I had a weird expirence today

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    This actually happened a few months ago. This is probably the first story I wrote that I was actually proud of. I wrote in an email to a friend totally stream of conscientiousness, so it is not perfectly edited. Remember this is a true story, and here it goes:

    I had a weird experience today. My eyes were bothering me, so I put on my sunglasses to keep the sun and wind out; it was about 5:30 PM but still light. I was hungry so I went to the burrito shop a couple of blocks from my house. I got to this annoying five-way intersection where the lights take forever to let people cross. I had started to space-out: looking up into the hills, when this woman asked if I wanted to cross. I looked up, and the little white man on the light was walking. I would have missed the light if it had not been for her, so I said thank you. She replied that she liked helping people. It took me about 20 seconds to realize she thought I was blind. Blind! It must have been the sunglasses, the staring into space, and the missing of the light that made no sound!

    At that point I was too embarrassed to correct her. If I told the truth I thought that she might think I was some kind of a grifter: going around town pretending to be blind to take advantage of people's trust. Also, she would probably feel very stupid for thinking me blind! Even though all the reasons that I should not tell her I decided to tell her but by that time she half a block away in the opposite direction I was going, I could have caught up to her but by then it would have been too late and it would have only confirmed the things I said earlier for her.

    Now I don't know if I should feel bad for fooling a kind, thoughtful, blind-people-helping lady or if I should feel good for making someone's day by letting them help a blind 17 year old (I know I feel happy after helping someone out). What do you think? Another interesting thing is that she I met the woman 3 blocks form my house so, odds are that she will see me walking around without not blind and think I was trying to con people by pretending to be blind. Should I pretend to be blind every time I go out, so she won't find out the truth? I hope I never see her again.

    There is a chance that she was just being helpful (but it is unlikely because of all the evidence that pointed to my being blind) and that all this is just a testament to my own insanity.
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    Oct 14, 2006
    That was brilliantly written, and conveyed the awkwardness of the situation to the reader. I felt that she was being helpful. You must write again. :)