~I Lived~ Machine (Choose Your Own Adventure)

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    Okay- big news, people.
    This is not one of those stories for lazy people where you just read.
    Seriously, if the world kept reading stories like that, we'd be obese and stupid.

    This story will take some effort on your part.
    It's what we in the business call "A Choose You Own Adventure", or if you wish to shorten it, "A Super-Story".

    This Super-story is entitled
    ~I Lived~ Machine
    Now, enough with me talking boring words and stuff. I will now explain how this works.

    How It Works
    As a Choose Your Own Adventure, we usually have many pages for you to flip through annoyingly. However, what with the wonderful Spoiler Tags supplied by the darling vBulletin, it's quite simple to let the reader make the choices.
    Let's try it out in practice:
    Britishism scanned through the forums to his favorite sections. Which section should he choose?
    Brit entered The Spam Zone and was attacked with a storm of Trollfaces.
    Brit entered The Creativity Corner and read every story yet to offer, spending 79 hours.

    Tah-dah! Simple, I hope. When we really get into the story, note that the choices will become more important and shall eventually determine the fate of the character- at least, in your eyes.
    Now, that's basically all there is to it- key word basically. As the story progresses, I may have music tracks to listen to, in order to truly perfect the experience. And at certain key points, I may open I short poll in order to determine what happens next- for everybody.
    This may seem somewhat complicated, but hey, it should keep you nice and slim. So, I hope you understand. If you don't, go read a book.

    Now, onto the intro- no choices here, I'm simply introducing the story.

    It is the year 2590. Earth has begun the age of robotics, finally creating fully functional robot beings. Throughout the surrounding galaxies, Earth has been just a blip on the map for ages. But now... the development of dangerous technologies on Earth has caused alien forces to notice the Earthlings. Unfortunately, the spaceship impaired Earthlings can't know the planned attacks. However, using advanced weaponry, Earth defends itself from all the invaders... all but one.
    The planet Ralon 4, far from Earth's orbit, is planning an attack of the worst kind. An attack from the inside.

    Byron Erae is a relatively moronic man. He lives with his intelligent sister Maya in a small lab in Canada. They recently found a young man named Silvan lying on the road outside. Apparently, mysterious sleeping men have been found on all corners of the planet. Despite Maya's nervousness, Byron convinced her the man needed a home. They took Silvan in, and he has been living with them for 9 months. Byron and Silvan have become close friends. Recently, influential scientists throughout the globe have noticed a strange spike in earthquakes. Studies have proven that earthquakes began increasing in amount exactly 9 months ago.

    And so, without Earth even knowing, the greatest war ever to be fought has just begun.

    And there we go. I shall post Chapter 1 in the coming days, and during Chapter 1 you will experience the brilliant power that comes...
    with choosing your own adventure.