[Homestuck]: trickster mode

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    [/ shorty short short like everything i do. slightish guro warning, i guess? and homosexual glitch x self-cest? nevermind weh weh here goes. ]

    your name is[you are]john egbert. but - you’re not that john egbert. no, you; you; you are so much better. superior, as it were. your eyes glow brighter, your hair shines lighter. your lips are cherry red.

    you used to hate them(how thin they were)the way they bruised and bled at licks and kisses and sharp edges of teeth and bit-through lollipop candy. red would ooze all strawberry and cough drops from your mouth[are you afraid of him?]and stain cottony clothes, dry into amber honey rust all down your front. but one day you started to like them as he sucked from you and pulled your insides out like strings of licorice and you could feel yourself hovering out of your body and for a moment you were ohsoveryreal. αlmostαlphα. almostintangible.

    you never understood the way he smiled. it wasn’t the same as you but you are the same opposites you were from the start three inch[deep cuts]es from tasting skin the same pale pallor just begging, begging, begging to touch; asmyp-

    you know she is beautiful[but you don’t care]and she becomes ethereal under the moonlight, bluebluebluesocerulean washing your feet and electric raspberry tickling the tongue pink. he wrapped his hands around your neck and screamed but he couldn’t squeeze[the trigger warning]even though he says iloveyou like it is a ****ing toy. wind will wrap you both in storm&&you must remember to rip nails clean from fingers or you’ll be stuck picking inside his hands and rewiring them to be unclean.

    you know that isn’t how it works. you are[he is]the glitch. you are[HE IS]the error.


    you don’t love your lips[he never kisses them]anymore they seem so trivial so red - so appleroseblood below one thin, rippable layer you must peel from your own face. he is the hero. he is the heir. he is the air and you breathe him like spraypaintcan inhalants and rainbloods and hisbloodandyourblood[are the same opposites they were from the start-]

    he is sucking your insides out like


    To go about explaining:
    In several of the interactive flashes throughout Homestuck, pressing ctrl+t will change the sprite, and sometimes result in other things as well (turning John into Link, adding Earthbound characters, Sollux dancing-). In the fandom, "trickster" mode characters are considered representations of "evil" versions of the characters who want to kill the alpha timeline characters or switch with them.
    Trickster!John vs. John in sprites: