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    Sep 27, 2007
    Hmmm. Here?
    Not my best but I was feeling very...er... jealous when I wrote this and I'm more proud of me getting those feelings out on paper than the poem itself. *Clears throat*

    Careful what you say
    be mindful of your actions
    he could change his mind

    It may be love
    Chocolate and paper hearts
    Almost meaningless

    Does he laugh with you?
    It's all a strategy game
    Like the one he plays
    ...with me...

    You are just a toy
    He'll get bored of you...with you...

    Sometime he will slip
    Between your fingers that grasp
    at thin air; he's gone...

    Hehe. The strategy game refers to 'Connect Four', which i still have not beaten him at. >.>