Insane Clown Posse

Discussion in 'Music' started by no-reality_allowed, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. no-reality_allowed ¢ℓαιяνσуαηт ℓσνєкιℓℓ

    who likes this band?
    i love them, they're just so hilarious xD
    and i still say that their best album is and shall always be 'The Great Melinko'
    and how many of you really thought there was a meaning to their joker cards?
    i head the first album and figured it out instantly :P

    my fav. songs>>>

    1.boogie woogie wu (their best song)
    2.the neden game (if you haven't heard this yet, go listen to it! funnyest song EVER!!!!)
    3.**** the world (just a fun song to play in front of people who dont like the word ****)
    4.i stab people (another funny song about stabbing peoples)
  2. Zexion of the Twilight The conflicts within my priorities....

    [laughter]You are a horrible human being![/laughter]
  3. no-reality_allowed ¢ℓαιяνσуαηт ℓσνєкιℓℓ

    awww.......enough with the compliments :D

    yes, they aren't what you would call 'popular' xDDD
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