Hunters of the night ( Story ) PG13+

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    Well after a while ive decided to post the first chaoter of my story more will be coming when i type them up.. Enjoy.. Im sorry its a bit long
    It has some description of kissing if you dont like that sorta stuff this isnt for you..

    Enjoy !!


    Chapter 1 - Stranger

    “Sing it to me again†She cried as her face crumpled, pacing in circles watching the older man who followed her with lustful eyes.
    “Sybelle Dearest†The older man replied gently waving away her proposal as he walked cautiously towards her.
    He placed his white hand upon her dark locks.
    “Yes Marius?†answered Sybelle her voice gentle and frail, as she walked towards the beam of light that shone upon the stone, marble flooring. Her pale skin was and mahogany eyes were revealed. They were like Tigers eyes that would feed upon its prey at night, her face was bathed in light from the moon as it crashed onto the marble floor. Sybelle smiled gratefully at the older male his hair covered one of his eyes as he too couldn’t resist smiling back.
    “You do not need me to sing for you dearest Sybelle†replied Marius as he too walked into the thin beam of light that illuminated the dimly lit room. As he walked onwards, his perfect godly golden hair was revealed as his green eyes focused on Sybelle as she spoke once more
    “But I want to sing for you Marius.. I do, I really do†Sybelle cried once more as she took a few steps forward before taking him in her arms her dark locks pressing against his violet roman velvet tunic.
    “I do†She whispered as she rested her head on his, she breathed in deeply and exhaled
    “Oh Sybelle†Marius whispered at a equal tone as he lowered his head to Sybille’s level before pressing his lips to hers. A powerful desire swept over Sybelle as she felt herself returning his playful kisses. Marius slid his tongue into Sybelle’s mouth as if it were a snake, and she was washed over with love for him and shock as his kisses were sudden. Sybelle was only 73 but looking only 17, while Marius was 228 but look a godly 26. Sybelle commanded herself to kiss to him to merge herself with him. To feel his lips warm against hers as she did she could smell the sweet smell of lust for the god. Sybelle moved her tongue towards his. As they danced, there lips locked within a fiery kiss. Slowly they both withdrew, their breath heavy.
    “Wow†Sybelle whispered as she traced her index finger along her wetted lips.
    “I know†Marius replied gently as he held Sybelle in his arms once again. Marius laid his hand upon Sybelle’s dark locks once more stroking them gently with his pale hand, caressing her pale white skin.
    “Do you want me? Asked Sybelle as she twisted a loose curl of her own.
    “Do you?†She prised once more her voice was urgent to her those misunderstood distant words. Marius let out a chuckle while Sybelle was taken back a little. It was small but very Seductive.
    “I do Sybelle, I do, more than life itself†Replied Marius as he pushed Sybelle away from him as he lowered his gaze to her Mahogany eyes and smiled. He looked her over, her small petite breasts, matched her small chest, her blue velvet tunic dress, dragged along the floor, as she walked back a little to catch Marius’s gaze.
    “Then you can have me, I am your prisoner my dark, haunting godâ€
    Sybelle whispered as she edged towards the blonde haired male. Marius beamed towards Sybelle his grin wide.
    “I already knew you were mine, your bound to me as I am to you. I did sire you after allâ€
    Replied Marius, his friendly smile was no longer there. Sybelle nodded her head slowly moving back from Marius now. Marius’s green eyes twinkled with anticipation.
    “What is wrong..? Why do you edge from me?†Asked Marius as he moved forwards tracing Sybelle’s frightful steps.
    “We have a guest†Replied Sybelle her voice calm as she pointed with her slender hand to the shadows at the far edge of the room
    “Ah.. Lestat†Marius said calmly, his eyes not moving from the shadows “What is the pleasure this time?†He asked, his fangs visible the blood stained on the tips of his teeth. Marius’s eyes focused and unfocused again, as he squinted to see the figure who walked calmly out of the shadows. A soft chuckle echoed within the shadows in which Sybelle had pointed to, Marius look unsatisfied.
    “How did you know it was me Marius?†Asked Lestat his blonde hair was much like Marius’s.. He scowled slowly.. As he stared at Marius with his Ocean blue eyes. Lestat walked out of the shadows as if it was a doorway to another realm. He walked to Sybelle, taking her hand in his own and lifted it to his lips and kissed it lightly.
    “Mon Chere†Lestat spoke in a foreign language, while Sybelle giggled like a young girl and flushed slightly in the face
    “Marci†She replied.. Marius Scowled, glaring at Lestat
    “What do you want?†He barked as Jealousy had gotten to him. Marius walked slowly towards Lestat this eyes flashing green from the street lights coming from the outside world. A world unknown to the existence to vampires. As he passed Sybelle he avoided her lustful gaze. She coughed quietly to get the vampires attention, they turned there heads slowly. Looking the pale girl up and down, she hesitated for a moment before speaking
    “I shall, I shall leave you boys, as I will go and hunt.. I am quite peckish now.†Sybelle grinned and revealed her long fangs and waved to them both. She bowed both to Marius and Lestat before turning on her heel. Her dress flowing behind her, leaving the dark room to the eerie silence once more.

    End of Chapter 1.

    More to come soon x
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    Really well written. I love the fact you've thought about the ages!
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    Thanks hun..
    I did try LOL.. XD
    Thank you again * Hugs *

    Im glad you liked it XD