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    Pull up a comfy chair, take a blanket and warm beverage, and feel free to listen in. I first want to thank anyone and everyone that even views the thread, let alone comments on it. A lot of the opening works I post are from some time ago. I'm hoping this will motivate me to get back into writing. I also want to note that I will be including all of my poems here, along with the short stories and character sketches. If it is a problem, please let me know and I will gladly separate my poems from the Original Work, moving them to the Poetry Section. I would just rather have everything in one place for convenience sake. Again, thank you for checking it out, I hope you enjoy yourself.

    Most of what I post after this will just be linked here. I would rather keep my OP neat and from getting cluttered with tons of items. I might add all the poems to this top post, but the short stories and chapters will for sure just be linked to the post number I have them in. Enjoy!


    • The color of the petals dance
      like paint on a canvas.
      Red and glorious

      soft to the touch
      and as gentle as a feather.
      The smell of heaven
      wafting out from it's center
      like an ocean breeze in the late night air.
      Calm and serene waiting to be picked.
    • Colors dazzle across my eyes,
      the smell of food growing with every step,
      The sense of longing deep within my heart.

      Everything new and undiscovered,
      people dancing in the streets,
      silk and cotton covering my body.

      I see them there,
      the people I should be with,
      not the ones I want, however.

      I think about the old days.
      The days where you were always present,
      where I would come to this festival,
      and you would be there, too.

      Seas of colors open up before my eyes,
      drums beating out a new rhythm,
      everyone laughing and have a good time.

      Not me, though.
      Nothing is the same without you.
      Everything has changed, without you.

      I don't taste the foods,
      all their magical wonders.
      I don't dance with everyone,
      moving with the rhythm,
      and I don't join the people.
      The ones expecting me.

      Without you,
      I don't do anything,
      not today.
    • Deep dark gold
      Swift and sweet
      the kiss of emerald

      The sun rises
      on the early summer morning.
      The deep dark gold ball,

      shining in the sky.

      The kiss of emerald

      colors the grass it's luscious green.
      The leaves moving ever so gently
      in the morning breeze.

      Critter awaken
      from a long night's slumber,
      flowers blooming
      before one's eyes.

      The hummingbirds
      swift and sweet,
      silently steal the nectar of a newly blossomed flower,
      beaming with energy for the new day.

      It's peaceful,
      everything to make a perfect summer morning.
    • Unfolding the paper slowly
      she smiled back at him,
      he looked nervously up at her.

      Her eyes grew wider
      his head lowered,
      her smile became softer.

      He chances a glance up at her
      she nodded back at him,
      he began to smile too.

      She looked at the paper
      over and over again she read it,
      he knew it by heart.

      It read:
      Roses are red,

      Violets are blue,
      I think you're pretty,
      Do you like me, too?
    • It was electrifying,
      his lips against mine.
      My heart beat like a hummingbird
      constantly flapping its wings.
      I never knew
      how intense it could get.

      It's like we were clay
      suddenly molded from two into one.
      As far as I knew,
      it couldn't get better.
      Oh, how I was wrong.

      His lips tasted like cinnamon--
      Spicy hot, but still somewhat sweet.
      The smell of apple
      floated from his hair.
      His passionate chocolate-brown eyes
      game me a warm chill
      throughout my body.

      Never had I thought
      of something this incredible
      all throughout my life.
      It gave me an urge,
      almost like a craving.
      I felt I needed more.

      Just the slightest thing
      would make me smile now.
      It didn't take much.
      I owe this all to him.
      He changed me entirely.

      Never will I be the same,
      but that's okay.
      I never want to go back.
      Not to how I was before,
      not to whom I was before.
    • Screams, loud enough to wake the neighbors.
      Tears, flowing so fast a river couldn't keep up.
      Overtaken by a lifetime of pain.

      I curl into a ball,
      not caring who sees me.
      Shaded by the dark, the can't see me.

      Back and forth, back and forth,
      the yelling only gets louder.
      I cover my ears to help drown it out.

      More screams.
      Doors slam shut.
      My body shakes in the dark.

      I'm completely invisible.
      Not once am I seen, as if I never existed.
      That might have been better,
      never existing.


      My ears are ringing.
      The smell of gunpowder burns my nose.
      Silence fills the house, then laughter.
      He started laughing hysterically, I didn't.

      I buried myself in blankets, waiting for sirens.
      The sound of sanctuary.
      My sanctuary.
      They came too late. . .
    • The pain never really goes away.
      The bruises never stop coming.
      I'm just getting better, better at hiding.
      Less people notice the marks.
      I never forget the pain.
      The reds, blues, and purples are more vibrant than before.
      They've become stronger,
      I'm not sure how long I can last.

      The sleeves have been getting longer,
      my hair is always down.
      I try to block my face,
      that way the marks aren't seen.
      It doesn't always work, though.
      Sometimes I say it was a ball,
      others, I have no excuse.
      "It was an accident,"

      is all I say.

      Nobody knows.
      Nobody cares.
      Nobody, will ever find out.
    • My eyes grew wide
      my heart began to race
      my breathing grew short and quick
      my hands were shaking
      I couldn't swallow.

      It slithered closer
      I froze in panic
      the hissing grew louder.

      My heart beat faster,
      I could feel the thumping in my ears.

      The tears started pouring
      faster and faster they came out
      like a waterfall,
      never seeming to run out.

      It stopped at my foot
      curled it's long scaly tail around my ankle
      too scared to scream,
      it bit down.

      The sound of it's teeth puncturing my skin,
      the warmth of the venom slowly trickling in,
      the pain from it's teeth inside of my leg,

      I screamed.
      I screamed louder than I ever have.
      All the air rushing out of me
      in one breath.

      I grew lightheaded
      dizzy from the poison
      faint from the missing oxygen,
      I grew silent.
    • As that feeling slowly creeps up behind me again,
      I wonder why I am always depressed.
      I have no reason to be either.
      That is what confuses me.

      I become so happy, but at the same time,
      I feel as if I am still all alone.
      The times that I really want to let it out and tell someone, I cannot.
      There is no one there to tell.

      Emptiness begins to engulf me.
      I stick my hand out for someone to grab it,
      but I just keep going under.
      There is no one there.

      I open my mouth to call out for help.
      My throat quickly fills with something I am unfamiliar with.
      I feel a new sensation coursing through my veins.
      All the bad seems to slowly fade away.

      All of a sudden, I start to feel warm,
      like that enticing, burning sensation when something wonderful has occurred.
      I open my eyes and there it is.
      A bright light surrounds me.
      I feel different.
      I feel free.

      I am no longer drowning.
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    • xxxxxThe whole place had a smell of wet grass and fresh flowers. A bouquet of cut daisies sat up against one of the hedge stones near the entrance. The creak of the front gate could startle anyone. It was one of those loud eerie creaks, like a wood door to a room that hadn't been opened in years. The entire cemetery was clouded by a thick early fall morning fog. It was like one of those scary movies where it always just so happened to be foggy.
      xxxxxThe small girl glided through the rows of deceased like a ghost. She knew where she was going and didn't let anything stop her. The sound of a twig breaking might have startled some, but she knew it was just a family of deer in the endless rows of trees. Behind the cemetery was a very thick wood, to which she had ran away to numerous times. No one would ever find her in a place they were too afraid to search.
      xxxxxShe held a bouquet of blue roses that accent her sparkling sea green eyes. Her wavy brown hair covered the bruises on her neck as she came upon the gravestone she was looking for. "Mamma, now is when you're supposed to tell me happy birthday." She put bouquet down. "I'm thirteen now. Papa didn't seem to know what today was, so I thought you might. You do remember, don't you?" Tears started to slowly flow down her freckled face.
      xxxxxA chipmunk ran across a patch of leaves, making a crunch noise. She shivered from the chill of the early morning. "Why does daddy keep treating me this way," she choked out. "Mamma, why did you leave me alone with Papa?" Her eyes grew bloodshot and her hair damp from the moisture. "Mamma, I just wanted to tell you goodbye. I didn't know when I would see you again. I wanna' leave Papa. I love you Mamma."
      xxxxxShe clung to the backpack she was carrying and walked off towards the dark animal infested woods.
    • xxxxx"Why are you doing this?" Rosie yelled out between sobs. The tears were rolling down her face like bullets. She would attempt to wipe them away and they would continue to fall like a waterfall pouring off the side of a cliff. Her sparkling-blue eyes were becoming bloodshot. Mascara covered her cheeks and eyeliner streaks could be seen off to the corners of her eyes from wiping the tears away. Rosie's once neat and beautiful long brown wavy hair was in a tangled mess.
      xxxxxCarter looked at her, expressionless. "It just needed to be done." His words hung in the air for a moment. Carter walked to the bathroom sink to wash his hands. As the wam water poured out of the faucet, the sink filled with a watery red color. He looked out the bathroom doorway at Rosie who was sitting on the floor.
      xxxxxShe was hunched over sitting on her knees with her legs sticking out the sides in the back. Rosie's palms were covering her face and she continued to sob harder. Words could be heard coming out of her mouth, but they were intangible to anyone other than herself. "You're going to...to go to jail for this. Do you realize w-what you've done?" Rose looked up at him. Carter's figure was hard to make out in the dim light, but she knew where he was. She studied his six foot-three structure through squinted eyes. Rosie could see that he was still trying to wash it all off of his hands. Carter was hunched over the sink and looked massive standing there in his thick letterman jacket, now stained a deep crimson color.
      xxxxx"I fully understand what I've done Rosie," he said, still not looking at her. Carter could feel her gaze upon him, but he kept his eyes on his pruning hands. "There was no stopping the inevitable."
      xxxxx"You didn't HAVE to do it! It was NOT inevitable!" She pulled herself up off the ground and walked towards the bathroom angrily. "Jay was our friend, yes, but this was no way to handle things." Rosie flung her tangled hair behind her head and wiped the streaming tears away furiously. Breathing became harder to do from being angry and crying so heavily. Her head started spinning.
      xxxxxCarter saw her wobble slightly as she came closer and when she started to fall, he ran from the sink to catch her. "Rosie, I love you, and Jay was my best friend. I couldn't just let those scum get away with what they did." He laid her down on the couch and took off his jacket. Carter walked back to the bathroom to turn off the sink and dry his hands, and then drifted back to the couch to sit beside her.
      xxxxxRosie's baby blue lace top became ruined from Carter's jacket. There were now crimson splotches all over it. She pulled herself up into a sitting position on the suede emerald green sofa to allow room for Carter. The only light in the house was coming from the moon outside the window. It was dark, dark and silent. the necklace Rosie was wearing gleamed in the moonlight. She looked up at him nervously. As habitually as ever, she bit her lip before she spoke. "Carter they'll find you; if they don't find you first, the police will." Rosie took a deep breath after speaking. The tears had stopped flowing out of her eyes.
      xxxxx"Don't worry about me Rosie; I'll be fine. Let's go to bed. It's been a long night." Carter picker her up once more and carried her to the bedroom where here was more room to lie down. His toned physique had no problems carrying her small frail body. Carter looked down at her concerned with chocolate-brown eyes. His long bangs fell in his face, covering up any fear that he may have been showing. To try and Make her worry less, he gave her his big dopey grin to cover it all up. Rosie wasn't fooled, but was too tired to argue anymore. She lifted her pale small hand to her mouth as she yawned.


