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  1. Plums Wakanda Forever

    Aug 21, 2009
    It's been a long time coming, but I'm happy to announce we're bringing Post Ratings to the forum!

    Post Ratings is a vast improvement upon XenForo's built-in "Like" system. With the ability to add, subtract, and adjust the Like system to our liking (haw haw), we can to create a unique way for members to evaluate posts, and have the confidence to say that our posts are worth more than a simple "like".

    To rate a post, keep your cursor on the post you wish to rate. The ratings will appear directly above the signature line. Hovering over each of them will tell you what each icon is, and allows you to click one. You can only give one post a single ratings at a time, though you can change your rating whenever you wish. Bear in mind that rating something will leave your name on it—don’t rate it if you don’t want to be associated with it!

    Features of Post Ratings include:
    • Fully Customizeable Ratings: Ratings can be added, changed, or removed at any point, and can be enabled in various parts of the forum, whether globally or just for a few specific sections!
    • Forwards and Backwards Compatible with XenForo: Likes before implementing Post Ratings will pass on as "Likes" in the new system. If the add-on is ever removed, all ratings made will be counted as Likes. Negative ratings will also carry over, but subtract from your Like count. Let's say I had 1000 Likes and 400 Dislikes; if the add-on was uninstalled, I would have 600 Likes.
    • Ratings Moderation: Staff members can remove ratings on posts. This allows staff to take action on "Dislike Campaigns" in a similar vein to Mass Negative Rep Sprees on vBulletin, as well as any attempts to game the system for a particular type of rating.
    • Postbit and Member Card Inclusion: Your total positive ratings will display on postbit. This will also appear on the member card when you click someone's username.
    • Member List Integration: You can search the Member List by who has the most positive ratings on the board.
    • Alerts/News Feed/Recent Activity/Rating You've Received: This functions pretty much the same as it does currently. However, you can now also view Ratings You've Given, which allows you to see every Rating you've ever given in the past!

    After collecting member input in the proposal thread, we have the following ratings currently available:

    Icon Rating Type of Rating Forums to Be Enabled In Explanation
    [​IMG] Like Positive All What we had before! You see a post, it makes you chuckle, giggle, or feel good. You say "i like this, i like this" and click the button, while hopefully not saying it to yourself more than twice.
    [​IMG] Useful Positive Feedback & Assistance, Code Vault, Technology There's usually quite a bit of referential things posted in these sections that you can often look back on and refer to. The Code Vault is riddled with codes, Technology has quite a few threads about tech and advice on browsers/computers/etc., and Feedback & Assistance can utilize this to show support for a suggestion and such if you might be too busy to post right away or are unsure how to voice your support.
    [​IMG] Informative Positive Kingdom Hearts (all), Interests (all) A lot of topics in these forums revolve around discussion and can open someone's eyes to something they hadn't realized or considered before, or teach someone something they didn't know about. Posts such as Claw's on Prescriptivism vs Descriptivism, libre's thread on the Next Gen Systems, the many show/movie/book reviews, and even explanations and theories on Kingdom Hearts set out to inform people of what things are and what the possibilities could be.
    [​IMG] Creative Positive SpamZone, Playground, Creativity Corner There are quite a few really inventive things that have spawned from the SpamZone and the Playground, such as the KH-Vids Unlocked game and Jiku's choose your own adventure story. I think it will also help bolster more confidence in people to post in the post counting creative sections as well. Even if there may not currently be too much in the way of replies, as often goes in the Writer's Nook as of late, having a way to say "I am not sure what to say, but this is really creative!" can help give the appreciation you may not be able to phrase right after reading.
    [​IMG] Dislike Negative All Can't really have a "Like" without "Dislike" ha. Used for posts you think are offensive, tasteless, or any kind of mean spirited. Please note, this feature is not to be used in lieu of our reporting system. Reports are much easier for staff to follow and sort through. If you find a post that breaks the rules, please report it!
    [​IMG] Rude Negative All Submitted by @ , this rating is used for posts that you think are...well, rude. Please note, this feature is not to be used in lieu of our reporting system. Reports are much easier for staff to follow and sort through. If you find a post that breaks the rules, please report it!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Agree & Disagree Neutral Kingdom Hearts (all) Agree (paopu fruit) and Disagree (Recusant sigil) are enabled in the Kingdom Hearts sections, and intended to promote continuation of (peaceful) discussion. It may help you to refine your argument for a theory or what you're siding with more, and since both are neutral, it wouldn't take or add anything to your Like count.

    Additionally, two other previously ratings (Awkward and Needs Improvement) will be on their way in the near future!

    Post Ratings has received an FAQ entry, so if you're ever unsure of what a certain rating is for, or which forum you can use it in, please refer to the FAQ (hover over 'Community' in the header of the site, and click 'FAQ')!

