character.What he looks like?,etc...)
    Race: (werewolf,human,elf,etc...)
    Class: (multiweapon,harvest,steamgunner,grappler,warlock,dance macabre,blade)
    Personality: (Is he/she happy,sad,emotional,shy,etc...)
    Weapons: (weapons from the game)

    Here's mine:

    Name: Doragon Naito (Naito for short)
    Description:Is a slender werewolf with silver fur,gorgeous blue eyes,and short blonde hair.He carries a slick gunshot,which is a level 50 steamgunner and two daggers,on each side of his waist.He wears lush gold and red armor.underneath his armor is a blood red and black slick pants and shirt.He wears platinum boots that have gold with blood red linings.He wears and wolf skull shaped helmet,which only shows his eyes,ears,and jaw.On his right ear he has a pierced golden earring.He wears a red bandana around his neck and has a dragon shaped tatoo that covers most of his right arm.He also,underneath his helmet,has two lightning bolt scars.(one done his right eye and the other going down his forehead.)
    Personality:Harsh,tempered,self-controlled,and impatient.
    Weapons:Gunshot,2 Daggers
  2. TwilightDragon Merlin's Housekeeper

    Apr 16, 2007
    The Twilight
    Hey lol! XD THis is like my RPG .hack// Kingdom HEarts. XD Well... I'll join :D

    Username: DraconicFlames
    Name: Twilight
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Level: lvl 50
    Description: Imagine Elk... but clothing is black, and has longer hair.
    Race: Human
    Class: Harvest
    Personality: Shy, quiet
    Weapons: Adrian Wand

    HOpe this works :D