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    Thank you to everyone that has viewed the thread so far. It means a lot. Did not expect to see the number this high. The fact that it even got to double digits utterly shocks me. Feel free to post questions, comments, concerns, critiques, whatever you so choose. Or not. That's cool too. Just a heads up, I have added Drowning to the poems section, and below is my first short story. All short stories or story chapters will be linked in the OP [under the appropriate tab] rather than posted up there. Enjoy. =]

    A Lawless Land

    xxxxxIt all caught me so off guard. I mean, I know it doesn't really matter nowadays, but I still couldn't believe my eyes. She's such a happy, quiet, and optimistic girl. I never thought Emma would ever do something like this. I guess I thought wrong.
    xxxxxThe law changed about five years ago. It was no longer a crime to murder. I was shocked that they would actually make something that terrible, legal. There weren't any exceptions to it whatsoever. Killing someone was one hundred percent okay. At first, things went haywire, but they soon simmered down. After about the first two years, the murder rate dropped exponentially. There were also a lot less people in jail.
    xxxxxI think that's one of the reasons why they disbanded it. The prisons were filling up far too much, so they just diminished some laws. I had never actually seen a murder; that I was grateful for. Times really have changed.

    xxxxxI looked at Emma; she was standing there dowsed in blood. What blood wasn't stuck to her, dripped off into pools on the floor. The wood paneling was turning a dark brown where the liquid had dried-- and where it was pooled, it was a thick, dark, crimson.
    xxxxxShe turned her head towards me and smiled gently. Her smile had never seemed so disturbing before. I think it had to do with the fact that she was stained red. I would never be able to look at that smile the same way, ever again.
    xxxxxHer blue eyes had sparkled in the light as she stabbed the butcher knife numerous times, deep into his limp body. Now they just glimmer, the same way they always did when she looked at me. I had to turn my head away, not being able to look at those eyes any longer.
    xxxxx"Carter? Carter, are you all right?"
    xxxxxEmma's soft voice sounded genuinely afraid. When she would get nervous or scared, it would go from a soft smooth tone to this higher pitched squeak.
    xxxxxI slowly looked up at her, still dripping with blood. Her platinum blonde hair looked a nasty brown color. She's so little, I would never have believed that she could ever posses that much power inside of her.
    xxxxx"Y-yeah. I'm fine Emma. Are you?" My voice cracked as I spoke to her.
    xxxxx"Of course I am silly. Why wouldn't I be?"
    xxxxxShe walked towards me, still holding the large square knife. I took a step back as she held her arms out to hug me. The smell was starting to become overwhelming. I wasn't sure how much longer I could last.
    xxxxx"D-drop the knife, Emma." I was supposed to be the strong protective one, yet I was stammering like an idiot.
    xxxxxI'm such a fool.
    xxxxxShe looked at me surprised and then her fingers quickly released themselves from the handle. It fell so quickly that the tip of it landed in the wood, holding it upright. Emma continued to come towards me with her arms out. I didn't want to hug her, but I knew I needed to. I stepped forward, filling the gap between us and wrapped my arms around her frail little body. I still could not believe she had it in her. Nothing I've ever known would have led me to believe it-- not like it matters, though. It's all over and there wasn't anything anyone could do about it. She titled her head up towards me and smiled. I could feel the blood on her damp clothes seeping into my own. I kissed a spot on her forehead that wasn't covered in the sticky substance. I probably would have thrown up if I had gotten it on my lips as well.
    xxxxx"You have quite a mess on your hands."
    xxxxxShe looked down at her now bloodstained palms. "I guess I do."
    xxxxxI couldn't help but chuckle slightly at her action. "That's not what I meant you silly girl."
    xxxxx"Maybe not, but at least you finally smiled. Do you mind if i go take a shower now?"
    xxxxxBefore answering, I glanced at the mutilated body. He was someone that I always believe to be her friend. I guess not. My eyes didn't leave the body "What about him?" I noticed Emma put her felt fist into her palm of her right hand-- she did that when she was thinking. I always thought it was a little bizarre, but adorable at the same time.
    xxxxx"We'll have to bring him home. I couldn't let his mother worry about where he is, now could I?" She smiled mischievously. I'm not gonna lie, that creeped me out.
    xxxxx"No, we wouldn't. We would rather she has many sleepless nights wondering what happened to him. That sounds so much better." The sarcasm in my voice spewed out and I rubbed my eyes.
    xxxxxCringing, I attempted to lift Jake up. At least, I think that's what his name was.
    xxxxx"That's no longer my problem," she smirked. "I'm going to take that shower now."
    xxxxxI heaved him over my shoulder as gently as possible and carried him out to the truck. Thank heavens I bought that truck last year, so I wouldn't have to set him in my backseat. I set him down as gently as possible in the truck bed. "I'm gonna miss ya' pal." The fresh air did wonders for my head; no longer having the powerful spell of blood surrounding me.
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    The story below is actually based on one of my OC's from Jayn's RP 100 Days. If it interests you, you should check it out. This story is a prequal to the actual RP, taking place a few weeks before everyone receives the fated email that changes their lives forever. I put it in spoilers so not to ruin anything for those that are currently reading the RP. It doesn't necessarily give anything away, but is pretty important to my character's development. Forwarning, it's rather sad. =\

    xxxxxTemperance sat in Lit. class staring blankly at her textbook. It was old and worn, filled with doodles from all those days she couldn't focus on the lecture, much like today. The difference, however, was due to the previous day's event. Normally she just didn't have the attention span to keep her mind on the present, but this current state was brought on after every visit to that man. There was a bile taste in her mouth and her stomach churned something fierce. The cheerleader had put on as many layers as possible when dressing this morning.

    xxxxxThis seemed to be a common theme as well with her visits. She felt so disgusted with herself every time. There were leggings on underneath her faded light-wash denim jeans; a red tank top, a long sleeve black v-neck, and a thick gray hoodie covering her torso; her long black hair was down to cover her face, neck, and shoulders. Why did he have to leave marks? It was bad enough what he did to her in the first place. The hickies-- used to mark his territory as he put it-- were the worst part. No one would be able to see what was wrong with her, if it wasn't for those disgusting marks running up and down her body.

    xxxxxJosh glanced over at her on occasion, knowing something was off. He usually did. How many times had she snuck into his house in the middle of the night to cry? Her favorite part about that, was he never asked why. It was a ground rule she set after the first time she went over there. As long as she came to him with her despair, he wouldn't question the matter. She appreciated it. There was no way she could open up about it, not yet. Her eyes wandered over to his figure briefly, connecting with his gaze. She didn't visit last night, but he knew the signs. Temperance never wore that much clothing, only if something bad happened.

    xxxxxQuickly, her eyes moved back to the text on the page. It was some Shakespearean work-- MacBeth, maybe, she wasn't sure. Mr. Luntz words buzzed in the back of her mind. She swallowed, the taste of vomit still present in her mouth. The horrible vision of last night's acts wouldn't leave. It had been quite awhile since she had last seen her father. He had promised he was done drinking, like he promised every time she went. No one seemed to understand, especially not her mother. She didn't see the problem when they were married, and she definitely didn't see it now that they were divorced. Would anyone ever understand what she was dealing with? Probably not. Temperance did too well of a job hiding the fact that anything was even wrong.

    xxxxxHer eyes darted around the room. Thomas sat in front of her diligently scribbling down notes. She rolled her eyes and looked off in the other direction. Josh was still staring, but she ignored it. The bile taste in her mouth wouldn't leave. She needed to throw up. There was no denying it. Every time she needed to throw up the next day, to purge the filth away. Temperance raised her hand to be excused for the restroom. After some debate, Mr. Luntz finally excused her and handed her over a pass.

    xxxxxShe made her way through the hallways quickly, hand over mouth. The bathroom wouldn't come quick enough. Temperance burst through the door and into one of the stalls, kneeling over the porcelain bowl. She was breathing heavily as it all became too much and released her insides. Images berated her mind. The feel of his hand graze over her skin, the touch of his lips as they caressed her bare body. It was disgusting. They would never leave her, no matter how many times she tried to rid her body and mind of them. He couldn't just leave her alone when she visited. It was too much to ask for. This time at least, she managed to get out before it escalated. She was getting better at evading him, but it still didn't change the fact that she was forced to visit him.

    xxxxxTemperance sat on the bathroom floor crying, with her back to the stall door. She had been in there too long. Mr. Luntz would get suspicious, but she didn't care. Going back to that class each time became harder and harder. She would have to face them, and their watchful eyes. Flushing the toilet, Temperance stood and wiped first her eyes, then her mouth. Inhaling deeply, she made her way out of the bathroom in time to hear the bell ring. Just great. She would still have to go back to class to pick up her things. There was bound to be an argument now, clearly being viewed as ditching the rest of class.

    xxxxxThe halls gradually started to fill as she made her way back to Mr. Luntz's room. She kept her eyes focused on her feet, watching the boring white tile pass by with each step she took. There were scuff marks everywhere. The janitors really needed to do a better job at cleaning the floors. She couldn't bring herself to look up-- her face still red and puffy--, which resulted in bumping into another figure exiting the classroom. Her face pressed into the chest in front of her and she grabbed the arms unsteadily. “S-sorry,” she mumbled, in no mood for some snarky remark. Normally, Temperance would never be the one to apologize, no matter if it was her fault or not.

    xxxxxGlancing up, her face flushed at the sight of the piercing golden eyes staring down at her. Ugh. Why him? She pulled away, using the wall to help regain her equilibrium. This whole ordeal threw her off, every time. Swallowing hard, she did her best to push those thought to the back of her mind-- for now, at least. The last thing she wanted to think about was her father forcing himself onto her. Stop it! Temperance lifted her gaze back up at her classmate. It was bad enough sharing a class with him, but running into him out in the hall, that was another story. “Temperance? You feeling fly?” He asked, with a concerned inflection in his voice. Why? Why did he have to sound concerned?

    xxxxx“I'm fine,” she snapped, pulling herself upright. Temperance brushed her bangs out of her eyes and took a deep breath.

    xxxxx“Sure. Well, if you've got a hankering for a need-”a hand clasped down firmly on his shoulder, catching their attention.

    xxxxx“Plume,” said Josh sternly. He shoved him forwards, before brushing passed and wrapping an arm around Temperance's waist. “Feeling better babe?” She nodded meekly. “Here. I grabbed your stuff.” He handed her the worn textbook and a black notebook covered in doodles. She took them in one hand, resting the free one on his shoulder. Josh turned them in the other direction, headed for her locker.

    xxxxxTemperance glanced back over her shoulder at the classmate left behind. Plume. Cherno Plume. They did some horrible things to people, him included, and yet he was always so nice regardless. Normally, nice made her want to vomit. She watched him fade into the background as the other students pooled in between them. There was a throbbing in her chest as she turned her face forward, watching other students cut in front of them. Her cheeks burned and she let her hair fall in her face once more. Josh began to talk to her, but she tuned him out-- nodding on occasion. Her father's large form kept crossing her mind. His low husky voice, the dark curly beard and chest hair. She wanted to throw up again.

    xxxxxThen there were those golden eyes. Those golden eyes that always seemed to read right through her. Why did he always look like he was watching her? Him and his weird way of saying things. She shook her head, resting it on Josh's shoulder and walked away.
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    Dead but Still Living

    xxxxxThe room was hot and the music was pulsating all throughout my body. My entire body was drenched in sweat and people were pushing and shoving everywhere. I looked behind me, throughout the crowd, and saw my date no longer thrashing in the mosh pit. He smiled at me the same way he always did. We had been inseparable the last couple of weeks and tonight would be the night that made the waiting worth it. He reached towards me and grabbed my hand; pulling me into him.
    xxxxxI smiled widely at him as I wrapped my arms around his neck and his around my waist. We danced along to the song that was playing; never did we take our eyes off of each other. His were a muddy green and would often change colors between brown and green-- at this point, they had a tint of blue to them. I heard the lead singer of the band, Ryan, get louder as he sang the chorus.
    xxxxx"You took a piece of me, my head is incomplete. This is the end, this is the end..."
    xxxxxMatt tipped his head down so his mouth hovered by my ear. He smiled as he yelled,"Annexandria, will you be my girlfriend?"
    xxxxxThe biggest grin I could ever develop spread across my face. I buried my face into his soaked chest. In that moment, I forgot about how disgusting we both were; how hot it was in the cramped little room; and how I was going to joke around with him when he finally asked me, by saying 'No' at first. All I could do was smile and nod into his chest. I was speechless. Matt leaned his head down farther and I yelled one simple little word into his ear. He tilted my chin up and kissed me full on the mouth.
    xxxxxNothing...could ever ruin this...


