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    The purpose of the Help with Life section is to assist one another with our daily strife, with negative things that may happen, with situations in which you need guidance, or just to give you a place to vent. Hopefully, we can help one another, and in the end to take on a new day with better meaning and motivation. We are not psychiatrists, so the help we can offer may be limited, but we are here for you and will do as much as we can.

    The Help with Life section follows the same rules as the rest of the discussion forum as well as the rest of the site. We request you take a look at the particular guidelines below for this section before posting.


    This forum is PG-13. Keeping this in mind, members need to post within these parameters, as well as under the same restrictions of the KH-Vids Rules. This is not an area to post the following:

    Suicide Threats: Unfortunately, there is not always much we can do for you if you are going to commit suicide. It's one thing if you are depressed, but it's another to make a suicide letter where members feel desperate to do something, but don't know if they can or not.

    If you feel that you are very depressed and troubled, this section was made so that we can assist with coming up with solutions other than suicide. Please post what the problems you have are so that we can help you address them, instead of posting "I'm depressed and contemplating suicide." This will put you in a better mental frame and help us with thinking of solutions.

    Threads that condone violence: Basically, no threads pertaining to beating the snot out of someone, crippling someone, or worse. Also, do not make suggestions that encourage someone to do an act that would get anyone sent to a detention home or prison.

    Encourage those dealing with aggressive people or situations to seek out assistance, stand up for themselves, deal with things using words instead of fists, etc.

    Threads about medical issues: if you feel ill or may have some physical problem you need help with, you can post about it. However, keep in mind that this is a forum geared towards children and that recommendations are not actual accurate diagnosis akin to the ones of a professional. Make sure you talk to a person of trust (preferably an adult; parent or guardian) in real life before trying anything.

    If the answers you receive are not satisfactory or seem like something you don't wish to employ or dangerous, it is best adviced that you go to a doctor. We are not certified proffesionals and don't know what can actually be beneficial for you.

    Graphic, sexual threads: If something traumatic has happened to you, you can post about it, but watch how graphic you go and do not get explicit with things. This is still a PG-13 forum.

    If you wish to talk to someone, ask in a thread if someone who is an adult will talk with you over PM in regards to your situation. Perhaps legally and mentally they can offer more support and it keeps the site rating where it is.

    Basically, in the end, this area is a place where all of us can vent, talk important issues out, and help others to come up with solutions that are the most positive decisions we can muster. If something is very serious, we simply may not be able to help you and you may require professional help or assistance from parents, a school counselor, or some other trusted person in your life; if we feel that is the case, we will urge you to seek those people out. We all do our best and everyone so far has taken this section seriously. If you have any questions regarding what is appropriate or not, feel free to PM a member of staff and we will be glad to aid you.

    That being said, any sort of mocking or berating in this section will absolutely not be tolerated. People here are asking for help, and may be in a vulnerable state, so we ask those of you looking to help to do so seriously and maturely. Their problems may not be as serious as ones you have faced yourself, but they are problems nonetheless, and that person deserves to have them fixed.

    ~The KH-Vids.Net Staff
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