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post here or message @Plums! I'm excited to finally unveil this to y'all after years of working on it, and I hope that it's something you enjoy using!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Plums, Jul 1, 2016.

    1. CyborgHD13
    2. Plums
      The likes that you've given out or received before aren't reset! They migrated into the system, so if you've liked a couple more posts in the past, that might be why it's showing up as 3. If you haven't though, I'll try my best to look into it! :]
    3. Amaury
      Check here to see what else you have given:

      Plums, this doesn't seem to extend to profile posts or profile post comments, so does stuff we like there just count toward our general like count? Also, should we report bugs here or in the Bug Reports forum?
    4. Shuhbooty
      !!!!! This is TOO cute, I love the icons too much honestly. I'm so excited to have this/back! Was worth the wait. :]
    5. Makaze

      A few questions:
      • Is there any way you can hide the post ratings bar at the bottom of every post from users other than the person who made the post? My reasoning is the Matthew effect, an involuntary psychological effect where when two users post the same message, the one that already has more likes will seem more attractive than the other. When we had the rep system, one of the most valuable highlights of the system was that actual rep, and the posts that were repped, were between the repped user and the user who gave the reputation. Adding this feature would also drastically increase the personal effect felt by a user when they receive a like; they do not need to feel in competition for likes they see on others.
      • Is there a more streamlined presentation for the postbit? Adding a seperate section with icons and all seems a bit ostentatious.
      • One of the primary reasons the users who pushed for a system better than Likes, was that the system would limit the number of ratings/likes/rep you could give in a day and/or how much you could give to the individual. These restraints made the ratings more meaningful and kept them from being taken for granted, inflating like a bad currency, or abused by a group of friends liking each other endlessly. Are those kinds of limits in place here?
    6. Plums
      Stuff you like there goes to the general like (positive rating) count.

      Bugs should go in the bug report forum!

      Originally I think Misty was going to code a way to opt out of seeing it, but didn't get a chance to. I can see if @libregkd could work out a way to hide them with an option in user preferences to do that!

      In the initial design it wasn't separated, but I think that's likely because of pins. I can look into making it more streamlined.

      Currently it's not possible to do without an add-on, and all the add-ons that I had been looking into that would limit likes per day are all either abandoned or no longer being updated. I mentioned this to the staff earlier, but I'll be looking into seeing if we can get a custom one made to prevent that.

      For the moment though, I'll be keeping my eye out for abuse of the system (as will the rest of staff). It's definitely easier now at least since we have the ability to manually remove them from individual posts.
    7. Amaury
      And the same for suggestions, I assume? The only difference being in Feedback & Assistance instead. Or can those simply be posted here as feedback?
    8. Makaze
      I would actually insist that it was not allowed to see them at all for normal users, because the effect happens regardless of the will of the person. Even someone like me might avoid liking posts that have a lot of likes out of some kind of reverse psychology, but that's no better. Likes should be based on post content in every single case, if we can help it.

      That will work until it's figured out.

      Definitely want the streamlined thing though! Bonus points for getting rid of the actual number somehow. Call it nostalgia, but the gems we had before were great.
    9. Plums
      I'm going to be posting & pinning a suggestions thread shortly, just so it's easier to keep track of. :B
    10. CyborgHD13
      Just checked and can confirm. It's not a bug then. :)
    11. libregkd
      This should be implemented now.
    12. Amaury
      Having it as a user preference would certainly be nice. Being able to see who rated something what is the same as being able to see who liked something before this was implemented.
    13. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      Is it possible for Agree and Disagree to also be implemented in Interests as well?

      EDIT: Also, I noticed that the news threads only have Disagree (can't find Agree in any of them).
      Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
    14. Makaze
      PLEASE don't! Seeing likes was a flaw, not a feature, of the previous system. No one can escape cognitive bias, no matter how perfect they think they are. The kinds of people who would activate this preference are exactly the kind of people you want to hide them from: the kind of people who want to compare themselves to others.[DOUBLEPOST=1467389808][/DOUBLEPOST]Aaaah, I just realized a big question.

      Does the rating we see in miniprofiles take the negatives into account? Is it Positive - Negative = Ratings?
      I'm getting from the info here that it is not... But shouldn't it be the case? Otherwise, what is the difference between this and just adding a "Likes:" field below "Posts:"?
      Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
    15. Plums
      They could be! I limited it down to just the KH sections for now to get a sense of how they're both used, but I could probably add them into other parts of Interests over the next couple of weeks.

      Yep! The Rating total you see is the sum of both positive and negative ratings.
    16. Makaze
      Amazing. What about the Most Positive Ratings tab? Or will there be another tab, so people don't get confused?
    17. Plums
      Thaaaaat must've been a derp on my part, gonna go fix this now!
    18. Makaze
      That's not a bug, that's a feature.
    19. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      Dang it, who leaked our secret staff plans to rebrand as Ubisoft-Vids.Net?