    xxxxxAs I stood in front of the casket, tears pouring out of my face, heavier than I ever imagine they could, I remembered the night I fell in love. Now, his smile that used to pierce my heart everyday is long gone. All I wished for was to see him smile one more time and the ability to look into those dark ever-changing eyes.
    xxxxxPeople would walk up to him; say a blessing; speak to his family; put a hand on my shoulder; and say, "I'm sorry." I would watch them all return to their seats or leave the church. None of them really cared about him. I could feel the anger and resentment towards all of those people building up inside. Even when my friends came up to me. I felt angered. All I wanted was for them to go away and leave me alone with Matt.
    xxxxxIt was supposed to be our anniversary in two days. It would have been four years on Monday. We were planning on going away for a few days since this would have been the first anniversary where we were both settled into our lives.
    xxxxxI looked down at him again, my tears dripped onto his chalky face. He was covered in that gross mortician makeup. Everyone looks so fake with that on. Matt would look perfect in this state even without it. It's not like it matters; his family wants to have him cremated anyways. I requested a vial of his ashes, so he could still be with me.
    xxxxxMatt, are you happy without me?
    xxxxxI didn't even notice the service was over until I saw all of the people filing out of the church. All they really wanted was the free food they get at the reception.
    xxxxxYou promised you wouldn't leave me. You lied to me Matthew; you lied to me.
    xxxxxI waited for all of the others to leave before I knelt down in front of his casket. I didn't want to do this in front of everyone; they would have thought I was crazy-- probably am, though. "Matthew Ambrose Kerry," I began, "I told you, you weren't invincible. You promised not to leave, and yet you did in the worst possible way. What am I supposed to do without you, huh?" I began to break down. "I just want to be with you. Is that so terrible? If you loved me, you wouldn't have left me like this!"

    xxxxxI think that's when the attacks started. Not violent murderous attacks, but the anxiety ones. I realized I was alone again. After my parents divorced, I was alone a lot. I didn't like being left alone, so I would panic. There were many, many nights where I cried myself to sleep in the closet under the stairs. That's usually where I hid so no one could see me like that. They had gone away after I met Matt, though. I'd call him panicking and he would rush over as fast as he could to calm me down. Eventually they had just disappeared. No more hyperventilation or heavy tears were seen from me.
    xxxxxI could feel the sting at my heart as my breathing became short and quick. It was like having a thousand needles shoved into my heart. I no longer felt human.
    xxxxxI was curled up into a ball, like an armadillo when it curls up defense, on the church floor. Radiant colors were shining down on me from the stained glass windows, but it gave me no comfort. The floor was a soft red velvet and the sound of my distorted breathing echoed throughout the sanctuary. I felt about as empty as this room was.
    xxxxxI'm not sure how long the attack lasted, but at some point, my friend Braden found me. I had my back to the door, so I didn't see if his girlfriend had walked in with him and left, or if he came alone. He sat me up and held me as I cried. The thought of no longer being alone helped ease the breathing. Braden never spoke once; he just held me and let me sob into his chest.
    xxxxxWhen my tears became lighter and my breathing was for the most part restored, is when he finally opened up. "Anne, I have no idea what you're going through, so I'm not going to pretend as if I do. I love you and I can't bear to see you this broken up." His blue eyes were filled with seriousness. There have only been a handful of times where I have seen him this serious about something. Jake seemed honestly concerned; which was weird. "Do you think you can look lively enough to make it through dinner?"
    xxxxxI nodded. I knew that if I tried to speak the words would either not come out, or be unintelligible anyway. I stood up, with the assistance of Braden. As we walked, I held onto him tightly and listened as he spoke some more. "Anne, there's no need to hide, ya' know that. We all know you're suffering, but you aren't the only one that is either. There were plenty of people that care about Matt. They all felt the pain of his death."

    xxxxxThat's when I snapped. I didn't appreciate him talking to me as if he really cared or understood. He barely knew Matt. The only time he really talked to him was if I had them both over. Even then, he never said much to him. "No! Don't talk like you know them! I saw who all came up to the casket; most of them were only here because they felt obligated. None had tears or even a hint of remorse etched in their faces. None of them cared! NONE OF THEM FELT THE PAIN!" I shouted, before bolting out of the church.
    xxxxxMy heart was pounding and the heels I was wearing fell off on the church steps outside. The sun was bright, but I felt dark. I didn't understand how he could be dead, while I was still alive. I didn't feel alive though, I felt as dead as dead could get. I refused to stop running until i was a long ways away from the church. Unfortunately, that's not exactly how things panned out.

    xxxxxI was in the street and I heard the tires squeal. There was no time to move or do anything, really. I heard the shouts and screams of terror from the innocent passersby. They would never know that, that ton of metal coming straight towards me would be my salvation. They would never know the irony of the situation. The would all eventually go on living their lives while I die. This is probably the second happiest day of my life, and it's all thanks to this silver one ton bullet coming barreling towards me on this busy city street.
    xxxxxEverything went black, and silent. I couldn't hear the screams or see the van. I smelled the overwhelming metallic scent of blood, but that was it. There was a ringing in my ears. A ringing and a familiar tune. You took a piece of me, my head is incomplete. This is the end, this is the end...
    xxxxxHow long does it take to die?
    xxxxxI wasn't sure.


    xxxxx"Anne! Anne wake up! You can't leave me like this! Annexandria I need you!"
    xxxxxAm I in heaven? I hear, I just can't see. Please, let me open my eyes. PLEASE!
    xxxxxMy head started spinning and I could feel the warm sticky liquid I identified as blood. the ground was hard and cold. This is not heaven. Then where am I?I could hear the roar of sirens far off in the background. Everything felt so strange. The the light came. Everything gradually became brighter as my eyes finally started to open. It was all very blurry at first, so I blinked continuously to adjust. That was when I really felt it' the aches and pains of broken bones, a bleeding head, and quite possibly a concussion. I let a scream escape me and felt someone's hand touch my cheek. It was a comforting touch, but didn't get rid of the pain I was stricken with.
    xxxxxThe face startled me. Nothing made sense anymore. I clearly wasn't dad, and Matthew was kneeling down next to me. His eyes were filled with concern. I managed to let out a few words without it hurting.
    xxxxx"How...but you're...you were dead...hit...by a car...now...not dead?"
    xxxxxHe saw the confusion on my face and mirrored it on his own. "I didn't die. I wasn't hit by a car either...well, I mean I was, but that was years ago and you knew that. Baby, you were...you were just hit by that can and were unconscious for ten minutes." His voice was strained and he choked back a sob. Matthew's eyes were red and puffy and his face read like something broke inside of him.
    xxxxxNow I was really confused. There was no way I could have imagined Matt dying and then him be fully alive kneeling next to me in actuality. It just doesn't make sense. xxxxx"B-but--"
    xxxxxHe cut me off. "Don't speak. You need to save your energy and relax."
    xxxxxI watched as the paramedics flipped me over onto the gurney. Matt climbed into the backseat of the ambulance and answered some questions while I drifted off to sleep. I didn't want to sleep, thinking that I might wake up and him be gone again.

    xxxxxAll was good though, when I woke up in the recovery room to his smiling face. "Good morning sunshine. Did you sleep okay?"
    xxxxxI smiled as he sat down on the edge of the hospital bed. Albeit, it hurt, causing me to wince, but I didn't care. "How long was I out?"
    xxxxx"About twenty-one hours. You'll be just fine now; as long as you relax and don't strain yourself."His hand stroked my cheek softly. I missed that feeling in the dream world I apparently was living in. It felt wonderful to have him there again, even if he never really left.
    xxxxx"I'm sorry for worrying you. I...I know what it's like to lose someone important. You must have been terrified." I looked at my reflection in his eyes-- looking terrible, as far as I could tell. There were bruises all over my face and body, and I had multiple limbs in casts and bandages. I could tell that much without seeing a reflection, though.
    xxxxxHis expression changed slightly. "It was terrifying, so don't ever do that to me again. Promise?"
    xxxxxI smiled. "Promise."
    xxxxxHe kissed my forehead, not wanting to touch a bruise and put me in any pain. "Now sleep. You need to rest in order to recover."
    xxxxxI closed my eyes without protest, and could feel myself slowly drifting back to sleep.
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    Blinding lights whirled all around us. The transporter shook vigorously as we moved through time and space. Some of the crew even looked ready to vomit. Their faces were green and their hands were covering their mouths in preparation. Who knew how long we had to wait, or what would await us on the other side. It was a huge mystery to everyone. A mystery we were finally going to solve. What happened in those sixteen years? Why was the history never recorded? What was so momentous to stop the recording of history from 1998 to 2014?


    "It finally stopped. We've begun setting up the site near the transporter. To think we've actually gone from 2337 all the way back to 1998. According to the transporter today's date is November 17, 1998. The new millenia hasn't even begun yet. Things seem strange here. It's all so empty and quiet. Garbage is everywhere, these strange vehicles are all parked in disarray. What happened here, to these people? There's not a one in sight. We were prepared to encounter busy city streets--to have to disguise the transporter from these 20th century people, but there's none around. Not a single living soul...Where...where did they go?

    Oh wait, there's one now! Team, finish setting up the site! We need to blend in with these people. What's wrong with that man? How is he functioning with that gaping head wound? He's just walking towards us absently. Someone stop him! Before he discovers the transporter! Jilsper! AHhh Help!! Someone help Jilpser! Why is that man trying to eat him?! Stop that man before he hurts someone else! BANG! . . . ."

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    Lights flashing,
    love fading,
    darkness seeping in
    through every pour.

    Crimson red
    trickles down from my mouth.
    What does it matter anymore?
    It's all just a lie.

    What's the point in trying?
    It's just a myth.
    My protection is gone.

    Who will be my anchor?
    Why did I bother listening?
    There is a pounding in my head.
    Larger and larger it grows. . .

    Please, make it stop!
    I can't feel my arms. . .
    My chest is constricting.
    Everything is fading.

    Lighter and lighter I fall.
    Where will I stop?
    The lights are gone now.
    There is only blackness.

    Will you catch me?
    Trust no one--
    that is what I've learned.
    If only I knew

    before. . .
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    I decided to do something different. This piece is a series of Haiku that that make up one complete poem. Feedback would be appreciated. I may continue to write in this style some more. It was definitely an entertaining challenge. Enjoy.


    Dreaming like the night.
    Freathers golden as summer.
    Please don't let this end.

    Rain washes over
    my body, soaked to the bone.
    I am sinking now.

    It is not so bad.
    I quite like the ending here.
    Dreams are what you make.

    The best shall only be
    as great as you let it grow.
    Flowers blossoming.

    The tides are turning.
    Water begins to churn, so
    drop your life anchor.

    Flashes of bright light,
    blinding as far as the eye
    can see. Do you see?

    Everything is gone.
    I am losing my bearings.
    The ground vanishes.

    Spiraling downwards;
    landing on a bed of clouds?
    Where have I gone now?

    Drip, drop. Drip, drop, drip.
    The sun is fading away.
    The clouds separate.

    I begin to fall.
    when will this dream end for me?
    Twisting, churning. Drip.

    Surreal -- is how it
    feels for me. What about you?
    What is your dream like?

    Do you dream of clouds?
    Is it sunsets and moonlight?
    Walking on water?

    Is there someone there?
    Does it have a happy end?
    Does it bring you tears?

    Mine are usually
    filled with monsters. Cruel is life.
    Dream to take the pain.

    I like to sleep when
    I am hurting. How 'bout you?
    Do you feel better?

    I usually don't.
    The pain seeps in and distorts
    my dreams. Nightmares come.

    This is my last dream.
    I will never awaken.
    I see you out there.

    You are waiting for
    me. Tears, streaking down my face.
    We are together.
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    A long time ago in a world where I was once a newbie, I started posting the chapters to this book I was writing. I never finished. I continued writing the story past what I had posted on the site and even made edits and changes, but it was eventually left abandoned. Now, I am going to do an overhaul and rewrite a lot of it and hopefully finish. If you would like to see the original for comparisons, it can be found here. Until I get back into the swing of regularly posting chapters again, I will be submitting these on a bi - weekly basis unless I finish early [ then I will post it immediately after it is completed ]. In the mean time, I am going to try and work on some of the other projects I have left abandoned as well; along with working on more poetic experimentation. Hopefully by the point where I have posted everything that has been written so far, I will be up to weekly updates. // crosses fingers // We shall see. For now, here is the introduction to Zero, The Forgotten Story.

