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    Inventory Thread

    NamePowerClassificationBase LVHPATKDEFSPDSTAENRCreditsStat PointsActive Inventory
    Jaycob Van RompayeWatchdogArtificial1016025%35%35%60501,0000NaN
    SpectreSlim ShadyEnhancer1015535%30%35%60501,0000NaN
    Zeke HollilasterTwo Become OneArcane1015035%35%30%50651,0000NaN
    Daniela HensleyElectricityElemental1015030%25%40%60551,0000NaN

      • Your powers and your classification are everything. Based on how you chose your character at the beginning depends on what benefits and deficits you must deal with over time.

        • Enhancers have the benefit of gaining an extra 5 STA per post during resting (both in and out of combat).
        • Elementals cannot recharge their ENG naturally unless by interacting with the environment around them every post, and if they do, they cannot attack for the turn if they are in a fight. Trade off is that they gain 30 ENG when they do manually recharge and have an extra 5 ATK points at the start of the game.
        • Artificials’ ENG meter doubles as a “durability” meter. In and out of combat, or if they don’t naturally block, their ENG will absorb any damage taken equal to the current DEF stat. Downside is that they cannot recharge their ENG naturally by any means. They must purchase special items from shops to replenish it.
        • Arcanes gain an extra 5 ENG buff during rest, the opposite of Enhancer.
        • Gaians, meaning those that are classified as such at the start of the game, don’t need to use STA and ENG for most of their abilites, and have an extra 5 Base LV at the start. Their trade-off is that most, if not all of their abilities are cooldown-based, and need to wait out before using them again.
      • Throughout the game, each of you will gain different items that will assist you on your journey. Depending on the current conditions, some of these items can be used in the world around you. Keep in mind that your inventory space, however, is limited to your base level.

        • Two types - active and regular. Anything in the active inventory can usually be used automatically in battle.

        • There can only be up to 6 items in your active inventory.

        • New items can either be found by exploring the world, completing tasks, or buying items from a shop with Credits.

        • Any item picked up that cannot fit in the inventory must be either discarded or exchanged. Only take what you need.

        • Key Items usually cannot be used in combat, but can be held on to and used when certain conditions are met.

        • Weapons come in two types. Melee and Ranged. Some will require ammunition to use. The good news is that ammunition occupies the same inventory slot as the required weapon.
        • Consumables are items that can be used and stacked. They are also the only item that can be used regardless whether it's in an active slot or not.

        • Armor are items that when used modify your stats until they are removed.

      • There will be times where you will need to fight. Fighting improves your ability to deal with greater and harder threats later on. Keep your team alive and safe!

        • Players may make as many movements as they need in one post. However, damage dealt defines the energy cost necessary.

        • Different moves can have an additional move cost.

        • Moves must be properly defined. If they are used multiple times, players need to copy-paste the action multiple times.

        • Blocking and dodging can be defined multiple times. They both have their costs, however.

        • Players can equip up to two weapons at a time (Unless one of them is two-handed).

        • Weapons can have up to 5 moves that don’t need to be unlocked.

      • To get stronger, you will need to gain experience. The stronger you are, the more efficient you’ll be in a fight.

        • Stat Points are awarded when a mission is completed or a battle is one. They are used to improve your stats or even unlock new abilities and skills.

        • HP - Sum total of your overall health. Maxes to 1,000, and players can use Stat Points to improve it. Players regain 40 HP per post if they haven’t attacked.

        • LV - Your current Level of Violence. Maxes to 400. Increase this stat to increase your threshold of other stats. Costs 5 Stat points to LV up by 1.

        • ATK - Total modified damage output. Acts as a percentage. Any damage dealt is modified by this stat.

        • DEF - Total amount of damage that is defendable. Acts as a percentage. Any damage negated is modified by this stat.

        • SPD - Movement speed. Acts as a percentage. Dictates the battle order of combat as well as the initiative.

        • STA and ENG - Energy statistics for combat and actions. You regain 10 STA and 10 ENG per post (Not counting classification conditions).

      • There are various shops in Chrinistar. Each must be discovered to have access to it, and your character must be physically at the location to buy or sell items.

        Every shop has something different to offer. Make sure to check them often; they may have something new depending on the situation!

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