    Squeak, squeak, squeak -- my shoes sounded against the tile floor. Rows upon rows of doors lined the walls on either side of me. Each had a small window to see in. Lockers filled the spaces between doors. Posters hung high above. The pungent odor of sweat and rotten food seemed to permeate my senses. I was quite certain I had never been to this place before, but it was hard to be certain of anything these days. As I walked down that empty hallway, all I could feel was incomplete. I wasn't sure if I had ever felt so alone before, but now that I was faced with the prospects of not remembering anything, it hurt. I didn't know who I was or how I had gotten to this point. I couldn't remember the slightest thing about myself. The only knowledge I had was what I could see in the reflection of a mirror -- my reflection. I stopped in front of the bathroom sign and stared absently at the wooden door. I hadn't bothered to look at myself since I woke up like this. Now was as good a time as any it seemed.
    My hands pressed flat against the door and I pushed it open with minimal effort. The bathroom reeked much like one would imagine a men's room to reek. The floors were sloppy wet with urine and sink water. My nose wrinkled at the odor and I made my way around the rows of urinals and stalls to the sinks. They lined the back wall with small mirrors above each of them. I came to a stop in front of one of the sinks dripping water from the faucet. My pale hands gripped the porcelain and I forced myself to look hard.
    I stared for awhile, trying to remember anything that would tell me why I was standing there now. The faintest glimpse of a memory was all I could ask for and yet got nothing. The me in the mirror stared back with those questioning blue eyes. I noticed these odd flecks of purple near my irises. They seemed to glow in the fluorescent lighting. Eyes weren't supposed to look like that. Why do mine? I reached up and ran my calloused fingers through the silvery-gray hair atop my head. I looked strange. I don't know how else to describe it. Pale skin, silvery hair, violet eyes -- it made for a peculiar combination and raised more questions than it answered. Who am I? That is what I have been asking myself all this time. I need answers.
    My gaze lowered in the mirror to my attire. I was wearing a school uniform, at least that's what the cop said. That was a close encounter. How many hours did I spend checking the local schools until I wound up here? More than I can count now. I took in the full sight for the first time: black slacks, dark grey blazer with a red embroidered eagle on the chest, white button down shirt, and solid burgundy tie that was now hanging loose around my neck. Did I go to this school? If I walked out into the hall again, would someone recognize me? I could only hope. I've spent the last three days wondering who I am. I know what everything else is, everything except myself. My first tangible memory is that of waking in the park three days prior.

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    As always, CnC would be much appreciated. This is a short story based off of a dream I had while napping. It takes place in the perspective of one of my NPCs in The Fallen. This story takes place nearly one hundred years in the future. Here is Part One. Part Two will come tomorrow. Enjoy.

    It was a century ago when the war ended and peace was restored to humanity. Heaven and Hell fought for control of Mid - World. One brave group fought to defend it. Many lives were lost and a new future was forged. I was a product of this war -- a Nephilim, born for the relationship between an angel and a human. My father was Zadkiel, the Righteous Hand of God. My mother, I never met. I had a half - sister named Malignavérunt, fathered by the same human as me, Tyson Malone. We were created to help the Dark Angels that fought for Hell. Children are the most impressionable and easiest to bend to one's will. My sister, Mali, as many of us called her, lost her life along with the countless others that fought during the final battle. It is because of their sacrifices that we were allowed to live.

    Nephilim are a plague to the mortal world in the eyes of the holy. We are an abomination -- something never meant to exist. After the war, only three of us remained, but the angels were so conscious that it took decades for their souls to finally rest once more. Even now, there are still some that fight for control of their human's body. The survival of Paradise allowed for a treaty. No Nephilim would be harmed, so long as they lived separate from the human world.

    Our society is a small private academy where the angel born go to live. We are allowed to remain with our parents -- if we still have parents -- until the growing process ends. The first couple months of our lives are the fastest. We age into our teenage years in less time than possibly imaginable. After that, our growth is cut -- I believe it is to make up for the rate at which we started -- exponentially and we appear to get maybe five years older for every fifteen we live or so. I have been around for one hundred years, and appear no older than that of a thirty - year - old. This is the same with my colleagues.

    There are three of us that run the Institute -- Reuben, Caius, and myself. The younger ones learn from us for five years. Then, they themselves, help with the teaching and the training. We have programs that let the children connect with their angelic parentage, but they don't visit often. It causes strain on everyone involved, given that they usually come in a different human each time around. Plus, the angels are supposed to be going back to sleep. Bringing them in keeps them waking and further populates the Nephilim, which is a direct breech in the treaty. Any Nephilim created would not be harmed, but the angels had to go back to sleep to prevent from making more. That would have been fine, had a new enemy not arose.


    There was a large stack of papers in my arms as I walked down the long corridor. Students filtered in and out of the small classrooms on their way to free period. Most of them used the time to hone in on their abilities and fight one another in a supervised manner. Virtually all of the students they had arrived after their aging period slowed down, but there were a few that were still young and rapidly changing. Those children were my responsibility. After taking care of Caius when we were growing up in Hell and helping Uncle Leo with Reuben, I felt like it was part of my calling. These children didn't have anyone to call their parent, and neither did I.

    "Professor Grey?" a small voice came from behind me. I turned to see two pairs of eyes sparkling up at me -- one set green, one set brown. I smiled down at the little blonde - haired, green - eyed girl that called my attention.

    I knelt down to reach eye level with the children and rested my free hand on the boy's shoulder. "Lilah, Connor, what can I do for you?"

    They shared a tentative glance before turning to face me. Lilah nibbled on her peach colored lower lip and her pale cheeks turned rosy. "You know that big creepy mansion down the road that we're not supposed to go to because strange things have been happening there lately?"

    My brows knit together and I looked between the two of them warily. There has been a lot of strange sights and sounds coming from the towers of the mansion, but it was information we were keeping from the students as not to alarm them. "Lilah, what's going on? Did something happen?" I asked. The children weren't usually this indirect with me. I set my things down on the floor and grabbed the both of them by the shoulder. Nephilim were infertile, and I always tended to look at the young ones as if they were my own. It was a bad habit, but being left without any family after only two months of existence did things to a person.

    "Well, the thing is --" Connor started, "some of us left the grounds to go explore." He paused and looked up at me nervously. The children were not allowed to leave the school grounds and I masked my anger with a blank face. He was clearly waiting for some sort of sign that I would snap on him, but I just nodded for him to continue. "Well we brought some toys with us and then there was a scary noise and we all got spooked and ran, but my race car is still there. Lilah dropped it." He looked up at her with tear - filled eyes. His race car was his prized possession, given to him by his father before he was left at the school a few weeks ago. Connor took it everywhere and couldn't sleep without it.

    Both of the children looked desperate. "The both of you should not have been there. It's dangerous, especially when we don't know what is going on over there. You could have been hurt." They looked at her in fear, but Cal was too nurturing to blow up at a couple of children. "Connor, can't we get you another toy? There's a snowstorm coming and I don't know what's out there?" I pleaded with the boy. Reuben and Caius always thought I was too soft on the children in which I have to constantly remind the both of them that I was soft with them as well when they were children.

    The boy shook his head and tears started to flow freely down his face. He sniffled and wiped at his chubby cheeks with the backs of his hands. "N - no Professor. It's all - it's all I have." Lilah patted him on the back and wiped at some of the tears under his eyes.

    She looked up at me with hope in her eyes. "I could take you Professor. In and out real quick. I know exactly where I dropped it."

    I shook my head. "That's not a good idea Lila. I don't want to endanger either of you by bringing you with. That's not an option."

    The girl looked up at me defiantly. "But you just said there's a storm coming. If I go with, we can be back before it hits. It's right near the entrance. It won't take long I swear." She made a cross over her heart and held out her pinky.

    I sighed in defeat and locked mine with hers. "All right, but we're leaving right away. Go grab your coat. Connor, can you take these papers to my office for me? I'll bring your race car back just as soon as I can." He nodded his head and I patted his hair lightly. Connor scooped up the piles in his little chubby tan arms and sniffled while scampering off down the hall to my office. Lilah headed in the other direction to get her coat.

    I made my way to the room I shared with my husband, Caius Astar. He wasn't around, as expected, and I grabbed my trench coat off of the rack. With one glance out the window, I could see that the snowfall was already beginning to come down hard. This was risky business. Everything about this seemed to scream danger in my head, but that wasn't going to stop me from doing what must be down. I tied the sash on my coat and slipped on a pair of fingerless gloves before walking out of the room to meet Lilah at the main entrance.

    The child was waiting for me diligently and we walked through the fresh blanket of snow together. The mansion wasn't far. The towers could be seen from the front lawn, but there was no way I was going over there without driving. It wanted this business done as quickly as possible.

    I opened the passenger side door for Lila and she climbed in, buckling up. I followed suit before starting the car and shifting it into gear. It hummed with life and the snow crunched under the tires. The front gates opened for us and my car pulled out onto the quiet city street. The Institute was located on the outskirts of town where it would draw little attention. Rarely did anyone come out this way and if they did, it just looked like a giant empty field. Human's eyes were too weak to see the strength of the glamour cast around this place. That was another reason why the strange sounds and shadows were bothering the rest of the teachers and myself so much, they didn't seem natural. There was something dark about that place, and I really hoped I wouldn't find out what it was.

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    Not many writers I find over the internet tend to grasp the concept of First-Person narrative. In my opinion, it should look like this post above. First-Person narrative is the most personal and is the most like acting, as it portrays the full character with their own world and perceptions (Both personal and general, such as what is given in Professor Grey's personal account and the general history of the Nephilim, respectively) in an environment that must move in tandem with the characters that would be found still in a Third-Person narrative. The ultimate goal is reaching the audience with the central character, but also keeping them hooked to the world attached; such is accomplished here. Professor Grey becomes a living, breathing person in only a few paragraphs. Outside of the central character, there is texture, sound, and intangible dread that hangs in the make-believe air whilst the curtain of disbelief hangs with it. It's a functioning world that bellies something deeper than the character portrayed while still keeping them directly in thick of it. There's real emotion and real action and there is believable reaction. As far as grammatical structure goes, there is nothing to be desired as the structure works for the scene given and even gives a sort of cinematographic flow to it that feels airy and balanced in contrast, but a touch more light exists with the dark. Grammatical errors: there were only two that I could find. Three paragraphs up from the bottom , line 4, second word: given as "down", when I gather "done" was meant. Second paragraph up from the bottom, line 2, on the right, and in the second sentence of the line: given as "It", when I gather "I" was intended. Overall, a solid read with a solid story that was a refreshing example of First-Person narrative.
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    Part Two of yesterday's story. Enjoy.

    The car came to a halt as I parked it outside the abandoned looking building. The air stopped blowing through the vents and fog puffed out with every breath. My breathing began to quick as the pace of my heartbeat escalated. I shifted sideways my dark eyes failing on the child. She looked jittery -- either from the cold or nerves, maybe both. I opened my mouth to speak when a shadow crossed the main enterance. When I glanced up, it was gone. "Lilah," I said urgently, "the second we are out of the car, you are to hold my hand and not let go, you got that?" She nodded. "Let me hear you say it."

    "Got it," the child gulped.

    I pulled the keys out of the ignition and let myself out of the car, followed by Lilah. She took my hand automatically and the door clunked shut. Under normal circumstances I would have left her in the car to go it alone, but after seeing that shadow, I don't trust her safety in the car.

    The snow crunched under our feet and the air was bitter cold. Flurries fell down on us and the front step creaked when I put weight on it. My hand lifted when I reached for the knob, but the door opened before I could touch it. I jumped with a start, Lilah doing the same. Neither of us had been expecting that. "Stay close," I whispered, and she pressed herself against my leg.

    A rickety woman with worn out young features stood in the doorway. She had long, ratted blonde hair and eyes as black as obsidian. Her clothes were grimy and torn and a foul oder, like dead animals, came wafting off of her. There were dark stains down the front of her blouse that looked like they might have been blood. Her lips parted and there teeth missing. The ones remaining were rotted and pointing in odd angles. No one was supposed to live here and even though her appearance read homeless, I got the feeling that she wasn't. "Pardon my disturbance," I finally managed, "but my children seemed to have left a toy behind earlier. Apparently they were sneaking off without permission. Kids, huh?" I chuckled lightly to greak the unease spreading in my gut. It was no good. The woman didn't reply.

    She pointed down the hall and made a strange clicking noise. I looked down to Lilah who was trembling in my hand. "Is that the right direction?" I asked. She nodded her head slowly and we moved to step forward. The ratty woman followed close behind us and it intensified my desire to leave this place. I felt no comfort in the fact that the woman was at my back and something about her gnawing at me. There was a sense of familiarity underneath those layers of stained, tattered wears.

    I glanced back over my shoulder and she was still pointing forward. Her head twitched repeatedly to the side and I gripped Lilah's hand tighter. She let out a small gasp of pain and my knuckles were turning white, but I did not let up. I faced forward once more, only to have bone chilling words whispered behind my back. "Mast - ter - ter will see you n - now." I sucked in a sharp breath and then there was a tug on my hand. My red eyes dropped as I only gripped air and Lilah was gone, along with the woman.

    Blood pounded in my ears as alarms sounded in my head. My heart was racing and it was like everything inside of me turned to puddy. "Lilah!" I screamed. "Lilah where are you?" I cupped my hands around my mouth and continued to shout her name. I couldn't lose that child! I couldn't lose someone else... "Lilah!!" My knees quaked and I choked back a sob. Panic was setting in. My hands trembled something fierce. I had to find that girl. There was no way --

    A scream.

    I broke out into a running stride, following after the noise. Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes and I continued to shout for her. "Lilah! Lilah I'm coming!" My throat was closing up and it was becoming harder to shout. This happened when I got too worked up. I lost the ability to speak because sobs overwhelmed my voice. My feet carried me even though I could barely stay on them. I rounded a corner to find a staircase at the end of the hall and that ratty women standing near the bottom of it, sans Lilah. "Where is she?" I shouted.

    She said nothing. Her expression was blank as ever and I stormed over to her. "You have no idea who you are messing with! Where is she?" The woman pointed up the staircase and I threw her against the wall. Power radiated off of me, but she did not look afraid. She made another clicking sound and her head twitched again. There seemed to be some sort of spasm in her neck that just made the twitching worse. Three jagged scars ran along her throat and my eyes widened. The woman didn't fight back and an actual sob broke out of me. It wasn't possible.

    "Mali?" the name choked out. "Malignavérunt is that you?" Her head twitched some more and she parted her lips to speak, but only made more clicking noises. "You're dead. You're supposed to be dead!"

    "Sis - sis - sister ..." she managed. Her black eyes softened for a brief moment.

    Another scream.

    Mali lunged for me and I reached for my knife. That thing - that thing couldn't be my sister, not anymore. Her arms were extended and ready to grab me. Her hands came down on my throat and we were blown back into the wall behind me. My head smacked against the bricks and pain shot through my skull. The air was slipping out of my lungs and I couldn't breathe. I pulled my leg in, slamming it into Mali's chest. She let up on my throat enough for me to retch my blade free of my boot. In a flash I was plunging it forward, into her chest. My half - sister's eyes widened and she looked up at me in disbelief. My hands shook as I pulled the knife out of her chest and blood covered the both of us. Tears ran down my face and I swallowed a lump in my throat. My sister's body turned to ash and my insides twisted into knots. Everything hurt. This wasn't right. Mali was supposed to be dead. She was supposed to have died in the war like everyone else.

    A final scream.

    It was enough to get me to my feet. I stumbled forward as I tried to run. My knees hit the ground and I pulled myself up. A small red shape glinted in the window light and I came to an immediate halt. The glossy cherry - red race car sat on the floor and I dove for it, scooping it into my pocket as I ran. My legs burned as I climbed the staircase. Step after step seemed worse than the last. Each brought a new sense of dread and terror. There were no more screams. Mali had been here. I killed my sister. Lilah was missing. Someone Mali had called the 'master' was in here with us, undoubtedly with my student. The walls echoed the sounds of my footsteps up the stairs. Every landing I came to and found nothing, it was like a piece of my heart had been ripped from my chest.

    When I reached the fourth landing, a tall lanky figure stood with his back to me. He was facing the window with his arms outstretched. My breathing was heavy and my legs were like gelatin with how wobbly they were beneath me. I gripped the railing so hard that the metal dented in the shape of my hand. "You!" I shouted. The man craned his head over his shoulder to see me. He was pale skinned and bald. His eyes were a yellow - green color and they had slits for pupils like a cat. His lips parted into a smile and his teeth were jagged and discolored.

    "Welllcooome," he hissed.

    "Where is she? Where is the child?" I asked, stepping forward. He turned all the way around and Lilah was in his hands. Blood ran down her throat from what appeared to be a bite mark. Her eyes were shut and she was still. A draft wafted in from the open window behind the man. Had he been preparing to drop her? He was still holding her out fully and my heart seized up in my chest. "Who are you?"

    He seemed to smile wide at that question and blood dripped off of his chin. "The better quessssstion issss, who are you Calamitossssum Grey -- daughter of the Archangel Zzzzzzadkiel. There'sssss no sssstopping what issss to come." He turned back around, preparing to drop Lilah.

    My heart felt like it stopped in that moment and everything went numb. I vaguely remember summoning a power I hadn't used in nearly a century. When his hands freed Lilah, a black mist swirled beneath her and she fell through the portal, landing safely beside my feet. He turned in an outrage, jaws snapping. The man charged for me and his form began to ripple. He was changing shape. I didn't particularly care to know what his true form was. My leg lifted and I slammed my foot into his oncoming chest as hard as I could. He stumbled back, the wind knocked out of him. I stepped forward and he rose to his feet. His hand gripped the windowsill and mine tightened around the hilt of my knife.

    He came for me again and a flash of bright light slammed into his front side. My boot went into his chest once more and he fell back, through the window. I rushed forward. My hands dug into the sill as I looked out. The snow had come down heavy since we entered the abandoned mansion. Blood ran down my temple and my head spun from the bricks. I was only four floors up, but could not see anything below. The ground was blanketed in snow, but there was no body. Panic swelled within me further and I turned back around.

    I dropped to my knees, checking for Lilah's pulse. It was still present, but weak. It would take too much time carrying her all the way back to the car and I didn't want to risk coming across that man again. I could always fetch the car later with Caius and Reuben. For now, I needed to get us home.

    I scooped Lilah up into my arms and black mist swirled in front of me. The Mists of Hellfire was a dangerous magic. Many holy angels could control Hellfire, but only the Dark Angels used the Mists of Hellfire. It was something created in Hell, meant to keep demons at bay. One of its many properties was transportation. I ran through the swirling mist into the blackness. Running through a portal is like having all the air vacuumed out of you at once. It knocks you hard and fast if you are new or out of touch. You need to have a person or place in mind before traveling through, or you could end up wandering the blackened abyss forever. The other possibility was coming out literally anywhere.

    The mist opened into the dining hall of the Institute. Everyone would be on their lunch hour currently and I knew it was the best chance at getting the message out fastest. I spilled out of the portal, falling to my knees in the center of the room. Gasps sounded all across the hall and I looked up to see Caius, Reuben, and a few of the other teachers get to their feet. Caius reached me first, helping me up. Reuben took Lilah from me and they both looked riddled with concern. I pulled the race car out of my pocket and looked up into the pairs of eyes watching me, shaking my head slowly. "We have a problem..."

  12. Bite the Dust Traverse Town Homebody

    Apr 7, 2013
    Y u no rite prt 3? Seriously, though, the whole story was a great read. I loved it. Though, I kinda wished Reuben and Caius were a little more involved in the story other than a couple of casual mentions and showing up at the very end. Not even a single line. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No lines coming from Hidden Destruction. I am disappoint. Enough about that, though. The story was still great, when they called Cal 'Professor Grey' that was just... Ugh, my heart. So good. Sooooooo gooooooooood~!!! I want more. More of that hot Nephilim action. More of what pale bro with the hissing problem. More... umm... I don't know what else to put other than more now. But I want more. Please?
  13. Hyuge ✧ [[ Fairy Queen ]]

    Apr 13, 2009
    Camp Half-Blood
    Ahaha, thanks Beema. I still don't think I'm going to write a part three. It was only intended to be the two parts and it does leave off on a good spot for the future roleplay. I would have liked to do more with Reuben and Caius as well, but since I was just trying to map out a dream I had in story form, I wanted to stick as true to the dream as possible. They weren't really featured in the dream, it was just generalized that their presence was known. I really appreciate the positive feedback I've received from this story both in the thread and on Skype. Hopefully this will be motivation to finish the other projects listed here. // fingers crossed //

    The children calling Cal, Professor Grey, was probably what got to me the most as well, since she doesn't actually have a father; but Alistair was like a father - figure to her and I wanted to commemorate it somehow. Plus, since she grew up in Hell, she didn't exactly have a last name and needed one on Earth.

    For anyone that is looking for backstory information, you can always check out the roleplay to learn more about Cal as a Nephilim child growing up in Hell.
  14. Hyuge ✧ [[ Fairy Queen ]]

    Apr 13, 2009
    Camp Half-Blood

    Cursed. That's the word I would use to call my life. It's kind of like that movie, The Butterfly Effect, only without the journals. I don't know any better way to describe it than that. How many other people can say they just woke up one morning with the ability to control time? I didn't notice it right away, not until I said one of the six key words. Oh! It's also kind of like that Adam Sandler movie where he gets the universal remote at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Shoot. What's it called?

    I'm sorry. I should probably elaborate. Things would make more sense if we rewind back to the events that happened. Bear in mind, if you're listening to this recording, things have gone horribly wrong. I am apologizing in advance – or maybe I'm apologizing in the past? If that's the case, then I am extremely sorry. Hopefully I didn't ruin everything entirely. I just wanted to fix things. I guess I should leave that to the professionals. They tried to warn me, but I didn't listen. However, they should have anticipated something like this. Why else would they give me such a power in the first place?

    Anyway, here's the story from the beginning. I won't skip out on the details no matter how much it kills me. Someone out there should hear the truth. Maybe you'll listen to them. I sure as hell didn't and now it has cost me dearly. If someone ever offers you the ability to change the past, just keep walking. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just walk away. As tempting as it may be, it will only cause pain and suffering. It might not hurt everyone, but it will in fact hurt you. People that are meant to die are meant to die. Those that are meant to live, are meant to live. You never realize how big of an impact you are on someone's life until you attempt to change it... Time for the first act to:

    My day started per usual.
    Nothing out of the ordinary to one of the mundane.
    Sunlight permeated my sleep.
    Birds chirped. Alarms beeped. Time seemed to carry on as if nothing changed.
    I climbed out of my bed and shut
    the godforsaken alarm off. Its infernal beeping would
    be the death of me some day soon.

    Tainted Thoughts.
    I didn't realize how true that
    thought would be. I just thought it would be another one of those sad days.
    I would see her today. My love.
    She did not have much time left. It was only a matter of days.
    Each morning was harder than the
    last. Heavy steps accompanied my foreboding sense of
    despair. I would go see her soon.

    The Long Walk.
    No vehicle. The hospital
    is across town. The trip takes forty long minutes. Each step
    brings me closer and closer to
    the inevitable end. People nod and greet me, “Hello.”
    They do not know what is in store
    for me. How could they? They do not know me or my life. That's fine.
    I do not hold it against them.

    Bright white lights blind my vision.
    The smell of death and antiseptic permeate my nostrils.
    I hate it here as much as she.
    The doctors do not understand. There is nothing they can do.
    I travel up to the fourth floor.
    Her room is at the end of the hall. My vision tunnels. It
    is the only door I see here.

    Hellos Hurt.
    She smiles radiantly up
    at me. Even through all of the pain. I can see it on her
    face, in the lines of her forehead.
    Once crimson lips are now ghostly white. Color, drained from her skin.
    Long blonde hair looks dull and lifeless.
    Still as beautiful as a fairy tale princess, even to
    this day. Life can't take that from her.

    “My Beauty,”
    I greet her, same as I always.
    The smile on her lips pain me. It holds the heaviest weight.
    “You came,” she whispered so softly.
    I nod, taking a seat on the bed beside her, carefully.
    If only there was something I
    could do. It's all I ever think about – a way to help her.
    She is my love, my only one.

    Turn Back Time.
    Hours pass by as I remain
    seated beside her. Tick tock goes the clock. Tick tock goes the clock.
    All I can do is pray for her.
    It never seems like enough. Praying is not the strength I need.
    If only there was something else.
    If only I could turn back time. I could help her -- protect her.
    If anyone is out there, help.

    Beg and Plead.
    It seems like that is all I do.
    Colors are less vibrant. The sky is not blue. Grass is not green.
    My prayers go unanswered; no hope.
    The doctors and nurses come and go as they please. No remorse.
    There is nothing they can do here.
    “Prepare for the worst,” is all that they say. I don't think they care.
    Is there anybody other there?

    I will do anything. Please help.
    I just want her to stay with me for awhile. Asking too much?
    I do not think so, but do you?
    What can I do to keep her here with me longer? What to do...
    There has to be a way – has to...
    If only I could find a way, I am sure I could save her.
    If only I could turn back time.

    There's a ripple to every wave.
    One small step is all I need. If I try hard enough we can
    be together again. Love will find
    a way. There is an answer. I can feel it – just have to try.
    I just need to think about it.
    Asking the wrong questions: not what will you do, but what can I?
    All we need to do is Rewind.
    To be continued...

  15. Hyuge ✧ [[ Fairy Queen ]]

    Apr 13, 2009
    Camp Half-Blood
    For all those that were in Cupid's Brew, this will be a bit nostalgic. It is some Oliver x Pierce deliciousness that I had the strong compulsion to write this week. Warning that the Spoiler part is mildly graphic. It's nothing too extreme, but enough to warrant a spoiler so that I don't get in trouble. I hope you enjoy.

    Ever since Pierce's birthday kiss, she had been seeing a lot more of Oliver. It had only been a few weeks ago, but the whole dynamic of their relationship felt different. Not much had changed, considering the sheer levels of awkwardness, but she definitely felt closer to him.

    He hadn't kissed her since then, which made each visit one thousand times more excruciating. Her mom still wasn't a fan of a college boy hanging around the house, but he was clearly starting to grow on her. It meant that Pierce was spending less time alone and her mother appreciated the fact that Oliver seemed to scared to make a move on her seventeen-year-old daughter, which she had verbalized one afternoon – warranting embarrassed glances between the two, and a nervous shriek from Pierce.

    She had still never been to Oliver's apartment. He would always say he was coming over and they spent time in her residence. It made her wonder why he didn't want her there, but she would never dwell on it for too long. There were more important things to worry about.

    Pierce, in her own dorky way, had started to do, say, and wear things that would catch Oliver's attention. She was only about forty percent sure he was even noticing the difference, but change is good, right? Change would be especially good for her, considering he had honestly believed her social anxiety disorders stemmed from sexual abuse. The thought still made her blush profusely.

    She was working her hardest for him not to see her that way anymore. Becoming a more outspoken, decisive person was difficult. It wasn't in her nature to speak her mind or be decisive. Oliver had told her before that if she wanted something, she needed to say it. She hoped Sophie would be proud of her – Sophie; thinking about her hurt a little less these days, but it was still painful.

    Sophie,” Pierce whispered, staring at herself in the mirror. She had on the short, sparkly, silver dress with the long sleeves her mom bought for Sophie's party. It felt strange wearing such a flashy dress when they weren't going out to anywhere in particular. It was just going to be a big night. She had come to the resolute decision that tonight would be the night she becomes a woman, before anything else can go bad. She wanted it to be with Oliver. He was special to her. He helped her grieve Sophie's death and didn't let her fall back into her pit of loneliness.

    Even if Oliver didn't think of her as girlfriend material, she wanted this, and with him. He had told her he liked her that nigh.

    Is it okay if we leave it at that, for now?

    He never did explain what that meant. Perhaps tonight, she would get answers. If she didn't, well, she had heard the rumors over the last couple of weeks. Her chocolate brown eyes landed on the crystal, heart-shaped bottle. There were whispers of classmates using it, successfully. If things didn't go her way, she could make it go her way. Was it selfish to want Oliver all to herself? There were only two other things she wanted so deeply as this; both of which were impossibly out of her control. This, on the other hand, was something she could take charge of.

    The doorbell rang. Pierce jumped at the sound. Her phone beeped and she looked down to see a message from Oliver saying he was waiting in the kitchen. A smile tugged at the corners of her lips, knowing he was comfortable enough to just walk into her house without being greeted first.

    She stuck the bottle in the bottom of her backpack, beneath clothes and her laptop, before zipping it shut. She slung the bag over her shoulder before taking one last glance of herself in the mirror. Oliver hadn't seen her in this dress that night. Pierce swallowed nervously then shut the door, heading downstairs. The look on his face when she entered the kitchen was more than enough confirmation. Sophie would be proud of me. Timidly, she tucked a lock of chestnut hair behind her ear and met his gorgeous green-eyed gaze. “Do I look weird?” she asked.

    He seemed to take a minute to recover and Pierce used that time to slip on her flats – she still wasn't brave enough to attempt heels. Oliver nodded slowly, his lips pressed together like he was in deep thought. “You look great,” he said carefully, “but you got awfully dressed up just to spend a weekend at my apartment.” It was true, but this was going to be a special weekend. She wanted to appeal to him now more than ever. Her mom was going to be stuck at the hospital for the weekend and Oliver's roommate Reed would be out of town. She hadn't met Reed, but Oliver talked about him occasionally.

    I – I just wanted to look nice,” she blushed.

    He nodded once more, much quicker this time, and motioned towards the door. Pierce pulled out her keys and followed after him, locking the doors as she went. Oliver had reached the car first and stood on the passenger side with the door open. There was a fluttering throughout Pierce's body that caused her to look up at him with fondness and adoration. He was so great. She climbed into the passenger seat and he shut the car door after her. A few seconds later, he was settling down beside her in the driver's seat.

    We'll have to stop at the grocery store on the way to my apartment.” he told her.

    Okay,” she muttered quietly to herself as he turned on the radio. It was just loud enough to comfortably sing along with, but just quiet enough to have an easy conversation if one ensued.

    Oliver hummed along and Pierce stared at her hands. She started picking at her fingernails, as she usually did when nervous. Oliver had no idea about what she had planned for tonight. Could she honestly work up the courage to go through with it? Every time her thoughts would wander to that kiss they shared, her whole body seemed to zing with life and she felt like she was on fire. The last few weeks had been unbearable as they grew together mentally, but not physically. Every little bump or brush of the hand left her craving more. Never had her desires craved the touch of another human being like they did since that night with Oliver.

    It was times like these where she missed Sophie the most. She couldn't ask her mom about this sort of thing. It was way too embarrassing and awkward. If Sophie were here, she would tell her what to do and how to do it. Pierce didn't have anyone to talk to about Oliver. What if he didn't like the New Pierce? Then what? She would be all alone again. She didn't want to be all alo –

    Pierce?! Hello. Earth to Captain Space Case. Are you listening?

    She snapped her head up at the sound of his voice. He was staring at her strangely. “I-I'm sorry. What?

    He sighed, unbuckling his seat belt, and pulling the keys out of the ignition. “I said, 'we are here.' Look, Pierce, if you don't want to come in --

    N – no! I do! I swear!” She fumbled to unbuckle her seat belt as quick as possible, but was all thumbs and clumsy.

    “Here.” Oliver reached over to press the red button for her, his knuckles brushing against her hip. The temperature in the car seemed to increase about thirty degrees. Her breath caught in her throat and brown eyes met green.

    Pierce was paralyzed in that moment. There had been numerous encounters such as this, and each one was more intense than the last. She was sure he could hear the sound of her beating heart, too afraid to break the lingering silence.

    Oliver cleared his throat and then a rush of cool air filled the car. He ran his pale, slender fingers through those strawberry blond locks of his before filing out of the car. Pierce followed suit, though taking much longer to do so than him. The cool air outside of the vehicle was exactly what she needed to refocus. She wouldn't be able to think straight for long in this condition. Pierce bit down on her lip before making her way around the car, trailing after Oliver into the store.

    Grocery shopping with Oliver had been entertaining. It was almost like they were a real couple out shopping for their next night's meal. She tried not to think about it too much, but it was nearly impossible with how perfect he looked standing there beside her, pushing the cart. Now, he stood less than a foot away in his tiny two-bedroom apartment kitchen, prepping dinner.

    It's a gas stove.

    She cocked her head to the side, looking up at him in confusion. “And?” she questioned.

    Try not to start yourself on fire.” His tone was teasing, but the look in his eyes screamed of genuine concern. She swallowed down a lump in her throat before turning away from him to ignite the burner.

    She almost cut her fingers off nearly a dozen times, but it was a drastic improvement to the average night. Though, most of the cooking was done by Oliver to insure the safety of the food and their lives. At one point in time, he mentioned how he had no clue how any one person could be as clumsy and uncoordinated as her.

    She didn't have an answer, so she just tried her best to help with the dinner safely. Oliver seemed to be pretty good at this sort of thing. He must have had lots of practice after living on his own. Everything looked and smelled delicious, causing her stomach to growl. She rested her hand over it and whispered for it to be quiet.

    When it was done, they curled up on the couch with their food, Oliver's laptop positioned on the table between them. He had just finished downloading some new movie he though she would like. They were sitting within very small inches of one another, their plates in their laps. He leaned forward to press play and flipped the light switch above the couch. She chewed slowly as they opening credits played. Pierce was acutely aware of the lack of distance between them and heat seemed to radiate off of her body.

    She could see him eating in her peripherals. The delicate way his jaw moved when he chewed cause her to choke. If he knew she was watching him eat, he would undoubtedly find it incredibly weird. It was just that everything about him drew her in – the way his neck moved when he would swallow, the sweet pastel color of his hair against his fair cheeks, the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed.


    She snapped her head around to face him fully. There was a blank look on her face as she met his gaze. “Hn?

    Oliver sighed in frustration. “Honestly Pierce. How is anyone ever supposed to have a conversation with you if you're either: a) stammering too hard to form a coherent sentence, or b) so far gone in your own little world that you never hear anything that is said to you? I asked how you were liking the movie, but it's obvious you haven't even been watching it.

    She felt her heart sink deep within her chest. She didn't want to upset Oliver, not in the least bit. “I'm sorry,” she whispered. There was a muffled, whatever, before he got to his feet.

    I'm gonna use the bathroom.” He pointed to her plate with the hand not holding his, “Are you done eating?” Pierce looked down, not realizing how little of her food she had eaten. She nodded. He pressed pause on the movie before collecting her plate.

    Pierce wet her lips as she watched him disappear into the kitchen. She swallowed hard, trying to figure out how to fix the situation. Her thoughts wandered to the crystal vial in the bag at her feet. Chocolate brown eyes landed on the cup to the left of the laptop. With trembling hands, she reached for the zipper on her bag. As her hand began to dig through her clothes, she heard a chime come from the machine in front of her. Pierce froze in place, her fingertips dangling just above the bottle. Her head lifted to see a message window pop up in the corner of his screen. She slipped her hand out of the backpack and leaned forward. The user name was unfamiliar to her.

    [[ Are you busy? Would like to talk. ]]
    Pierce never snooped through other people's possessions. It was an invasion of privacy, something that went against every fiber in her being. Yet, she was compelled to click on the name opening the message window. There were a lot of message back and forth. She skimmed through just enough to learn three things. First, this person was a girl; second, her name was Mary; and third, she had some sort of relationship with Oliver. Pierce had only been looking for a few seconds, knowing fully well that Oliver would walk out at any moment. The same Oliver that had told her he liked her, and had something going on with this Mary woman.

    She exited the window quickly and jumped to her feet at the sound of the bathroom door. Tears stung her eyes and her heart hammered in her chest. Long brown hair draped down around her as she began to nervously pick at her nails. Her whole body was trembling. What she saw didn't change anything. She had done her best to brace herself for something of that nature, but it still left her winded. As much as she figured it to be true, she hadn't wanted to believe it. Pierce wanted to be the only one. Would she ever matter to someone that much?

    Surprised to see the girl standing in the middle of the room, Oliver flipped the switch upon entering. Light flooded the space and he was able to get a good look at her standing there, vulnerable and broken. “Pierce, what's wrong?” he asked her softly, taking a step forward.

    Oliver,” she breathed his name out like a heavy weight. At the sound of his name, he stopped his advance. Pierce swallowed down another lump in her throat and drew in a deep breath. “Oliver, I – I know about Mary. She sent – sent you a message when … when you were in the other r – room, but … but that – that doesn't change what I w – want to say.” She bit down on her lip feeling nauseated. He opened his moth to speak, but she held up a poorly manicured finger to stop him. “I – I need to say it, o – or I never will. I r – really … I really like you a – and it's – it's fine if you don't l – like me as much as Mary --” just saying her name was like being gutted with a dull knife, “I thought you m – might have someone else. I just didn't want to believe … believe it. I kn – know I'm not much to look at or e – even great company, but getting to – to spend all of this time with you m – means everything to m – me.

    Pierce,” he choked out her name.

    She shook her head and continued. “You've – you've helped me a lot a – and although Sophie was m – my first k – kiss, you gave m – me my first real … my first real kiss. I … I w – want … I want you, Oliver.” Tears were starting to brim over and spill onto her cheeks. Pierce lifted her hand to her mouth, arms trembling, to keep from vomiting.

    Pierce,” he said her name again, his voice cracking as he did so. “I'm a coward,” he admitted. She looked at him with raised eyebrows. “I'm a coward and I don't deserve you. You … you are more beautiful than you know, and strong – so strong. I don't think I've ever met anyone as resilient as you. Even trough everything, you keep trying. Even now, with the way you put yourself out there.

    She drew in a sharp breath.

    I don't deserve you...” he muttered to himself.

    Pierce reached behind her back in search of the zipper to her dress. Tears continued to trail their way down her jaw and her hands shook. “Oliver,” his name was barely audible, but he heard it. “Ollie,” she repeated with a child – like tone, but fear and rejection were clear in everything about her. “I … I want y – you to be my – my first...” The living room was dead silent, save for the small sound of her zipper moving slowly, carefully down her back. “Will you – will you be my first...?

    Time seemed to fast forward in that instant. Oliver was across the room in a blink of an eye. His hands cupped her face and his lips pressed lightly against hers at first. “What did I say about crying?” he told her softly, wiping the tears away.

    Her arms fell to her sides as he pressed his lips to hers once more, deeper this time. Oliver's hands slid from her cheeks to the back of her head, tangling within her locks of chestnut hair. Pierce wrapped her arms around his sides, holding his shoulders from behind. Her insides felt ready to explode. As their mouths parted and their kiss deepened, Pierce felt a shock within her that was increasingly more intense than the last time they kissed. Every ounce of her being was calling his name. She dug her fingers into his shirt, coiling the fabric within her fist. His hands slid down her back, finding the half drawn zipper. A shiver of excitement and nervousness passed through her.

    Oliver pulled away from her, breathing heavily. “Are you sure?” he asked, “You don't have to do this if you don't want to.

    A quirky smile tugged at the corner of her mouth as she repeated the words he so often said to her. “I only do what I want, not because I have to.” Her brown eyes were misty from the tears and a whirlwind of emotions. Oliver pulled her in hard against his body, crushing his lips to hers. She tightened her grasp on the back of his shirt and chill ran down her spine as he lowered the zipper. Pierce could feel the dress coming loose and a wave of self – consciousness plagued her. What if he didn't like what he saw under the dress? She wished she had some fancy underwear. Everything she owned was super boring because these had never been the types of things she worried about. Walking without tripping? Yes. Failing algebra? Yes. Complicated sheet music? Yes. Being seen in her bra and panties by an older man? Nope. Didn't even hit the radar.

    Oliver's hands ran over her shoulders and down her arms as he lowered the dress off her body. He forced her to let go of his shirt so that she could get her hands out of the sleeves. Pierce moved to cover her body, as the the trim of her bra was exposed. Oliver hesitated, whispering into her ear, his warm breath tickling her neck. “We can stop.” he told her, his voice tense.
    Pierce gulped nervously and moved her arms away from her chest. “N – no,” she choked out, her throat dry. She had never been so exposed before. “K – keep going.” she told him. Slowly, Oliver moved the dress down the length of her body, planting kisses against her warm skin as he did so. It sent chills down her spine. She wrapped her fingers in the fabric at the bottom of his shirt and started to pull it up his torso. Pierce felt her dress slide off her hips and fall in a circle around her feet. Her body tensed as she became entirely too aware of the fact that she was now standing in front of Oliver with nothing on but her underwear. Her breath was rapid and short and her brown eyes widened as she looked at him. There was a gleam in his green eyes that she had never seen before. Pierce opened her mouth to say something, but no words would come out. Oliver lifted her chin and crushed his lips against hers. His fingers wound in her hair and she was rendered breathless.

    Her hands moved against his chest, under his shirt, and felt the smoothness of his skin. His body rubbed against hers – the fabric of his clothes against her bare skin. It was starting to be too much and Oliver seemed to have sensed that. He let go of her to lift his shirt up and over his head as quickly as possible. Her lips parted at the sight of him without a shirt on. She ran her finger over the contours on his chest. Pierce lifted her gaze to meet his and a smile played at her lips. “Come on,[/COLOR]” his voice came out hoarse. Oliver grabbed her hand and led her down the hall to his room.

    This was it. It was really about to happen. He pushed the door open and they stepped into the dimly lit room. It was difficult to get a good visual of the room, but from what she could see, it was very much Oliver. She bit her lip as he turned to face her, a wave of nausea rolled over her. Oliver walked backwards to his bed, guiding her. His eyes seemed to run up and down the length of her body, absorbing everything. It was both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. In this moment, all he wanted was her and that was more than anyone had ever wanted from her. He sat down on his bed, pulling her down beside him. Oliver seated her on his lap, his hand moving slowly up the length of her thigh. Her nerve ending began working in overtime at his touch. She returned to kissing him, running her hands through his strawberry blond locks. His hands moved up her back and she felt them rest against the clasp on her bra. She froze in place. Oliver just kept his hand there, waiting for her to calm down. When her bearings returned to her and her muscles relaxed, she felt the clasps come undone. His fingers raked over her shoulders as he lowered the straps down her arms. The cups fell loose from her breasts and she dropped her arms to let the bra hit the floor. Her gaze lingered on the garment at her feet, barely processing what else was going on. That was, until Oliver's warm hands pressed firmly against her shoulders, laying her back on the bed.

    He began to kiss his way down her chest, leaving miniature jolts of electricity in his wake. As he reached her belly button, he stopped. Oliver stood up, unbuttoning his pants, and reached for a draw in his nightstand. He seemed to shuffle through it for a minute before she heard the crinkling sound of a wrapper. Condom... This was officially the point of no return. Pierce couldn't believe that she had honestly initiated all of this. When did she become this type of perso –

    Really Pierce?

    She blinked, realizing he was leaning over her, his pants hanging loosely at his hips, unbuttoned. “What?” she asked looking confused.

    A small chuckle racked his body. She liked the way he looked when he laughed, but why was he laughing at her? “I said I was asking you one last time. I'll understand if you don't want to go through with this. There are better --

    Pierce lifted her finger up to his mouth, pressing it against his lips. Rarely in her life had she ever felt so bold. That seemed to be all Oliver needed as confirmation before he pulled away and fumbled out of his pants. He tore open the condom wrapper and pulled off his boxers. Pierce knew what the male anatomy was supposed to look like, but it was completely different to actually see a man naked in front of her, especially one that liked her and was rolling on a condom and – oh my god he's taking off my panties. Her breath was raspy as she started to wheeze. Oliver had pulled her panties down to her knees before stopping to look up at her. She looked truly terrified. Pierce took a deep, shaky breath before nodding for him to continue.

    The next thing she knew, he was hovering over her, stationed between her parted legs. Oliver started to kiss her again, slowly this time. It was a comforting, enticing kiss. He was trying to help her relax – to open up to him. His thumb rubbed slow circles against her pelvis and suddenly she was feeling awake in ways she had never imagined. Oliver moved his kisses from her lips to trace her jawline, her ear, and then lastly her neck before she felt awaited force of him entering her. She squeaked a painful gasp, tears stinging the back of her eyes. “Shhh...” he whispered to her, comforting.

    Oliver moved slowly within her, doing his best to keep from causing any more pain. She had heard about it hurting the first time, that there might even be blood; but she didn't know what to really expect until it happened. All that really mattered to her was that it was Oliver. She didn't even care about what might happen the rest of the weekend or what this meant for their relationship. She told him what she wanted, and he gave it to her. Pierce had never truly had the strength to tell anyone want she wanted before meeting him.

    Ah,” she gasped in surprise as his hands started moving in a pattern matching his thrusts. He had quickened the pace as she was beginning to hurt less and feel more. Her brown eyes widened when she realized what he was doing. Oliver kissed her, preventing any noise from escaping her. She wrapped her arms around his back, her nails digging into his skin.

    A wave of pleasure rolled through her body and she whimpered. Oliver bit down on her lip before burying his hands into the sheets and pushing against her one last time. He started to leave a trail of quick kisses from her ear to her shoulder and back. Her eyes locked with his and she smiled at him fondly before he moved away and she realized he was no longer inside of her. He turned away muttering the word 'gross' as he tossed the condom in the trash. Her nose wrinkled and she sat up on the bed, feeling tired and dizzy.
    Are you okay?” he asked in a low, raspy voice.

    She took a minute to think about it before nodding once. “Y - yeah. Um … better than okay I'd say.” Oliver smiled at that and leaned over to give her a kiss on the forehead. “I am kind of tired though,” she added. He laughed a small laugh as he pulled on his boxers.

    I'll go grab your bag for you.

    She was left alone in his room as Oliver went to collect her things. Pierce wrapped up in a blanket as she waited for him to return. They had a lot to discuss but for right now, in this moment, she was happy. That's all that mattered. She wanted to believe that Oliver went through with this because he cared, not because he was just using her. He wouldn't have stopped that many times to make sure she was all right if he didn't care. She had to believe he cared. Pierce buried her face in the blanket. It smelled like him, and sex. She could still feel his presence all over her.


    Pierce lifted her head to see that Oliver had come back, her bag in one hand and her bottle of Cupid's Brew in the other. Her eyes widened and her heart started hammering in her chest. She couldn't breathe. He wasn't supposed to see that, not ever.

    Did you … did you use Cupid's Brew on me?

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    This is the first completed thing I've wrote in awhile so bear with me. I did it in about a day and a half; just finished it a little bit ago. I had suddenly been overwhelmed with the strong desire to write about Nico x Will, so that's what we have here. As always, CnC are appreciated. And I know it shouldn't technically be in 'Original,' but that's where I have my thread. If it's an issue I can move it, as I've said before. I hope you enjoy. ~

    #ShortStory #Fanfic #Solangelo #HoO #Spoilers

    The war changed everyone's lives. The Greeks and Romans were united for the first time in longer than anyone could remember. After two weeks, Camp Half-Blood was mostly restored to its former glory. There were still aspects of the camp that were under repair, but all of the major parts were back to normal. Annabeth and Percy were working on getting some cabins built for the visiting Roman campers and Jason had decided to stick around. He was planning on heading back to Camp Jupiter soon, taking Piper with him. Hazel and Frank went back to California with Reyna and the others and Leo had yet to come back. After making everyone think he was dead for a week and a half, he finally sent an iris message to let them know he was alive, even Nico was relieved. That weird pit in his stomach was able to subside. He knew Leo had died, but part of him also knew that his death wasn't permanent. It was good to finally know the truth.

    The son of Hades had spent the three days following the Romans' departure in the infirmary as instructed by Doctor Will. The constant close proximity to the son of Apollo made him feel strange, a little nervous. Will forced conversation out of him while working on other patients and even made him assist on several occasions, but Nico enjoyed it. He never imagined himself enjoying spending time with the sunshine boy. He laughed, a lot, and when those bright blue eyes would land on him from across the room, there were butterflies. It was similar to how he used to feel about Percy, but way more intense.

    He didn't want to believe it. As soon as he had moved past the legend that was Percy Jackson, he had already begun to develop feelings for someone new. The more Nico thought about it, the more he realized he had never seen Will have a girlfriend. He wanted to ask about it, but was afraid to hear the answer. Once that thought crossed his mind, it became harder for him to deny his feelings. So instead, he started finding excuses to talk to Will Solace. Even now, as he sat at the Hades table eating his lunch, he caught himself stealing glances at the tall golden-haired boy seated at the Apollo table.

    The sound of a tray hitting the table brought him back to full attention. Jason sat down beside Nico with that lopsided grin of his plastered on his face and the little scar on his lower lip moving up and down. “What'cha lookin' at?” the son of Jupiter asked.

    “Nothing,” Nico snapped and shoved a forkful of his mashed potatoes in his mouth. Percy sat down across from him, blocking his view of Will. Nico sighed. “You know you guys have your own tables to sit at, right?”

    Percy scowled at him. “With Tyson in New Rome, my table is empty again.”

    “Yeah Nico. Isn't better for the three of us who are supposed to eat alone to group together and enjoy lunch with friends?” Jason asked, tilting his head to the side.

    “Whatever,” the son of Hades replied begrudgingly.

    Percy took a drink of his weird blue beverage and started telling some funny story about Annabeth and while Nico stared at the forest beyond. Will had asked him to meet up at the tree lining after dinner. He said that he had something to show him. Nico had been racking his brain as to what it might have been. He knew the forest pretty well and didn't think there was anything special in there. This thing with Will had too many unknowns. Nico was terrified by the idea of liking another person that could never possibly reciprocate the feelings. He didn't want to be shot down by straight guys for the rest of his life. As much as he didn't want to admit to his feelings out loud, he needed answers. Telling the others would be beyond embarrassing, but he knew Jason wouldn't laugh. Nico knew he could trust Jason more than anyone the day he had learned Nico's darkest darkest secret. He swallowed the lump in his throat and looked up at the two older boys seated beside him. Percy was still telling some story and Jason was laughing along.

    With a deep breath, he blurted out the question that had been on his mind for two weeks. “Do you think Will has ever had a girlfriend?”

    Percy and Jason stopped talking and turned to face him. The weight of their gazes made him want to crawl under the table and never come out. Percy let out a small chuckle before replying, “Yeah man, I'm sure he's had tons of girlfriends. Solace is a popular dude.” Jason kicked the waterboy from under the table and Percy said 'ow.' “Dude, what's your deal?” he asked in disbelief.

    Jason cocked his head to the right at Nico and knit his brows together. “Seriously, Jackson? Are you that dense?”

    Percy's sea green eyes shifted back and forth between the two across from him and the pieces started to fit together in his head. “Ooooooh, sorry man. I didn't mean it like that.”

    “Whatever,” Nico mumbled before burying his face in his arms out of embarrassment. “Forget it.” He felt so dumb for asking. After Nico had come clean to Percy, he had been bombarded with questions until Annabeth told him he wasn't allowed to bring it up anymore. When she put her foot down, there was a line that could not be crossed.

    “I bet Annabeth would know,” Percy offered. “She's been here forever. If anyone knew, she would.”

    Nico lifted his gaze to see Percy getting up from the table. He walked off in the direction of the Athena cabin's dining table to get her. Jason elbowed Nico in the rib and he returned to sitting upright. This was stupid, so stupid. He shouldn't have opened his mouth in the first place. Yes, the decision to stay at Camp Half-Blood was his own, and yes, Will may have been right when he said that Nico was the one pushing everyone away, not the one being pushed away; but he was scared. He didn't want to get close to anyone and deal with them dying; he constantly dealt with death.

    “I'm surprised.”

    “What?” Nico looked up at Jason who was staring down at him.

    “I said I'm surprised you would like someone like Will. I mean he's a cool guy, I just wouldn't have pictured him as your type.” explained Jason.

    “Shut up,” replied the son of Hades, shoving food into his mouth.

    Percy and Annabeth approached them, smiling and laughing together. Nico was glad he no longer had any strong romantic feelings towards Percy, because the two of them really were meant for each other. He felt a calming warmth whenever he saw Percy and Annabeth together. They sat down and side-by-side and her stormy gray eyes narrowed onto his dark ones. “So what's up?” she asked in her usual cheerful tone.

    Nico shot glances between all three of them and had suddenly lost the ability to ask the question a second time. Jason read the look on his face and stepped in for him. “We were talking about Solace, wondering if he's ever had a girlfriend. Percy thought you might know something, since you've been here so long.”

    The daughter of Athena seemed to connect the dots as quickly as one would expect. This smug looking grin seemed to spread across her face and she winked at Nico, making him feel rather uncomfortable. “Nope, can't say I've ever seen him with a girlfriend. I can't really speak for the times I spent away from camp on quests and stuff, but I don't think he's had one.”

    A deep sense of relief washed over Nico and he finished his lunch without another word. He still felt reluctant, but no longer quite as much. Just because no one had seen Will with a girlfriend didn't mean he had never had one. Nico could only hope that wasn't true.


    He ate dinner in a hurry. Nico didn't want to give Jason or Percy a chance to hold him up, so even though Will was still seated at the dining pavilion, Nico took off to their appointed rendezvous location. To his surprise, the son of Apollo had somehow beat him there. Nico stopped in his tracks, a look of disbelief on his face. “But how . . . ? You were still eating when I left.”

    Will crossed his arms and scowled at the short dark-haired boy standing in front of him. “Yeah, it was rather rude of you to leave without me. When I saw you get up and go, I was pissed.”

    “Sorry,” Nico muttered apologetically.

    Will rolled his eyes and waved for the boy to follow him. With two large strides, he caught up to the taller teen and walked beside him. The forest was quiet at this time of day. Everyone was at dinner so no one was hunting monsters or playing capture the flag. The sounds of the dining pavilion faded away from them as they walked further into the forest. The trees grew thick around them and the light was slowly fading. Nico looked around, trying to get some idea as to where they might possibly be going, but still had no clue.

    “You haven't been shadow traveling, have you?” Will asked, concern in his voice.

    Nico sighed, “No, I haven't. Not since the fight with the Romans.”

    He noticed the corners of Will's lips turn up in a smile. “Good, because doctor's --”

    “-- Orders, I know.” Nico finished for him. They both laughed. He enjoyed laughing with Will. The sound of Will Solace's laughter filled him with warmth and heat seemed to radiate in the small space between their arms as they walked side-by-side. Nico didn't like people touching him, and yet he felt a compulsion to reach out and close the gap between them. It took every once of willpower to keep from doing so.

    “We're almost there,” Will informed him. Nico looked around again, still trying to figure out where they might possibly be headed. He didn't recognize this part of the forest. It was dark around them, but a sliver of light came into view between the trees ahead. “Close your eyes,” demanded Will.

    Nico looked up at him confused. “Excuse me?” he asked.

    Will pursed his lips and cocked his head to the side, arms folded together. “Just do it,” he insisted. Nico reluctantly obliged. Then, he felt a cool tingling sensation as Will covered his hands over Nico's eyes to ensure he couldn't see. He felt a chill run down his spine and Will nudged him forward with his foot. “Don't worry, I won't let you walk into anything.” Will's voice came from behind his ear and that heat he felt earlier between their arms was now even more intense behind his back. He walked forward slowly, carefully. Being blinded made Nico even more nervous. He could hear his heart thumping in his ears and wondered if Will heard it too. The forest was too quiet; his heart too loud. This was awful – one hundred percent awful.

    “Are we almost there?” Nico choked out, his voice a bit horse.

    “Mhm,” Will murmured in his ear.

    Damn it, Solace. This is unbearable, Nico thought to himself. He felt Will's arms tense, and then he was jerked back to a stop. His body was pulled into Will's chest as the other boy had stopped walking and Nico lifted his chin. The hands were removed from his eyes, but Nico was too nervous to open his eyelids.

    “You can look now,” said Will.

    Nico slowly opened his eyes. Will was smiling down on him, his golden hair draped over his blue eyes. His mouth was so close to his own. If he stood on his tiptoes, they would probably collide. The thought made Nico blush hard. He could feel his face turning bright red and he looked away. He took in the sight of where they were. The forest had opened up to a little grove far away from camp. A small creak ran through it and a pair of squirrels chased each other in the evening light. It gave off a magical sense of nostalgia and all of the tension within him seemed to disappear in a flash. As his body relaxed, Nico began to realize that he was still leaning into Will's chest. He jumped forward, his hand clenching the new orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt he received after deciding to stay.

    He slowly turned to face Will, attempting to swallow the lump rising in his throat. Nico couldn't help but wonder why Solace would want to show him this place. The son of Apollo was still sporting that dorky smile of his and his tanned skin seemed to glow in the evening light. It made Nico feel even more pale in comparison. His time spent at camp the last two weeks had made him more durable. He no longer felt as if he would disappear every time night fell or he walked into the shadows. He was still the cold son of Hades, but he didn't feel cold. That was probably thanks to Will. He was shining his bright light down on him and basking him in the glow of the sun. Nico opened his mouth, but words just refused to come out.

    “What do you think? I found this spot the other day and thought, 'I just gotta show di Angelo!'” said Will.

    Nico took a step towards him, his brows knit together. “It's great, but I don't really understand why you brought me of all people out here.” he said honestly. As much as he was starting to feel for Will, the notion of those feelings being reciprocated was just ridiculously hard to believe.

    Will closed the gap between them, standing within inches of Nico. He rested his hands on his hips and the medic looked tall and sturdy, towering over him. “You're really going to make me spell it out to you?” he asked softly.

    “Um. . .”

    Will sighed and sat down in the grass before him. He rested his elbows on his knees and cupped his chin in his hand. His shoulders tensed and Nico thought he noticed a look of desperation in Will's eyes. “You know, you're someone I've always wanted to get to know – the lonely shadow boy that was shrouded in mystery. You always disappeared before I could really introduce myself. I felt stupid, especially after I noticed those faint looks. Then I felt really stupid. I just – I wanted to solve the mystery that was Nico di Angelo.” Will looked up at him, his lips pressed together.

    Nico dropped to his knees, his heart racing. He couldn't stand the idea of Will looking like that. The pale dark-haired boy began to reach out his hand, but immediately withdrew it. He started fidgeting with the skull ring on his finger, twisting it back and forth, before speaking frantically. “It's not like I'm really that mysterious. I'm not full of a bunch of secrets or anything.”

    “You so are!” Will snapped, “You were always disappearing. Even now I still feel like you're just going to be gone one of these days. You may be out the woods in regards to dissolving into nothing as long as you don't shadow travel, but that doesn't mean you won't just up and leave again. You're good at leaving, not staying.” There was hurt inflection in his tone. Will seemed genuinely afraid he would leave.

    “I don't really have a reason to go anymore, but I'd like to think I have a reason to stay.” He gave Will a small smile.

    The look in Will's blue eyes seemed to brighten from dark and stormy to a sunshine sky blue in a flash. A coy smile spread across his lips and he responded playfully. “I'd like to think I have a reason for you to stay.”

    “Oh yeah?” Nico asked, his eyebrows raised, “And what's that?” He was definitely certain Solace could hear his heart racing now. It was thumping louder than imaginable.

    Will shifted to his knees and reached forward, grabbing Nico's shirt by the fistful. Nico di Angelo spent the last couple of weeks wondering what it might be like to kiss Will Solace, but never did he believe it would actually happen. He stared wide-eyed at the tanned face pressed against his. Will's lips were soft but firm. Nico felt like his entire insides were exploding and he shut his eyes. All of the energy he had was sucked away and he just fell into Will's chest. It was like the sun itself was inserting every golden drop it had into his body. He raised his hands up and wrapped his arms around Will's neck. He was thicker than Nico imagined. For being a slim medic, all those wars and summers spent at camp had made him toned. His arms felt strong around Nico's frail body. He still felt like he might fade away at any moment, but in this moment, kissing Will Solace, he never felt more grounded.

    He didn't want it to stop, but as quickly as the kiss was initiated, it ended. Nico's throat suddenly felt hoarse and he couldn't seem to form words. His face was flushed from ear to ear and he couldn't bear the thought of looking up at Will who was peering curiously down at him. “So . . . um . . .” he stammered nervously.

    Will laughed lightly and pulled Nico into his chest. “You're pretty adorable di Angelo.”

    “Shut up, Solace.” he snapped back, his face buried into Will's chest. His words didn't have any of their usual bite. He couldn't help the dumb grin he had plastered on his face. It was pretty much impossible to not smile after making out with Will Solace. That meadow was now officially his favorite place in the entire world. He was so not looking forward to everyone's reactions whenever they finally decided to leave the little patch of Elysium Will had found in the camp's forest.


    “Yeah?” he muttered.

    “Are you going to hide down there all day?” Will asked while softly stroking the dark tangled locks.

    “Maybe. I'm having a hard believing this is real.” he confessed. Nico felt the gentle warmth of Will's lips pressed against the top of his head. The kiss seemed to sear his body with more heat and he lifted his head. His dark eyes locked onto the bright blue ones above. “I like you,” he said unwavering.

    Will smiled. “I like you too, Death Boy.”

    “Don't call me that,” he said angrily.

    “Sure thing,” responded Will, still smiling.

    Nico pressed his lips together. “Can we stay here a little longer?” he asked.

    “Sure thing,” Will said again, before leaning in to plant a delicate peck on Nico's lips.

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    * rolls in from the abyss *
    Dropped in to KHV to post a new fanfic. Was dumb and forgot I had this here.
    Welp, I don't want to lose my fanfic to the backlog of old writing, so I'm gonna put the link here so that I have it in my corner still.
    Some Fairy Tail Gruvia
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    Hi i think you did a really good job i love it.
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